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Friday, December 28, 2012

THE GHOUL GANG Collectives' X mas Tape

The TAPE everyone was looking forward was uploaded in high quality by the Ghoul Gangers themselves.

This comp. was made for a special gig that happened last December 18th.

Only exclusive tracks by:

Face Reality - Face Reality
Build And Destroy - Blood Type
Ghoul st. Ghoul Gang - Crime Wave
Heat Lightning - Gone Mind
Weed Nap - No Hands, No Feet, No Heartbeat
RZL DZL X MAS SONG! - On The Naughty List


Good new years eve and see you all in 2013, PEACE!


Just to clear things out, the drawing of the ghoulie with Jordans that I used here (and has been reproduced on the internet, like on the video above) is from a Face Reality t-shirt that I poorly edited in paintbrush, looks dope tho!

Original tape cover is this one. (limited to 100 copies)

For more GHOUL GANG COLLECTIVES check this - - -> post <- -

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

FORESEEN - Discography Tape

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Release: Collision Records, 2012 (sold out)

More thrash on the way! This time provided by Helsinki own's FORESEEN.

Local label released their so-far-discography on cassette: 3 songs from their 2010's self-titled EP and 2 from their 2011's split with Up Right.

Improve your holidays with these metal maniacs. Not for the weak!! 


Next month a new EP will be out "Structural Oppression", split release with Take It Back Recs.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

ABSOLUTE MADNESS - Absolute Madness EP

Location: Southern California
Release: D.I.Y., 2011

Armageddon soundtrack anyone? 21/12/12 is coming so put on those cheap sunglasses and stare at the horizon while listening to this as the world collapse, something like they did on Terminator 2 but insted of Guns N' Shit you get ABSOLUTE MADNESS!

Corey Willians - guitar (Internal Affiars / Carry On) , Alex Vaz - vocals, Nick Trujillo - bass (Snake Eyes), John Haines - drums, Mark Williams - guitar. 
These dudes got together in 2009 and put out a demo tape, last year they took a brake but first they recorded an EP that never got officially released. It was available for download in their facebook but mediafire deleted it (damn you), last month Nick Jett, who also was the producer of this thang, emailed it for me.

This EP is comprised of 7 thrashy songs inspired by the likes of Cryptic Slaughter, Accüsed and Violator!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

PAURA / CLEARVIEW - Rage Through Integrity

Location: São Paulo, Brasil
PAURA means dread/fear. CLEARVIEW.. comes to mind a chemical product, you mix both you get KABOOM!

Thats why they chose a fallen Maguila for the cover (or George Foreman, dunno), you get knocked out by this soundtrack!

Round 1 you get 4 strikes by Paura, all in the face, heavy as hell. Round 2 comes Clearview, coached once again by Mr. Nick Jett, in 5 hits with crossover twists that makes any combatant dazzling around.

My favourite tracks are TIME OF DISTRESS and NO TURNING BACK, be sure to listem 'em.

Paura's tracks:

Thursday, December 6, 2012

THE OTHERS - Sun and Sea

Location: Perth, Australia
Release: Supression Records, 2012

Now that im from free from college for the next 2 months, I have some time to update this crap. It's summer time in the southern hemisphere bitches!!!

Feels good to hear news from a band you thought didnt last, but The OTHERS is still around and kicking. Made a post years ago about their first EP here.

Sun and Sea marks their return, just out on Supression Records and they don't disappoint, what a comeback! They are also touring with Miles Away and Cruel Hand RIGHT NOW in the down under continent, sounds fun!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

SURVIVAL - Spirit Unchained PROMO

Location: Manchester, UK
Release: Carry the Weight, 2012

Release show TOMORROW!! I'm talkin about SURVIVAL's debut EP "Spirit Unchained", 6 groove edge jams sure to leave everyone bouncing. Mr. Big Phil showed me this band and I went nuts! Lace your kicks and show what your 2-steps are made of. 

If you missed their demo, check it in Arty's blog

Tomorrow takes place the CTW Fest III in Margate Town, awesome showcase with: BREAKING X POINT, BROKEN TEETH, NEW MORALITY, FINAL RAGE, VIOLENT REACTION, WAYFARER.. among others. Most of them has a new record out, this is the cream of the UK crop!

PURCHASE (almost gone!)

Monday, October 29, 2012


Location: Rochester, NY
Release: Endwell Records, 2005

Can't remember how I got to know this one but it was a really good demo! NO SWEAT shared members with Hit The Lights (Reaper Records), that later formed Black SS.

This record is about five tracks of pissed yet fun youth crew hardcore, youngblood style. Endwell Records made a 7" out of their demo tape named "no shirt, no shoes, no sweat!" to celebrate their reunion show in January 2006.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

HARDCORE NEWS 7 "Quickstrike"

Allright, quick update about some new bands im listening to that you might enjoy.

Belgium GET WISE has just dropped their debut EP on Reality Records, 6 songs that sounds beautifully old school!

OVERLOOKED (North Carolina) has an amazing new EP split with Another Mistake, top notch fastcore!! Can't listen enough.

Yet in North Carolina comes a new demo by newcomers RIPTIDE. A tape will be released shortly by Chain Link Records, ffo: Wrong Side, Mental, Righteous Jams. Vibrant hardcore!!

Another new project, this time from Atlanta, called BAD released their debut EP "Odd One Out" on Downside Records, 7 songs in the vein of Lights Out and Carry On. They are also offering the whole EP for download, check it and spread it!

San Antonio own's AFFLICTIVE NATURE brings 5 thrashy hardcore tunes, very fast and furious! Check their EP in its entirety here. Hope to hear more from them!

Austrian's DEMONWOMB are keeping things agitated up there, new EP "Cursed" out now by Powertrip Records, heavy as hell!! Download their demo here.

Rihanna is from the hood y'all

Sunday, September 9, 2012

HARDCORE NEWS 6 "The comeback"

New split LP by these 2 promising swedish bands: Chain Reaction and Hårda Bud soon on Monument Records, both sides are available for stream in their bandcamps:

Spanish WE RIDE has a new album entitled On The Edge released by german The Farewell Records (Risk It!, Something Inside). They are about to tour Europe to support the new album, WR CREW!!

From the ashes of The Effort and No Harm Done comes a new boston hardcore outfit, Test Of Time. They remind me of early Bane, check their catchy 11-tracks-demo named Inclusion:

My good friends at Clearview just put two new songs from their upcoming album split with Paura for streaming.
They took a new direction adding some thrash elements which set them apart even further in the South American hardcore scene. (Produced by Nick Jett and Mastered by Matt Hyde)

Speaking of Nick Jett and South America, the cool dudes at Your Fall has a new surprise for us late this month.. THE START OF THE END EP, behold: 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Artwork: Ribas @ Corpo Fechado Tattoo

Begins tomorrow the Still x Strong european tour!!
It's great to see another local band going abroad and spread their work that began 2007 and has evolved so much since than.

A new brutal EP was accomplished specially for this occasion named GIRL, check em out:

This weekend the IEPERFEST takes place in Belgium, a 3-day festival like no other, they will be there, what about you?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

REMAIN - As Sharp As Knives

Location: Nederlands
Release: Not Just Words, 2005 (out of print)

Another Not Just Words Records release (#13), lost in time.. a co-release with Light The Fuse Records.

Featuring ex-members of The Dead Scenestars and Spirit 84. REMAIN delivers a solid, honest, pissed off and anger fueled hardcore. Expect no hypes, expect no fake poses on this debut 8 song 7".

Strongly recommended for fans of Floorpunch, Judge and A Chorus of Disapproval.

While you are here don't forget to check their full-length "Out Of Anger". 

DOWNLOAD (new link!)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Two local bands are touring europe for the next 30 days, so if you have the chance go check 'em out!!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

DIEHARD YOUTH - 4 Years The Hard Way

Location: Tehachapi, California
Release:  Specimen 32, 2004 (out of print)

You can't talk about IN CONTROL without mentioning DIEHARD YOUTH... actually you can. The fact is that they were tourmates, made guest appearances in each others songs, they were around the same period (1999-2004) and so on.. I believe Tehachapi is near Oxnard.

Other similarity is their music composition and writing, fast posi-core with some melodic thrown in here and there. Fun Fact: Andy Diehard had an obsession with a '99 motion picture called Boondock Saints, a movie about a righteous bodyhunter duo, which were used as skits on their records.

In Four Years The Hard Way you can check all their out of print vinyl releases, demo versions of some songs that were re-recorded in their last and best album "Without The Kids We Would Be Dead", songs from compilations, splits, a slew of covers (Cro-Mags, Gorilla Biscuits, 7 Seconds, INFEST, Minor Threat and... YOUNG MC) and a few Boondock citations, total of 35 songs:

1-4 [split 7" with Line of Scrimage]
5-11 [self titled 7"]
12-14 [split 7" with Flames Still Burns]
15-18 [split 7" with UpSide Down]
19  [Anger Management 7" comp]
20 [Prevent This Tragedy 7" comp]
21-35 [Demos and COVERS - Andy's selection]

Andy Diehard - vocals
Dave-hard - guitar
Rick or Without You - guitar
JJ - drums
Mike Warrior - bass

After 2004, Andy began a new hardcore project called With or Without You, which is also done. He also used to run a brand called BUST! Streetwear, supported by several cali bands.

PURCHASE (last copies!)


--------POSITIVE BUT PISSED--------

Sunday, June 24, 2012

IN CONTROL - Another Year

Location: Oxnard, California
Release: Indecision Records, 2001

The first LP from one of my all time favourite IN CONTROL, the ones responsible for the Nardcore revival in the 2000's.

They played with infectious energy and aggressiveness yet with the awareness and consciousness that hardcore punk is established upon. Another Year is a 15 tracks album that ranges from melodic to full-on NYHC style breakdowns and mosh anthems that will leave you asking for more!

They disbanded in 2004 and members went to form Annihilation Time and RETALIATE.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Cold World 80's Baybeez Remix

Graffiti by 7seconds

One day I saw in a Cold World's wikipage their discography and it was stated there an album called 80's Baybeez Remix which I never heard about.
After months pursuing it I came across Nick Woj's (drummer/DJ) blog where he posted his many mixtapes and still do in a new tumblr account HERE.

This mixtape in particular was uploaded around 2008 and got notoriety by the it's name, it consists of several skanky old school hip hop songs mixed into one single track following this order:

1. the singing mc breeze-discombobulator-bubulator
2. shakespeare and the last empire-my old jams still slam
3. jvc force-strong island
4. tuff crew-smooth momentum
5. mc lyte-survival of the fittest
6. spyder d-the ny butt
7. mc ez & troup-get retarded
8. the fearless four-dedication
9. cool c-juice crew dis
10. supreme force-you gotta come out hard
11. m.c. boob-do the fila
12. spike vst-gucci down
13. suprelover cee cassanova rudd-girls i got em locked
14. the uptown crew-uptown's kickin it
15. steady b-stupid fresh
16. the ghettovetts-battle call
17. three times dope-greatest man alive
18. alliance-bustin loose
19. cash money & marvellous-ugly people be quiet
20. masters of ceremony-dynamite
21. don baron-action
22. ice cream tee-can't hold back
23. awesome dre and the hardcore committee-executioner style
24. kings of pressure-nosy bodies
25. mark the 45 king ft. big daddy kane-the 900 number
26. tuff crew-my part of town remix

Pop this thang on your car and roll out with your homies yo!

THIS ONE GOES OUT TO PAULO GONZ & ROBO BENKÖ - shake dat azz brotherz

Sunday, June 3, 2012

UPPERCUT - Tables Turned

Location: Nederland
Release: I Scream Records, 2006 (out of print)

Last album by the dutch Uppercut, 13 tracks of angry old school hardcore packed with breakdowns. All the energy from their previous album "A Luta Continua" plus a better production can be heard on this record.

They were making a similar sound to what other european old school bands were doing at that time, bands like No Turning Back, Nothing Done, Death or Glory and Abusive Action. No further info can be found about them, even their I Scream page has jack squat.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

TOUGH LUCK - United Blood 2012 Demo

Location: Richmond, Virgina
Release: DIY, 2012 (sold out)

Virgina Beach, Richmond thats the place to be! Another great band comes outta there.
Touhg Luck participated in this year's Unite Blood Fest and recorded 2 new tracks on tape, listen 'em up:

Last year they released thru Last Anthem Records their debut EP called Fifth Column, 7 songs of pissed off late 90's style hardcore. Recorded with Mike Reeves (Swamp Thing, Bracewar, Fire & Ice, etc.) with guest vocals from David Wood, Andrew Carr, and friends. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

RUDE AWAKENING - The Awakening

Location: Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts
Release: Arrest Records / Triple B Records, 2012
Artwork: Raf The Might

RA's 2011 demo was a total blast to my ears and now their debut is just out on CD at Arrest and on 7" (3 colours available) at Triple B.

This EP has 5 new heavy hardcore tracks and two rerecorded classics from the demo, 7 total. Featuring guest appearances by Chris Linkovich from Cruel Hand and Sweet Pete from In My Eyes. Artwork by Rafael Wechterowicz, pre production with Ryan Stack and recording,mixing, and mastering from Dean Baltulonis.


If you missed, download their official 2011 demo HERE.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

OUT CROWD - Our Struggle

Quick post about the hottest (after Boston Strangler maybe?) north-american new sensation: Out Crowd is on the loose!

Stomp Records from Spain has just put out their so-far-discography on a 7", that means it contains their Demo and their side on the split with Written-Off! Pressing info: 400 on black, 100 on red. To order drop a line to

Out Crowd - Our Struggle by Nastya Orlock

..also very soon on REAPER

Sunday, April 29, 2012

HARDCORE NEWS 5 "Violent Times"

The world is coming to an end (once again), Nostradamus' prophecies are being fulfilled, violence and ignorance stills crawls alongside modern civilization. Most just wont want to see it, but as end-consumers we embrace and support violence and ignorance on what we choose to eat, wear and watch. All justified by our human selfish ways.
This is a post about violent music for violent times. Bang that head that doesn't bang!

After the interview with Louis from Feral Youth I've checked the bands he listed and this is what we came up with, hardcore from the old continent. 

Manchester's BROKEN TEETH brand new 3-track-EP out now on Purgatory Records, its undeniably better than their previous EP "The Seeker", feel it:   

Also on Purgatory Records, fresh demo full of darkness from BURNT EARTH! FFO: Iron Age and  Deal With It, impressive!

Scotland's sensation WAR CHARGE, one of my favourites right now! Debut EP split release by Spook Records / Demons Run Amok. FFO: Bitter End and Mainstrike. 

In case you slept, Undergang put out a debut full-lenght on Monument / Green Meance Records, faster and thrashy as ever. Take a listen at.. the Mother of Armageddon:

After a well received first EP, they are back, german RISK IT! Proving they are here to stay. Full-length out very soon on Farewell Records.

Hailing from Wrexham UK comes SPIRES with a new single that is a blast!! A record is in the process, hope to hear more jams in this very same vibe, good lord:

To close out this Hardcore News, chill out with a nice videoclip done by portuguese outfit SHAPE:

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Location: Nottingham, England
Release: Open Up Records, 2012

When a band puts a strong demo out, expections are high for a possible upcoming record and the word gets spread fast. Im talking about Nottingham’s own FERAL YOUTH Demo, out last february.

I sent a few questions to their singer - Louis - and this is what we got:

The recording process was super cool because we got to record it with our friend Boulty at Stuck On A Name Studios in Nottingham and he's a really great guy to work with and we're all so pleased with how it turned out (bigups to him).
The initial idea to form a band came about ages ago with me and our guitar player Elliot. We wrote some kinda hard style stuff a while ago and we'd always flirted with the idea of making a hardcore band. We would just sit in my bedroom writing jams together for weeks but then we started writing more youth crew(ish) stuff. We got our friend Pete to drum for us. We've all been real close friends for years and I've been in a couple of bands with him before so it made sense for us to get him involved I guess. I had to play the bass parts because our old bass player, Marcus, left before we recorded the demo. You should check out his band Think Twice (who are probably one of the best UK bands right now).
We have a new bassist now named Ed and we all click real well so I guess we just vibe off each other when we write.
Sorry for the long ass answer, I kinda wrote an essay haha.

I think it's a bit of both really! I was really into both of those bands and we travelled to Kent for their last show which was great but it was kinda sad to see bands you're into split up. 
I think UK hardcore is in a really healthy state though currently. The ratio of bands being formed compared to bands calling it quits is super high so it definitely feels as though the scene is growing.

Yeah man, check out these Nottingham bands: Think Twice, Splitcase, Burnt Earth. I also have a new band called Bleak Reality (demo coming soon).
Listen to Iron Curtain, Speak Up, Make The Effort, Abolition, Violent Reaction, Inherit, Final Rage, Breaking Point, Broken Teeth, Survival, Wayfarer etcetera. The list goes on. These are all great UK bands.

Yeah man it's okay I guess, the weather sucks but that's England. There's always a lot of shows happening, I'm actually on the way to see Nibiru, Anguish and Forsaken right now at the studio we recorded in. Should be sweet!

We're doing a UK tour from 31st July onwards with another UK band called Your Move (check them out). We also may or may not have a label to release a 7inch in September time. As of 2013 who knows?!

Thanks for the interview man, it was cool. Sorry I took such a long time with it.

Shout out to Ian Boult, Think Twice, Lukasz Targosz (xveganxjusticex on YouTube), The Robin Hood Collective, Nottingham Hardcore, Jonny Pipes at Rage!, All the guys at Open Up Records and anyone else we missed.

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