all things old school: October 2014

Friday, October 31, 2014

AGENT ATTITUDE - Deranged Realities

Location: Uppsala, Sverige
Release: Monument / Adult Crash, 2014
Artwork: Gustav Oscarsson

2nd full-length by these swedish punk rockers. They keep it true and firmly rooted in 80's original hardcore punk formula, frantic and snotty. As I mentioned before, saw them live in Czech Rep. last year and they are the real deal.

3 records in 2 years? The right attitude and aptitude is definetly there. Deranged Realities gathers 12 new tracks still with that B'last/Germs intense skate punk feel which I can't get tired of. Both labels, Monument and Adult Crash did a great job with the whole package. Couldn't get an exact number of the pressing but it runs around: 30x opaque yellow / 400x solid black.

PURCHASE LP (opaque yellow still available!)
DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

CHAIN REACTION - Örebro Straight Edge

Location: Örebro, Sverige
Release: Monument Records, 2011-2012

Singer Vini is paying us a visit next month then it crossed my mind that I never uploaded his latest band here (but I did mentioned). CHAIN REACTION was a short-lived swedish youth crew comprised of veteran edgers. The only downside is that they merely produced 10 songs in 2 albums, a full-length would be very appreciated.

They were featured in the YOUTH CREW 2012 with a song from their debut EP 7", then after the split release with another Örebro band Hårda Bud and playing a few shows they called it quits at the end of 2012.

2012 - Chain Reaction 7" (Monument/ Distinguish/ Akashic Records)
2012 - Split w/ Hårda Bud 12" (Monument/ Simpa Records) 

PURCHASE (records and merch)
DOWNLOAD Discography


Saturday, October 25, 2014


CHECK THIS OUT! My hometown just welcomed 2 monsters of rock 'n' roll: EXCEL and  NEGATIVE APPROACH.

This a set of 2 throwback weekend events happening here in São Paulo-Brasil. The second weekend (in december) will feature 3 Revelation Records golden era bands, all thankfully to 78 Life Recs.

Excel & Negative Approach (+ Rafa Of Today) in SP.

Next week I will post the videos here. MOSH!!!!!!!!

The set of local bands: BANDANOS, XESCUROX, FINAL ROUND and VENENO LENTO can be seen HERE.

Thanks to videomakers  Thiago Overall and Sick.TV

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

CLIENT. - Joy Is The Only Treat

Location: Hannover, Deutschland
Release: Street Survival/ Evil Greed, 2014
Artwork: Florian Schommer

Client. is here to present us with their brand new full-length that will definitly be the soundtrack for your next summer trip (alongside Turnstile's Non Stop Feeling), at least for us that live in the southern hemisphere, the rest will have to endure the winter.

The easiest way to review a band/record is to compare to others, which can trigger an instant positive or negative response. They fuse shoegaze, grunge and pop punk with plenty of talent. Hit the button and give it a go:

As it was already mentioned in the Grunge Revival article, since 2012 they recorded 1 demo and 2 EPs, Joy Is The Only Treat is their first LP which 1.000 were done for the first press (100 light pink/ 200 light blue/ 200 white/ 500 black). The dude behind the artwork is the singer of AYS, I've always appreciated his work and like where he is heading to.  

PURCHASE HERE (Blue or Black LP) OR HERE (White LP and Merch)
DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

Thursday, October 9, 2014

BREAKOUT - True Crime

Location: Austin, US
Release: Grave Mistake Records, 2014

As in every other scene, hardcore moves on following trends, as hard its for some to admit and hate labeling, I think it does! From late 90's to mid 00's it was about melodic youth crew (In My Eyes, Champion, Have Heart) then dark metallic hardcore took place (Iron Age, Violation, Twitching Tongues). Now since Primitive and City Streets landed (reminiscents of 86 mentality), the eye of the storm has become raw 80's skinhead-ish hardcore, UKHC stompers meets Bostons ugliest sons.

Dont get me wrong, these styles has always been present and no one is reinventing the wheel here since all these aforementioned "trends" has its roots from a-long-time-ago-masters: Gorilla Biscuits/Turning Point, Carnivore/Onslaught, SSD/Abused, etc. Besides that, there will always be the HYPE EFFECT, its up to us to see whats worth our time and effort.

Fitting in this current trend, BREAKOUT grants us with their second EP out by Grave Mistake that will surely help shed some light on these texan dudes. Part of their influences has even deeper roots, late 70's Oi! punk music.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

WORLD VIEW - Face It Demo

Location: Adelaide, AUS
Release: Lethal Dose/Whitewinter Recs., 2014
Artwork: Chun#1

Reminiscents of Can't Relate Adelaide's youth crew surges WORLD VIEW. Their demo is pretty fun and quick which leaves you asking for more. Fortunately new material is on the making!

Another good surprise from Australia, this is already in my mobile playlist and will remain there for weeks to come. 2-steps!!

PURCHASE Tape (2nd press)

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Location: Perth, AUS
Release: Shaman Records, 2013

5 months on the wait! That is the amount of time a LP takes to get from Perth (Australia) to São Paulo (Brazil), across the seven seas here's the debut full-length by THE OTHERS!

In 2012 they put out the Sun and Sea EP, perfect 4-song summer jams, a 5 out of 5 score! For Red Eyes they deliver 11 songs Planet Mental style, mid-tempo 2-steps hardcore flavoured with their distinct Perth groove and boosted by a great overall production.

Weird fact, I remember Six Feet Under Records announcing it sometime in 2013 as a future release and what was supposed to be SFU085 became Mother of Mercy I+II, it also has no mention in SFU discography's website or bandcamp. On the other hand, the Perth based label Shaman Records had it for a while so I made my move and ordered one. Unluckily all limited colored vinyl were gone but they handed a free The Others t-shirt as a compensation for the pricey shipping cost, SWEET!

As I waited for my copy to arrive, Deathwish Inc. put some copies for sale in exclusive limited colour (opaque red in cyan blue). Heres the pressing info for this gorgeous gatefold album:

50: Solid red
150: Bone with red haze
200: Solid black
60: Opaque red in cyan blue 


Scheduled for December is their new EP Rain Dance in 7" and tape formats, also through Shaman Records. Siked!!
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