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Friday, October 31, 2014

AGENT ATTITUDE - Deranged Realities

Location: Uppsala, Sverige
Release: Monument / Adult Crash, 2014
Artwork: Gustav Oscarsson

2nd full-length by these swedish punk rockers. They keep it true and firmly rooted in 80's original hardcore punk formula, frantic and snotty. As I mentioned before, saw them live in Czech Rep. last year and they are the real deal.

3 records in 2 years? The right attitude and aptitude is definetly there. Deranged Realities gathers 12 new tracks still with that B'last/Germs intense skate punk feel which I can't get tired of. Both labels, Monument and Adult Crash did a great job with the whole package. Couldn't get an exact number of the pressing but it runs around: 30x opaque yellow / 400x solid black.

PURCHASE LP (opaque yellow still available!)
DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

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