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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

CLIENT. - Joy Is The Only Treat

Location: Hannover, Deutschland
Release: Street Survival/ Evil Greed, 2014
Artwork: Florian Schommer

Client. is here to present us with their brand new full-length that will definitly be the soundtrack for your next summer trip (alongside Turnstile's Non Stop Feeling), at least for us that live in the southern hemisphere, the rest will have to endure the winter.

The easiest way to review a band/record is to compare to others, which can trigger an instant positive or negative response. They fuse shoegaze, grunge and pop punk with plenty of talent. Hit the button and give it a go:

As it was already mentioned in the Grunge Revival article, since 2012 they recorded 1 demo and 2 EPs, Joy Is The Only Treat is their first LP which 1.000 were done for the first press (100 light pink/ 200 light blue/ 200 white/ 500 black). The dude behind the artwork is the singer of AYS, I've always appreciated his work and like where he is heading to.  

PURCHASE HERE (Blue or Black LP) OR HERE (White LP and Merch)
DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

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