all things old school: June 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

IN CONTROL - Another Year

Location: Oxnard, California
Release: Indecision Records, 2001

The first LP from one of my all time favourite IN CONTROL, the ones responsible for the Nardcore revival in the 2000's.

They played with infectious energy and aggressiveness yet with the awareness and consciousness that hardcore punk is established upon. Another Year is a 15 tracks album that ranges from melodic to full-on NYHC style breakdowns and mosh anthems that will leave you asking for more!

They disbanded in 2004 and members went to form Annihilation Time and RETALIATE.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Cold World 80's Baybeez Remix

Graffiti by 7seconds

One day I saw in a Cold World's wikipage their discography and it was stated there an album called 80's Baybeez Remix which I never heard about.
After months pursuing it I came across Nick Woj's (drummer/DJ) blog where he posted his many mixtapes and still do in a new tumblr account HERE.

This mixtape in particular was uploaded around 2008 and got notoriety by the it's name, it consists of several skanky old school hip hop songs mixed into one single track following this order:

1. the singing mc breeze-discombobulator-bubulator
2. shakespeare and the last empire-my old jams still slam
3. jvc force-strong island
4. tuff crew-smooth momentum
5. mc lyte-survival of the fittest
6. spyder d-the ny butt
7. mc ez & troup-get retarded
8. the fearless four-dedication
9. cool c-juice crew dis
10. supreme force-you gotta come out hard
11. m.c. boob-do the fila
12. spike vst-gucci down
13. suprelover cee cassanova rudd-girls i got em locked
14. the uptown crew-uptown's kickin it
15. steady b-stupid fresh
16. the ghettovetts-battle call
17. three times dope-greatest man alive
18. alliance-bustin loose
19. cash money & marvellous-ugly people be quiet
20. masters of ceremony-dynamite
21. don baron-action
22. ice cream tee-can't hold back
23. awesome dre and the hardcore committee-executioner style
24. kings of pressure-nosy bodies
25. mark the 45 king ft. big daddy kane-the 900 number
26. tuff crew-my part of town remix

Pop this thang on your car and roll out with your homies yo!

THIS ONE GOES OUT TO PAULO GONZ & ROBO BENKÖ - shake dat azz brotherz

Sunday, June 3, 2012

UPPERCUT - Tables Turned

Location: Nederland
Release: I Scream Records, 2006 (out of print)

Last album by the dutch Uppercut, 13 tracks of angry old school hardcore packed with breakdowns. All the energy from their previous album "A Luta Continua" plus a better production can be heard on this record.

They were making a similar sound to what other european old school bands were doing at that time, bands like No Turning Back, Nothing Done, Death or Glory and Abusive Action. No further info can be found about them, even their I Scream page has jack squat.

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