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Sunday, June 24, 2012

IN CONTROL - Another Year

Location: Oxnard, California
Release: Indecision Records, 2001

The first LP from one of my all time favourite IN CONTROL, the ones responsible for the Nardcore revival in the 2000's.

They played with infectious energy and aggressiveness yet with the awareness and consciousness that hardcore punk is established upon. Another Year is a 15 tracks album that ranges from melodic to full-on NYHC style breakdowns and mosh anthems that will leave you asking for more!

They disbanded in 2004 and members went to form Annihilation Time and RETALIATE.


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  1. Hi this is Zack from In Control. Thanks for this post. I think you summed up our band nicely. Drop me a line:

    Mi novia habla espanol :)


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