all things old school: June 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

GUILTY - Demo 7"

Location: Sverige
Release: Green Menace, 2010

Who likes Cro-Mags or Warzone? I do and so the swedish in Guilty. I'm not sure this can be called a demo, it sounds amazing! Not far from other european acts like Deal With It, World Gone Mad, The Ice and Liferide.

7 songs that busted my house down. Hope they go through and write a full-length. They share members with Big Deal and Lions Den.



The label behind it, the young Green Menace, has been putting out only gems so far, bands coming from Finland, Austria, Sweden and UK. One of them, Values, I already put on my blog earlier, here.

Some of their current available releases are up on bandcamp, check it out:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

HARDCORE NEWS 2 "The Expansion Pack"

Back by demand, another batch of rock'n'roll releases worldwide, switching the axis a bit from the usual US hardcore scene.

This time the trip begin in UK. Wardogs presents 'Outcast Behaviour' out by Carry The Weight, possibly one of the best things from 2011 so far, being a Warzone fan such as myself, couldn't be different! This artwork is from the limited edition (taken from a funny scene in the 'Happy Gilmore' motion picture), photo of the 7" took by Arty. BUST:

Still in UK, two crossover releases: Lifeless's 'Judgment Day' and SSS "Problems To Answers". Lifeless from Middlesbrough brings us their lastest in the old fashion DIY method with 10 songs of furious thrash, heres a sample:

Speaking of furiosity, Shorp Sharp Shock from Liverpool, in their third full-lenght, delivers another mayhem soundtrack.

Their first self titled full-lenght (out on Dead & Gone and Earache) remains one of my fav of all time.

Here's one track sample for the unitiated.

Polish label Refuse Records has a slew amount of releases lately, one of them got my attention (besides Double Vision and Poison Planet) it's Nothing's new 12" 'Double Dose Of Negativity' from Germany. Members played on Highscore and Durango 95, now they are all about 80's NYHC.

In Brazil, a few releases passed under my radar. From the South, Fatal Blow put together 11 songs also heavily influenced by traditional NY hardcore. A joint release by OneVoice/No Mercy Records/Detesto Recs

The youth crew genre is kept alive by Positive Youth. They are touring Europe next month with their new EP to be released by 78 Eight Life Recordings.

From the shores of São Paulo, Like A Texas Murder stirs things up with their crossover caiçara. A new album has just hitted the streets (or cyberspace), check it out:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

IDENTITY - Rise To Power

Location: Warszawa, Polska
Release: In Our Hands Records, 2010

After my last post I kept on 'researching' the Polish h×c scene and end up discovering Identity, and got hooked right away! NY's Inhuman came to mind.

Last december they put out their first EP 'Rise To Power', 7 songs full throttle hardcore. Give it a chance, press play and spread the word.

Monday, June 13, 2011

HARDCORE NEWS "O Jornal do Rock Duro"

A lot is happening right now in the hardcore front, worldwide! Let's begin this quick journey in Warsaw with polish Double Vision debut EP on Refuse Records, playing classic positive hardcore this album holds promising, below 2-songs preview:

Youngblood records newest release, due by the end of this month it's Sacred Love's "Dividing Lines" from Baltimore. A 5-songs blast of old school, no frills. If you're not familiar to them check their excellent demo.

The new songs can be previewed on Youngblood's facebook. To pre-order it go here.

Chilean's Remission has just dropped another bomb in a format of 7 inch, split with north american's Police & Thieves released by Amendment Recods. Both showing their melodic approach on hardcore without losing it's energy, no B9 bs here, if you know what I mean. Hear one of the Remission's contribuition:

2011 marks a new chapter in the brazilian hardcore, some very good productions are hitting the streets... HARD! First we have Ralph Machio new album entitled 'Welcome To Your Doom' on Caustic Records. Contagious old school sure to leave no one standing still. Mastered by Paul Miner and artwork signed by marvelous Bill Hauser. Check it oooout:

Still x Strong just put out their debut full-lenght on 78 Life Recordings entitled 'Cornerstone'. Influenced by seminal hardcore acts such as Earth Crisis and The Path of Resistance, they developed their own in-your-face vegan straight edge music.

In the thrash front we have LO-FI and O.D.P. doing what they do best, tearing the shit up! If, somehow, you didn't heard what they are capable of I suggest you to download their finest work 'Cream Cheese'.Oooh it sounds lovely and sure tastes amazing! Be on the lookout for these maniacs, I know I will.

Maybe on the second semester we can hear some fresh tunes from Final Round and Scoring The Game, two promising bands Im particularly eager to check out. Meanwhile stay with Clearview new tunes from the album 'Pure Mayhem' that are about to see the light of the day anytime soon:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

RIGHT ON - Reality Vacation CD

Location: San Francisco
Release: Malfunction + Rumble Records, 2006

Que bela banda hein? Mistura elementos do fastcore com youth crew, algo entre Lights Out e Outbreak como dizem por aí.

Reality Vacation é o segundo e último EP da banda, lançado em conjunto com a Rumble Records, mini selo que lançou 4 discos apenas. Um deles já postei aqui, o Dispute, depois postarei o Shipwreck e o Trash Talk todo mundo já conhece.

Na realidade este post trata-se do CD do Reality Vacation que contém todas as músicas já gravadas pela banda, ou seja é outra discografia disponibilizada para seu deleite. Contém além do Reality Vacation as faixas do No Joke EP + Demo Sessions, 24 faixas no total!

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