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Monday, June 13, 2011

HARDCORE NEWS "O Jornal do Rock Duro"

A lot is happening right now in the hardcore front, worldwide! Let's begin this quick journey in Warsaw with polish Double Vision debut EP on Refuse Records, playing classic positive hardcore this album holds promising, below 2-songs preview:

Youngblood records newest release, due by the end of this month it's Sacred Love's "Dividing Lines" from Baltimore. A 5-songs blast of old school, no frills. If you're not familiar to them check their excellent demo.

The new songs can be previewed on Youngblood's facebook. To pre-order it go here.

Chilean's Remission has just dropped another bomb in a format of 7 inch, split with north american's Police & Thieves released by Amendment Recods. Both showing their melodic approach on hardcore without losing it's energy, no B9 bs here, if you know what I mean. Hear one of the Remission's contribuition:

2011 marks a new chapter in the brazilian hardcore, some very good productions are hitting the streets... HARD! First we have Ralph Machio new album entitled 'Welcome To Your Doom' on Caustic Records. Contagious old school sure to leave no one standing still. Mastered by Paul Miner and artwork signed by marvelous Bill Hauser. Check it oooout:

Still x Strong just put out their debut full-lenght on 78 Life Recordings entitled 'Cornerstone'. Influenced by seminal hardcore acts such as Earth Crisis and The Path of Resistance, they developed their own in-your-face vegan straight edge music.

In the thrash front we have LO-FI and O.D.P. doing what they do best, tearing the shit up! If, somehow, you didn't heard what they are capable of I suggest you to download their finest work 'Cream Cheese'.Oooh it sounds lovely and sure tastes amazing! Be on the lookout for these maniacs, I know I will.

Maybe on the second semester we can hear some fresh tunes from Final Round and Scoring The Game, two promising bands Im particularly eager to check out. Meanwhile stay with Clearview new tunes from the album 'Pure Mayhem' that are about to see the light of the day anytime soon:

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