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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

SAY GOODBYE - Boston Area Straight Edge

Location: Southeastern Massachusetts
Release: Western Front, 2002-2005

Back to basics. SAY GOODBYE was the base for a bunch of other cool bands after its inception in 2002. If they were on a more consistent label maybe it would have helped get the word out, for they are a bit underrated. Their music was fast and without frills inspired by local legends in SSD, DYS (members lived near Providence and Boston) and Infest.

In 4 years they recorded 4 albums. The demo tape and first EP presents a more raw production, then comes the awesome full-lenght in 2004 followed by the final EP in 2005, all with songs clocking around the 1 minute mark spreading despise on humankind.

2002 - Demo
2002 - Anti-Social EP (Western Front Records)
2004 - S/T LP (Western Front Records)
2005 - Misanthropy EP (Western Front Records)

Say Goodbye's family tree:
Craig Arms (bass): did vocals in Waste Management and also played bass in Rampage and Mind Eraser. James Whittle (guitar): played guitar in Police Beat, Lovely Lads and drums on Waste Management's first EP. Eli Pizzuto (drums): played in R'n'R at some point and lately in the stoner-outfit Naam. Couldn't find any other related bands to Chris Browndog (vocals) tho. 

DOWNLOAD Discography
(includes scanned lyrics and art covers)

scan credits: demo tape and anti-social by It Follows, misanthropy by suds denim, lp by me. special thanks to Eric Yu for the proper misanthropy EP audio files.

Monday, March 23, 2015

We Breed Ugly Cassette Compilation

Release: Neutral Accents, 2015 (sold out)

Neutral Accents Fanzine brings a heavy tape to the table, exclusive tracks of the finest MUZAK style.

Tapes sold out in a few days on pre-order, but check soon at Painkiller Records' online store and here for a small amount of leftovers.

01. Hammer & The Nails - East Meets West
02. Hired Goons - Mania
03. The Repos - Feeling Fine
04. RAMPAGE - Cyberian Overload
05. Lovely Lads - Mourning Soul
06. Fatal Shore - Forbidden Zone
07. Revilers - Scapegoats
01. Burden - Path of Stone
02. Violent End - No Better/Waste
03. MFP - Vanishing point
04. Frost Fangs - In The Metal Zone
05. The Concrete Gods - Whatever Happened To The Angry Brigade
06. Poder Absoluto - Don Martillo Ejecutor
07. NS Mayhem - Pariah Nation
08. Peacebreakers - Madness
09. Outro


Saturday, March 21, 2015


Location: Canarias, España
Release: Stomp Records, 2012 (unreleased)

Spain's best kept secret!! GOOD FELLAZ first full-length and final record is their pinnacle, heavily influenced by RZL DZL and Justice. Even though The Roots LP never got a physical release thus far, I heard rumours of that happening someday.

For more Good Fellaz use the tag, there are stuff here since year one of this blog.

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

Gracias a Carlos Identidad

Monday, March 16, 2015

AlL ThiNgS OLd SChOol 2015 Sampler

Artwork: Freak City (@instagram)
Logo: Myself

5 YEARS of All Things Old School!! I had part of the tracklist on my mind for awhile but scrapped most of it because, luckily, a good amount of bands and labels joined and made this sampler much more cool. It features premiere tracks plus a few unreleased and rare ones that I've been collecting over the years. Countries represented by bands here goes as far as: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom and USA.

Special thanks goes to these people who embraced this fun project and believe that the DIY ethics are the foundation of our (counter) culture, either it's in hardcore punk, thrash metal, hip hop or indie rock: Mathieu @ Freak City, Dan Mourtagh @ Running Thin Records, Zack Retaliate, Indy @ Cointossrecords, Alexis @ Straight & Alert Records, Danny Drug Control, Toxic Shock, Hollow Truth, Shaman Records, Jordan Cold & Distant, Jonny Control, Leeo Surra, Better Days, Street Lights, Roman Sike, Benjamin Guidance, Garcia brothers @ Dedication, O.S.M. and Dan Cantarero @ Life To Live Records.

01. TOXIC SHOCK - The Survivalist [upcoming Split 7" w/ Iron Reagan, Reflections Records]
02. STRAIGHT RAZOR - Strong When Safe [upcoming EP, React! Records]
03. RETALIATE - Infidel [upcoming EP, Running Thin Records]
04. NEGATIVE SELF - Self Destruct... The Pain Never Ends [S/T LP, High Roller Records]
05. THE OTHERS - Rain Dance [Rain Dance EP, Shaman Records]
06. BALANCE - The Game [unreleased]
07. HARDWIRED - Talking In Circles [S/T EP, Life To Live Records]
08. BETTER DAYS - Troll Troll [Nope EP, Encapsulated Records]
09. STREET LIGHTS - Vicious Circle [Going Nowhere Fast, Mustard Rec]
10. SIKE - H.Y.G.I.R. - [Kiev 2015 7", Powertrip Records]
11. STATEMENT X - Never Take Part [upcoming 7", Street Survival Records]
12. POWER ABUSE - Pull The Trigger [XXX Demo, Assurd Records]
13. BREAKTHROUGH - Our Perspective [unreleased]
14. COLD & DISTANT - Hope Brings Destruction [S/T EP, D2C Records]
15. RZL DZL - Trouble Loves Us [Songs For Babies, LOC]
--------------------INTERMISSION BY BEASTIE BOYS--------------------
17. THE ICE - Casting Shadows [The '11 Promo Tape]
18. DRUG CONTROL - Like Brothers [upcoming S/T 7", Straight & AlertCointossrecords]
19. HOLLOW TRUTH - Unchanching Misery [The War Economy 7", Powertrip Records]
20. SPIRITS - In My Way [S/T 7", Coinstossrecords]
21. WESTPOINT - Redwood [upcoming 12" EP]
22. SECOND OPINION - My Disease (Time To Operate) [unreleased]
23. SURRA - Somos Todos Culpados [Somos Todos Culpados EP, Caustic Recordings]
24. ZERO - Giving In/No More [upcoming 7", Climbin' Aboard Records]
25. CONTROL - See-Through [S/T 7", Headrush Records]
26. SWAMPS - Sea of Snakes [Single]
27. DEDICATION - It's Real [upcoming EP, Positive & Focused/ True Spirit]
28. WARDOGS - CHANCES [outtake from Outcast Behaviour session, CTW Records]
29. DCAN - Freestyle Of 3 [Single]
30. GUIDANCE - My Body, My Cage [Path Of Grace LP]

(problems with mediafire? try here)

At the end I contacted over 60 bands/labels and listened to countless albums and demos. I almost have enough material to do another one, maybe a covers only compilation next time? dunno yet. Get updates here:


Thursday, March 12, 2015

SKULL CRUSHER - Blinded By Illusion

Location: NY, NY
Release: Livewire / Reflections, 2010
Artwork: Linas Garsys

The moribund label Livewire was showing signs that they were getting back on their feet but collapsed not longer after this release, in fact the 2-song EP by Hands Tied was their last output, such a pitty.

Behind SKULL CRUSHER there were two masterminds: Ed McKirdy (Livewire, Hands Tied, etc..) on vocals and Gordo (Double Crossed Zine and Hands Tied in Through The Wreckage EP) on drums jamming some heavy quality shit! They started off with the Blind By Illusion EP, 4 tracks blending elements from Judge, Cro-Mags and The Icemen, a 100% NY breed. Handling the 6 strings and 4 strings were Dan Cav (Resurrection) and Hugo Fitzgerald (On the Rise), respectively.

In 2011 they were demoing for a new 7" that never got accomplished, fortunately 1 new song rose for the Rev Summer Sampler, the Ice Age! I seriously think they should get back together, dont they?


My Skull Crusher collection, t-shirts were sold directly at Livewire Records webstore.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

FREE WILL - Where The Rats Feed

Location: Norwich, UK
Release: Powertrip Records, 2014

What a pleasant record to listen from these UK new breed!! 5 stomps with incendiary breakdowns, mid to fast pace with thrashy guitars full of rhythm. Fav track "stick with me". Powertrip records has developed a seal of quality , an ISO 9000 of hardcore, you just can't go wrong with their releases.

(pressing of: 150 clear green / 350 black)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

EVOLVE - Opposition

Location: Maura, Norge
Release: Crucial Response, 2012 (unreleased)

Norwegian hardcore used to be more active or Im being uninformed lately. As I recall there used to pop up bands more often, maybe we can expect something from For Pete's Sake this year?

EVOLVE lasted from 2009 to 2012, they played classic youth crew full of intensity and criticism on the Western way of life. They did 2 demos, 1 EP and 1 LP, all self-released. The latter album was supposed to come out through legend label - Crucial Response but it didnt happen, at least one song made into the Starting From Zero compilation. They also did plenty of shows in 2012, including an eurotour with Enoughxxx.

Before they were gone for good, themselves uplodead the LP in 1411kbps wav files including artwork, inlay (w/ lyrics) and vinyl labels of this very fine record that never saw the light of the day!

DOWNLOAD Discography

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