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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

EVOLVE - Opposition

Location: Maura, Norge
Release: Crucial Response, 2012 (unreleased)

Norwegian hardcore used to be more active or Im being uninformed lately. As I recall there used to pop up bands more often, maybe we can expect something from For Pete's Sake this year?

EVOLVE lasted from 2009 to 2012, they played classic youth crew full of intensity and criticism on the Western way of life. They did 2 demos, 1 EP and 1 LP, all self-released. The latter album was supposed to come out through legend label - Crucial Response but it didnt happen, at least one song made into the Starting From Zero compilation. They also did plenty of shows in 2012, including an eurotour with Enoughxxx.

Before they were gone for good, themselves uplodead the LP in 1411kbps wav files including artwork, inlay (w/ lyrics) and vinyl labels of this very fine record that never saw the light of the day!

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