all things old school: January 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

HARDCORE NEWS 8 "blow me down"

I've been following these dudes steps for some time and by now they made quite a name for themselves, Richmond's legitimate sons TOUGH LUCK. After 2 demos and an EP they hit back with another batch of heaviness out now by Solid Bond Records, embarking in the same line as Soul Search did in their last record!

Wrong Idea is a side project by 2 dudes at STEP ASIDE, Arizona youth crew on full effect!
This artwork reminds of a classic one, maybe Brotherhood? Anyway if you liked Right Idea you will definetily like Wrong Idea, HA!
(official download link HERE)

This totally passed under my radar and probably under yours, swedish OUT OF VOGUE new full-length "The Welfare Years" released by themselves, cool as fuck! For fans of CIV, Seein' Red and Dag Nasty.

Still in Sweden, AGENT ATTITUDE also has new songs on the go and they sound snottier than ever!! Time to wear that B'last t-shirt and do some outlaw skating.

CLOBBERIN' TIME's new recordings blew my mind, because this is one of those rare moments where a band from Brazil plays NYHC and its not cheesy! Powerful breakdowns and no frills, just 2 tracks at the moment that I keep listening on and on.

If you haven't heard Six Feet Under Records has a bunch of new records to be released soon: 50 Lions 7", Minus/Warbrain Split and everyones favorite WRITTEN OFF 7":

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Location: North Carolina, US 
Release: Chain Link Records, 201?

This is actually a reminder, since the label had some internal problems and quite a delay trying to put their tape out in the streets, RIPTIDE's second demo is available for download for free in its entirety.

Riptide is from the same area as Overlooked, but they play more of a LOC sound. Im really digging whats coming out of there!


Friday, January 11, 2013

OVERDOSE - Under Pressure

Location: Atlanta, US
Release: Triple B Records, 2007
Artwork: Trey Wadsworth

Under Pressure is OVERDOSE's CD EP plus demo, 9 tracks total. 

They played some very intense hardcore, a mix of Down To Nothing and No Warning. Their last show happened in June 2008 and their drummer (Champ) went on to play in Foundation!

I uploaded their split 7" while ago, with that, its everything they recorded.

PURCHASE (on sale!)


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