all things old school: June 2013

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Location: Vienna, Austria
Release: PowerTrip Records, 2012

Just realised  how awesome this record is and how it's rarely talked about. I was listening to it in the streets the other day and caught myself doing some non-sense air guitar.

Cursed is filled with monstrous fast skilled riffage, taking cues from masters like Slayer and Pantera! Definitely anyone can sense some Slayer's golden era feel throughout the EP.

In these past few years the metallic hardcore genre has evolved so much across the globe, something apart from that boring 90's and early 00's metalcore, now incoporating thrash and crossover elements. Demonwomb is most certainly in the front of this new wave of bands.

PURCHASE [2nd press]
(official download + 1 bonus re-recorded song from Demo)

ps.: you may check an old post about another metallic band hosted by PowerTrip Records named WORLD GONE MAD! Great label.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Location: Newcastle/Sydney, Australia
Release: Death's Grip, 2013 (pre-order)

They promised new material and here they are, split 7 inch with aussie mates DOWNSIDE, which contributes with 2 new songs (follow up to their 2012 Demo). Both bands play dark, metallic hardcore, top notch!

Before the release of their first LP, LEGIONS drops a lengthy 6 minutes song à la Iron Maiden, marked by a superb production. Soothing evil intro and a neck-breaking breakdown!

Fuck all your tortured souls and your hollow hopes
No control as the terror grows
Your restless eyes don’t tell no lies
Haunt the sky, blinding sight

The guilt floods back at the worst of times
Buried by the shame I didn’t let you die

DOWNLOAD new link! [320kbps]

Monday, June 17, 2013

MOOD SWING - Endless Cycle Demo

Location: Sydney, Australia
Release: Death's Grip, 2013

Brand new band from Australia! Members come from other cool Sydney bands: Phantoms, Distance and Legions whose bass player assumes vocal duties on MOOD SWING.

With such a know-how their Demo came out none other than great! 7 tracks 2-steps style, influenced by the lockin' out sound. If everything goes well, more music is on the way!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, here in Brazil, its our turn to show discontent to our representatives, our bloodsucking politicians. No more corruption, no more police violence. Fuck FIFA World Cup.

Can’t just sit back, its time to REACT! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

HARDCORE NEWS 11 "Bring it Down Under"

Lately lots of bands from the first wave of hardcore punk are coming back, doing reunion shows, recording new stuff and shit. It seems Ricktalife got caught up in this scenario and decided to bring back his old side project COMIN' CORRECT, resurfaced after 8 years! 

For those who are clueless, this was intented to be more of an old school version than 25 ta Life with less chug chug mosh parts, even though some songs are hard to differ. New full-length is out NOW, guest appearance by Mr. Roger Miret.

I've been listening to a lot of aussie bands lately and LEGIONS gotta be one of my fav current bands right now from the down under land. Their latest album "The Gravestone Path" matches up to Guilty's S/T 7" or maybe even Iron Age's Sleeping Eye, if only it was lengthier (being a 4-song EP) it would be a 10 out of 10! 

New material is done, ready to see the light in 2013 anytime now, but its seems they've added new elements to their music, as we can hear in this new song from their upcoming full-length. Meanwhile, rejoice yourself with the Gravestone Path:

From Sydney comes BONELESS, comprised of ex-members from Bad Blood, but this time around they went for a more straight up hardcore, resembling Nothing Done and SOIA in some parts. I honestly preferred Bad Blood, but you be the judge.

7 inch out by Rest Assured Records!

Continuing the australian saga, Melbourne based WARBRAIN is getting ready to deliver another set of pure gold enraged hardcore, just after doing a great split 7 inch with Minus (also has a new record out!). The hellhound artwork theme is preserved though!

Belgians TOXIC SHOCK are about to lay down their very first full-length through Reflection Records, destined to be one of those instant classics in the crossover thrash genre.

All ingredients are here, headbangin' riffs, 11 fingered solos technique, insane vocals, growls and shouts. Daily Demons is expected to be out this month! Here's a preview:

Scottish WAR CHARGE were featured in this blog's Hardcore News 5 (2012), from an awesome Demo to a killer debut EP on Purgatory Records, pre-orders available.
This guys are not fooling around!

Carry The Weight Records next offering is a split between 2 UK bands:

BREAKING POINT is not new to this blog, so far all their albums were well produced with songs thats inflicts involuntary mosh moviments to any listener. On the other side, FINAL RAGE appears with an overdue new material since their 2011's Tombstone EP, fierce as fuck!

Also, eyes (and ears) peeled for new stuff coming out soon from Afflictive Nature, Forsaken, Enough, Irond Mind and No Warning!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

RIPTIDE - Mind Beach

Location: Wilmington, US
Release: DIY, 2013
Artwork: Ben Kocinski

Too much going on between May and June, great time for hardcore punk indeed!

North Carolina's RIPTIDE is back with another blast. They maintained that LOC feel from the Demo (finally available in tape) in their new effort, Mind Beach EP.

This may be the type of hardcore I like the most, chill and fast (!). Just the perfect soundtrack for that sidewalk surfin' or slammin around. A 9 out of 10 fo sho!


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