all things old school: DOWNSIDE / LEGIONS - Split 7"

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Location: Newcastle/Sydney, Australia
Release: Death's Grip, 2013 (pre-order)

They promised new material and here they are, split 7 inch with aussie mates DOWNSIDE, which contributes with 2 new songs (follow up to their 2012 Demo). Both bands play dark, metallic hardcore, top notch!

Before the release of their first LP, LEGIONS drops a lengthy 6 minutes song à la Iron Maiden, marked by a superb production. Soothing evil intro and a neck-breaking breakdown!

Fuck all your tortured souls and your hollow hopes
No control as the terror grows
Your restless eyes don’t tell no lies
Haunt the sky, blinding sight

The guilt floods back at the worst of times
Buried by the shame I didn’t let you die

DOWNLOAD new link! [320kbps]

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