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Friday, March 14, 2014

ICEPICK (NL) - Discography

Location: Amsterdam, Nederlands
Release: Not Just Words/ The Limit, 2003-2010

They became dutch legends, from a sold out (500 copies) tape 'No Forgiveness' back in 2003 (found one in Fluff fest last year, but was quite expensive), through a masterpiece EP 'Goldrush' in 2005 to a final 2-song EP 'Quicksand' in 2010, ICEPICK sure did left they mark in hardcore history, at least in my book!

Back in 2005 I was purchasing everything that Ronald Boorsma put out on his label Not Just Words Records and the Goldrush CD was an amazing surprise! Superb production, from artwork to recording process, flawless.

Rumours says that after a reunion show in 2012 and a possible repress of Goldrush in 12" format (previously only available in CD) by Street Survival Records, they are getting back together once again!!

In this interview they talk amongst other subjects about the big mess regarding the band's name, that was taken by a north american group.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Location: Boston & San Jose
Release: DIY, 2012

This 4-way split rips!!

HOSTAGE and SWAMPS reppin' Boston, BAD TIMES CREW and TRUE HEARTED from San Jose, Cali.

You know the artwork reference and may have heard of this split before, hence its online and available for DOWNLOAD for a while now but each one of them have some serious new shit (except Hostage).

Bad Times Crew just put out a new EP and they are delivering it, 6 heavy yet groove hardcore tunes granted by some slow paced breakdowns, soon by Party Foul Records. Damn impressive!

DOWNLOAD Bad Times Crew - South Bay Survival [128kbps]

Swamps in their 3rd EP. When you think they are at top of their game, they surpass. From the thrashy "Seven Sides" double-EP to the brand new 4-track EP "Heavy Work", more funky and even better production! Similar to what Bad Times Crew are doing. Dig it:

DOWNLOAD Swamps - Heavy Work [320kbps]

True Hearted has a new 7 song tape out entitled "No Cure". I have two words for this: fast + mad! Visit they bigcartel for goodies.

DOWNLOAD True Hearted - No Cure EP + Paradise Single [320kbps]

Hostage didnt make anything new after the 4-way split but their songs on it are my favorite, aggressive crossover! One of the coolest intros "Grove Street Stomp".

Props to my golden bros: Big Phil & Paulo Gonz
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