all things old school: September 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014

FIELDS OF FIRE - Keep It Alive

Location: Oxnard, US
Release: Phyte Records, 2001 (out of print)

I meant to upload this a long time ago, previous recordings from skate punks FIELDS OF FIRE. Fully charged nardcore hardcore, together as a band around 1999-2002. 

4 years ago I uploaded 2002's Kill The Flock EP. In Keep It Alive they present 8 new tracks straight up nardcore style. It also features the 7 tracks from their first 7" The Kids Can't Be Bought EP (New Leaf Records, 2000), that shows their 80's youth crew influences.

Later they formed Annihilation Time/Lecherous Gaze.


All we've ever needed is in our hands or under our feet
It came in the shape of plank of wood with four wheels
A simpler time when we ran from cops, got picked on by jocks, and made new friends
There's no reason under the sun why all this fun should ever fucking end

Pushed further than our legs could take us
Smashed through walls that coundn't break us
Flew higher than we could hope to try
Acted like we would never fucking die

Skate fuckin' punks


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

HARDCORE NEWS 13 "The Grunge Revival"

Artwork: Butcher Billy

Mid 90's was all about grunge. Im far from being an expert in this genre, but it seems they're coming back stronger than ever, the flannel-heads!

Earlier this year I posted about SAID AND DONE'S latest record and also from THE BEAUTIFUL ONES, both embraced grunge influences, giving today's "hardcore audience" some needed diverseness.

With DAYLIGHT's Jar (now Superheaven) and GYPSY's Giant Despair high acceptance its no wonder new bands are emerging from all over sharing similar influences and are surprising in how good they sound from scratch, mainly because most of them are already involved with other (hardcore punk) projects, as in GYPSY. Tittle Fight and Basement also plays big part on this revival but for me their emo influences stands out more.  

Upon some research and advice from friends I selected new groups somehow linked with the hardcore punk community coming from different regions to try to convince you (and myself) that we are facing a legit revival.

 From Birmingham/Leeds, UK comes FADE. Featuring members from SHARPNEL and VIOLENT REACTION, recently they signed with Speedowax to release their 2013 Demo on 7" format. Pre-order here. Debut EP is in progress through Neutral Words Records.


Wilkes-Barre's crew new project KILLJOY nailed it big time, perfect 4 song demo. Singer used to play guitar for UNITED YOUTH and some of the other dudes play in LIFE OF REILLY.

(no artwork)

German CLIENT. in activity since 2012 has 2 records out and an upcoming debut full-length Joy Is The Only Treat, split release between Street Survival and Evil Greed. For now enjoy 2013's EP i am well.
(they also share members with ANGST).


From the dudes who brought us 50 LIONS and WORD UP! arises Byron Bay's new favorites PILOTS. Their Debut EP released last month was recorded/mixed by Nick Didia ((Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine), so it means they took this project most seriously. Over the top production aiming to take over not only Australia but the entire planet with their soothing beach rock grunge style.

DOWNLOAD [128kbps - for promotion use only]

 Canadian rockstars SUPERCRUSH was assembled to go big, headed by Mark Palm (GO IT ALONE, KEEP IT CLEAR, BLACK BREATH) together in a second partnership with Aaron O'Neil (ON and FOR THE CROWN), first one was in DEVOTION. Supercrush's debut single 7" released last december is already in the 2nd press! Another 2-song single 7" is planned for later this year.


Still in north america, newcomers DREAM RITUAL (ex-Wish) from Missouri, closed a deal with 6131 Records and it sounds very promising. Pre-orders for their debut 6 song 12" EP is just around the corner.


Representing south america, Curitiba's SITINGLASS recorded 4 songs last year, sounding as grunge as you can get. Share members with UNDER BAD EYES that recently did an euro tour.


Irish NIBIRU's latest works evolved towards that grunge trend but without losing its heaviness from previous recordings. New 7" Big Soul is on pre-order at the ever great Carry The Weight Records. As for now check 2013's EP Oxygen Eater:

Monday, September 15, 2014

KID ARMOR - Better Days

Location: California, US
Release: Commitment Records
Artwork: Javi

Orange County Youth Crew is well represented by the kids in KID ARMOR. Last year came out their first EP Better Days, 7 songs of steadfast straightedge hardcore with a thoughtful positive message, bringing influences from local orange county punk legends to nowadays edge groups such as Mindset.

A new record was supposed to be out this season, while expecting some delay they put Better Days for free download!

10 songs were recorded during Better Days session, seven made to the 7" and one was used for the YOUTH CREW '14 Compilation. Keep tuned with KID ARMOR for updated info and their upcoming album The Outcome Replays.   

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

Friday, September 5, 2014


Location: Leicester City, UK 
Release: Dead and Gone Records, 2005
Artwork: Daniel Danger

Upon request, heres Dead & Gone #11. FIFTY ON RED was a straight edge band that was around between 2004-2005. They put out a Demo and one EP. Classic fast paced hardcore filled with sing alongs.

I got the CD version that has 6 extra tracks, 2 re-recorded from the Demo and 1 hidden bonus cover (I'm being watched by THE FACTION)!! Ian from D&G was kind enough to throw in the 7" version for free then I gave it to a friend :)

Later some of them started DEAL WITH IT.

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