all things old school: KID ARMOR - Better Days

Monday, September 15, 2014

KID ARMOR - Better Days

Location: California, US
Release: Commitment Records
Artwork: Javi

Orange County Youth Crew is well represented by the kids in KID ARMOR. Last year came out their first EP Better Days, 7 songs of steadfast straightedge hardcore with a thoughtful positive message, bringing influences from local orange county punk legends to nowadays edge groups such as Mindset.

A new record was supposed to be out this season, while expecting some delay they put Better Days for free download!

10 songs were recorded during Better Days session, seven made to the 7" and one was used for the YOUTH CREW '14 Compilation. Keep tuned with KID ARMOR for updated info and their upcoming album The Outcome Replays.   

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

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