all things old school: June 2016

Thursday, June 30, 2016

STILL POUNDING IN Tape Compilation

Location: Italia
Release: Assurd Records, 2016

A showcase of italian old school, featuring what I think some of the best current hardcore bands from that country (or even the planet). All exclusive tracks by RAGE CAGE, DEFINITE, KNIGHTZZ, ANGLER, CHAINS, HITTIN' RANDOM, SIEGE STOMPERS, MISERY FOR A LIVING, and COSA NOSTRA.

The cassette comes with a booklet contaning graphics + info on each band, that's always a cool feature. Also a 12" version might happen in the near future.

PURCHASE TAPE [limited to 100]

Monday, June 27, 2016


Location: Göteborg, Sverige
Release: Straight & Alert, 2016

2nd EP by swedish THE HAMMER, back with a banger! The formula was maintained, total rager hardcore, the proper soundtrack for the ongoing decline of western civilization.

Constant state of fear 
People trying to gain ground 
It’s us against each other 
No help to be found 

The state will protect you 

There’s no bigger lie 
It’s eat or get eaten 
The weak are left to die 

Random acts of violence 

There’s nowhere you can hide 
The vermin flood the streets 
You’ll be swallowed 
Swallowed by the tide

7" pre-orders are being held by french label Straight & Alert, ready to be shipped in the following weeks. Altercation rip-off covers are limited to 75 copies!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

CLAIM - Demo 2016

Location: DC / NY
Release: DIY, 2016
Artwork: Emma Hendry

New band in town, actually from 2 towns: Washington DC and NYC. Couldn't find much extra info (don't even remember who showed them to me) except that they share members in at least 2 DCHC bands, Stuck Pigs and Stand Off. Also they already played w/ Krimewatch, Firewalker, Ajax.. so you get the idea what you will find here, raw and pissed old school hardcore all the way. Claim Edge!

Friday, June 17, 2016


Location: Welland, Canada
Release: DIY, 2013

With Climbin' Aboard on a hiatus some of their hosted bands got 'stranded', I mean if you're not from the Niagara-Welland area and there's no established label promoting local bands it becomes harder to follow. Anyway, I did some checking on SABOTAGE, a promising canadian straight edge band and found out about this 5-song EP that never came out, recorded in the same session as the Summer Promo tape (CA018). The sound is much less raw than the demos (I+II) but the aggressiveness remains, no frills HARDcore. 

As far as I know Sabotage is still active and they used to share members with Desperate Times, where Bo used to play also. Speaking of him and the fate of his label I came on a conclusion he started a new one based in Detroit called Insight Records where you can check his newest effort ZERO, as some already know.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

VIOLENT STOMP - Tropichaos

Location: São Paulo, Brasil
Release: Assurd Records/ Hardtimes Recs, 2016

They pulled it off! Everyone starts a band inspired by others and not many ends up developing their own musical identity. Roughly in just over 2 years dudes in VIOLENT STOMP accomplished that with their lastest EP Tropichaos!

They did their homework and the riffs were delivered, when the EP starts some may say "I know where this is going" but as the record progress it shows character and attitude, the grooveness and tempo changes are dead on as well as the vocals, closing out with a great cover by Inside Out.

To go along with this cool-looking-Repka-style-artwork the EP will be pressed in 7" format by the italian label Assurd (co-released with Hardtime Recs) hopefully in time for Violent Stomp's European Summer Tour, which I believe will be their first shows outside Brazil! CHECK THE DATES AND GET DOWN WITH THE VS SOUND.

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Location: Leeds, UK
Release: Quality Control HQ, 2016

More Leeds Hardcore on your way! New project from the same dudes in Shrapnel, Insist, Obstruct and Night Force laying down 6 tracks inspired by NYHC's finest moment: '87-'88. If you can't get enough of this type of hardcore like me, then you got your fix with CULPRIT.

Quality Control will have the tapes on time for this No Tolerance's UK Weekender, most likely, the remaining will be available on the webstore. The same goes for the Regiment demo tapes.

Friday, June 3, 2016

KRUST - Paradise In Brick

Location: Jersey Shore
Release: DIY, 2016

To all skate shredders and aggro surfers, this is Shore Style punx round 2!

Dedicated to my bro GONZ.


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