all things old school: THE HAMMER - Vermin

Monday, June 27, 2016


Location: Göteborg, Sverige
Release: Straight & Alert, 2016

2nd EP by swedish THE HAMMER, back with a banger! The formula was maintained, total rager hardcore, the proper soundtrack for the ongoing decline of western civilization.

Constant state of fear 
People trying to gain ground 
It’s us against each other 
No help to be found 

The state will protect you 

There’s no bigger lie 
It’s eat or get eaten 
The weak are left to die 

Random acts of violence 

There’s nowhere you can hide 
The vermin flood the streets 
You’ll be swallowed 
Swallowed by the tide

7" pre-orders are being held by french label Straight & Alert, ready to be shipped in the following weeks. Altercation rip-off covers are limited to 75 copies!

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