all things old school: SABOTAGE - S/T EP

Friday, June 17, 2016


Location: Welland, Canada
Release: DIY, 2013

With Climbin' Aboard on a hiatus some of their hosted bands got 'stranded', I mean if you're not from the Niagara-Welland area and there's no established label promoting local bands it becomes harder to follow. Anyway, I did some checking on SABOTAGE, a promising canadian straight edge band and found out about this 5-song EP that never came out, recorded in the same session as the Summer Promo tape (CA018). The sound is much less raw than the demos (I+II) but the aggressiveness remains, no frills HARDcore. 

As far as I know Sabotage is still active and they used to share members with Desperate Times, where Bo used to play also. Speaking of him and the fate of his label I came on a conclusion he started a new one based in Detroit called Insight Records where you can check his newest effort ZERO, as some already know.

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