all things old school: VIOLENT STOMP - Tropichaos

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

VIOLENT STOMP - Tropichaos

Location: São Paulo, Brasil
Release: Assurd Records/ Hardtimes Recs, 2016

They pulled it off! Everyone starts a band inspired by others and not many ends up developing their own musical identity. Roughly in just over 2 years dudes in VIOLENT STOMP accomplished that with their lastest EP Tropichaos!

They did their homework and the riffs were delivered, when the EP starts some may say "I know where this is going" but as the record progress it shows character and attitude, the grooveness and tempo changes are dead on as well as the vocals, closing out with a great cover by Inside Out.

To go along with this cool-looking-Repka-style-artwork the EP will be pressed in 7" format by the italian label Assurd (co-released with Hardtime Recs) hopefully in time for Violent Stomp's European Summer Tour, which I believe will be their first shows outside Brazil! CHECK THE DATES AND GET DOWN WITH THE VS SOUND.

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