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Sunday, May 29, 2011

COMMITTED - One Chance

Location: Cleveland, US
Release: Phyte Records, 2000

The search is over, here's COMMITTED discography in high quality. Simply one of the best youth crew revivals of the late 90's.

I was first introduced to them in a Good Clean Fun concert back in 2001, where they were selling some Phyte Records merch, a label run by Mike Mowery (former bass player for G.C.F.). Since I had no cash at the time, it took me 9 years to find it again on Ebullition Distro, they found some long lost boxes of random records!

Committed released their notorious EP in 1998 "The Pride We Share" through Reflections and Punk Uprising Records, right after their 6-song Demo "Cleveland Straight Edge".

Other tracks compiled in this CD comes from compilations such as Memories of Tomorrow on Youngblood Records. (although, 2 songs featured on The Rebirth of Hardcore were not included here!)

Later in 2005 some of the band members reunited with others from Good Clean Fun and In The Red to form Names For Graves and then RIGHT IDEA. Clevo style babe!

(link is working again!)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

CLEARVIEW - Pure Mayhem (Promo)

Location: São Paulo, Brasil
Release: Caustic, 2011

And here they are, with a new recording "Pure Mayhem", 3 tracks preview for your listening pleasure on Trama Virtual.

In a time when very few where standing for old school hardcore in Brazil, they strived for 8 years already with no signs to giving up.

Pure Mayhem is the definition of perseverance, produced by Nick Jett (Terror, Piece By Piece, etc.) and mastered by Matt Hyde, all efforts made to deliver nothing but intense hardcore output. Be on the look out for a world invasion in 2012!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

ANYTHING GOES - The Party's Over

Location: New Jersey, US
Release: Broken Glass Records, 2001 (out of print)

Anything Goes was a hardcore outfit influenced by In My Eyes, which was still a major influence at that time. They didnt last long as "The Party's Over"being their only release. The label was also short lived, releasing few stuff, like Jailbreak, Rad and Gate Crashers 7 inches.

Members went to form Reign Supreme!

The Shark Attack artwork rip-off was a limited cover for this 7inch, with a urine twist, classic! Bought it from Pablo Amendment Records


props for uploading the mp3's 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

THE GATE CRASHERS - Are A Bunch of Motherfuckers

Location: Lehigh Valley, US 
Release: Parts Unknown, 2004 (out of print)

For those who dug the Police Beat post, more fastcore on the way. This was a side project from Pissed Jeans dudes, started in 2000 proving its still possible to make something interesting out of something simple. No frills, straight up hardcore punk.

I got to know them through Youngblood's compilation "Memories of Tomorrow" with a killer contribution.
"...Are a bunch of motherfuckers" is their last release with 13 tracks executed under 12 minutes (!) They also put out 2 splits and 2 EP's that I might end up uploading here someday.

This was in my huntlist through out this first decade, Parts Unkown made only a small batch of it, as everything else they released. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Location: Stockholms, Sverige
Release: High Roller, TBA

O LP mais esperado pelos thrash maniacs desde o 3º do Violator. Diversão garantida na sua casa e a pura desgraça pro seu vizinho.

Um dos melhores shows que já presenciei. Death FUCKIN' Thrash!

Esta é apenas uma promo com as 3 faixas que estão circulando no myspace e no soundcloud, disco previsto para 2111.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

POLICE BEAT - Time For Coffee!

Location: Massachusetts, US
Release: Think Fast!, 2004

Two Boston area bands in a row! Scavenging through my record collection found this and decided to bring it to ligth.

Police Beat started in January of 2002 in New Bedford, Massachusetts with a goal in mind to play old school hardcore in the vein of the bands that paved the way before them. They recorded a demo called "Snitches Get Stitches" on a four track and started playing shows around New England with the likes of Kill Your Idols, Tear It Up, Holding On, and Mental. Their original drummer Zack left the band in September 2002 and was replaced by Edson of the band XfilesX.

Think Fast! Records released a CD compiling everything they recorded during their short existence. Comprised of 23 blistering tracks sure to wake you up better than a latte.

PURCHASE (last copies on sale!)

Friday, May 6, 2011

LOOK ALIVE - Both Feet On The Ground

Location: Massachusetts, US
Release: Lockin' Out, 2004

Look Alive never got much attention mostly because they only released this demo and performed a few gigs, but Greg Willmott (Lockin' Out Recs) has managed to put out only sick stuff on the market, so you cant go wrong here buddy.

Kenny one of the band members, sang on Step Forward and is currently playing drums on Free Spirit. Curiosly these 2 mentioned bands merch achieves insanely high prices on ebay/trade forums lately, its the hype effect! ...and they rock hard, of course.

PURCHASE (last chance)

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