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Sunday, May 29, 2011

COMMITTED - One Chance

Location: Cleveland, US
Release: Phyte Records, 2000

The search is over, here's COMMITTED discography in high quality. Simply one of the best youth crew revivals of the late 90's.

I was first introduced to them in a Good Clean Fun concert back in 2001, where they were selling some Phyte Records merch, a label run by Mike Mowery (former bass player for G.C.F.). Since I had no cash at the time, it took me 9 years to find it again on Ebullition Distro, they found some long lost boxes of random records!

Committed released their notorious EP in 1998 "The Pride We Share" through Reflections and Punk Uprising Records, right after their 6-song Demo "Cleveland Straight Edge".

Other tracks compiled in this CD comes from compilations such as Memories of Tomorrow on Youngblood Records. (although, 2 songs featured on The Rebirth of Hardcore were not included here!)

Later in 2005 some of the band members reunited with others from Good Clean Fun and In The Red to form Names For Graves and then RIGHT IDEA. Clevo style babe!

(link is working again!)


  1. Hey Cesar!

    Good work that you're doing on this blog!

    Could you upload a full version of Names For Graves: Worst Kid Ever (LP-Version), if you owe a copy of it? The Link misses some songs.

    Tx in advance

  2. thanks dude!

    I will see what I can find


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