all things old school: ANYTHING GOES - The Party's Over

Sunday, May 22, 2011

ANYTHING GOES - The Party's Over

Location: New Jersey, US
Release: Broken Glass Records, 2001 (out of print)

Anything Goes was a hardcore outfit influenced by In My Eyes, which was still a major influence at that time. They didnt last long as "The Party's Over"being their only release. The label was also short lived, releasing few stuff, like Jailbreak, Rad and Gate Crashers 7 inches.

Members went to form Reign Supreme!

The Shark Attack artwork rip-off was a limited cover for this 7inch, with a urine twist, classic! Bought it from Pablo Amendment Records


props for uploading the mp3's 


  1. I'm always one willing to share and always welcome re-posts on other people's blogs. A little mention of where the download originated would be cool.

  2. but im mentionting. i can put it bigger though

  3. Dude, no need to be bigger. If i didnt make it clear, I am in NO way mad. But yeah, I missed that. Thanks, appreciate it alot!


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