all things old school: May 2013

Thursday, May 23, 2013

ED - Future Primitive

Location: Bologna, Italia
Release: FOAD Records, 2012
Artwork: Spoiler

Its been 4 years since ED's last record. Guess what? Last year (aka 2012) they dropped a new LP paying homage to the Powell Peralta's movie Future Primitive, aw yeah! 

8 tracks fueled with fast rock'n'roll AND skateboarding themed lyrics, how that sounds for you? I was not aware of this new album, but now they have a facebook page giving away links to download all ED's records for free, including this one!!

F.O.A.D. Records did the CD version that also contains all their previous releases (only availabe on vinyl until now) limited to 1.000 copies. The LP version with Spoiler artwork is being handled by the dudes themselves and its limited to 100 copies. 

Future Primitive (2012):
Senza Ragione ep (2009):
Nailed to the board (2007):
split Sumo/ED 7'' (2005):

That Nailed to the Board LP was on my top shelf all year long back then, killer record and artwork. And now for some extra good entertaiment, a videoclip!

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Location: Florida, US 
Release: DIY, 2011

Groovey hardcore is not exclusive to nowadays acts Fire & Ice and Turnstile, from Tampa/Venice comes SLOW BURN.

They were featured in the Rad Summer 2012 compilation by Life 2 Live Records and Florida Rules 2012 by Significant records, caught my attention instantly! After that not much happened.

In 2011 a 4 song Demo was recorded, impressive high quality groove hardcore. Lots of gang vocals and dance parts! Cassette version was done by Truth Decay Tapes

(comp song included!)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


This the tenth News in 3 years and 2 months of blog existence, time flies.

Imagine a dude wearing a medieval armor giving the finger to a highly drugged three-headed monster, the battle of the ages!! Thats the idea behind californian's KID ARMOR, society's ruination.

The never ending force always renewing spirit of Youth Crew shall remain strong and alive for years to come with kids like them around!

Scheduled to hit the streets late May by the always amazing Commitment Records.

Still in the Youth Crew Department, BETTER TIMES (ex-Our Times) from Buffalo just finished recording their second EP  "If Not Us", 2 tracks are up for streaming.. so far so GOOD! It has that Youngblood feel and defintely will be their best music to date.

Pre-orders soon at State Of Mind Recordings.

Aussies from THE OTHERS are cooking a new record, a 2-songs demo tape off their upcoming LP "Red Eyes" were out recently. Physical copies are sold out but digital ones are for free in their bandcamp.

There are many bands out there that call themselves The Others, dont be fooooooooled!

It's been quite some time I posted something about a french band here. Nantes already gave us Tromatized Youth, Golden District.. now its time for RAW JUSTICE! Boston style all the way in their first record.

Pre-orders are just around the corner also.

There were 2 bands named after Blind Justice, thats always confusing.  The Indianapolis one changed it to SOCIAL DAMAGE and they have a new Demo coming out, the first one made quite a fuss! Here's why:

From São Paulo, Brazil arises a new surprise INNER SELF and from what I heard more quality bands are about surface soon. Im stoked with their very first work, influenced by B9's old catalogue!!

Features members from Still Strong and Final Round.

To close up this edition, WORN OUT is a new band from Florida that recently dropped their debut EP on Speedwax Recs, NY heaviness all around!

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