all things old school: October 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012


Location: Rochester, NY
Release: Endwell Records, 2005

Can't remember how I got to know this one but it was a really good demo! NO SWEAT shared members with Hit The Lights (Reaper Records), that later formed Black SS.

This record is about five tracks of pissed yet fun youth crew hardcore, youngblood style. Endwell Records made a 7" out of their demo tape named "no shirt, no shoes, no sweat!" to celebrate their reunion show in January 2006.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

HARDCORE NEWS 7 "Quickstrike"

Allright, quick update about some new bands im listening to that you might enjoy.

Belgium GET WISE has just dropped their debut EP on Reality Records, 6 songs that sounds beautifully old school!

OVERLOOKED (North Carolina) has an amazing new EP split with Another Mistake, top notch fastcore!! Can't listen enough.

Yet in North Carolina comes a new demo by newcomers RIPTIDE. A tape will be released shortly by Chain Link Records, ffo: Wrong Side, Mental, Righteous Jams. Vibrant hardcore!!

Another new project, this time from Atlanta, called BAD released their debut EP "Odd One Out" on Downside Records, 7 songs in the vein of Lights Out and Carry On. They are also offering the whole EP for download, check it and spread it!

San Antonio own's AFFLICTIVE NATURE brings 5 thrashy hardcore tunes, very fast and furious! Check their EP in its entirety here. Hope to hear more from them!

Austrian's DEMONWOMB are keeping things agitated up there, new EP "Cursed" out now by Powertrip Records, heavy as hell!! Download their demo here.

Rihanna is from the hood y'all

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