all things old school: December 2012

Friday, December 28, 2012

THE GHOUL GANG Collectives' X mas Tape

The TAPE everyone was looking forward was uploaded in high quality by the Ghoul Gangers themselves.

This comp. was made for a special gig that happened last December 18th.

Only exclusive tracks by:

Face Reality - Face Reality
Build And Destroy - Blood Type
Ghoul st. Ghoul Gang - Crime Wave
Heat Lightning - Gone Mind
Weed Nap - No Hands, No Feet, No Heartbeat
RZL DZL X MAS SONG! - On The Naughty List


Good new years eve and see you all in 2013, PEACE!


Just to clear things out, the drawing of the ghoulie with Jordans that I used here (and has been reproduced on the internet, like on the video above) is from a Face Reality t-shirt that I poorly edited in paintbrush, looks dope tho!

Original tape cover is this one. (limited to 100 copies)

For more GHOUL GANG COLLECTIVES check this - - -> post <- -

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

FORESEEN - Discography Tape

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Release: Collision Records, 2012 (sold out)

More thrash on the way! This time provided by Helsinki own's FORESEEN.

Local label released their so-far-discography on cassette: 3 songs from their 2010's self-titled EP and 2 from their 2011's split with Up Right.

Improve your holidays with these metal maniacs. Not for the weak!! 


Next month a new EP will be out "Structural Oppression", split release with Take It Back Recs.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

ABSOLUTE MADNESS - Absolute Madness EP

Location: Southern California
Release: D.I.Y., 2011

Armageddon soundtrack anyone? 21/12/12 is coming so put on those cheap sunglasses and stare at the horizon while listening to this as the world collapse, something like they did on Terminator 2 but insted of Guns N' Shit you get ABSOLUTE MADNESS!

Corey Willians - guitar (Internal Affiars / Carry On) , Alex Vaz - vocals, Nick Trujillo - bass (Snake Eyes), John Haines - drums, Mark Williams - guitar. 
These dudes got together in 2009 and put out a demo tape, last year they took a brake but first they recorded an EP that never got officially released. It was available for download in their facebook but mediafire deleted it (damn you), last month Nick Jett, who also was the producer of this thang, emailed it for me.

This EP is comprised of 7 thrashy songs inspired by the likes of Cryptic Slaughter, Accüsed and Violator!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

PAURA / CLEARVIEW - Rage Through Integrity

Location: São Paulo, Brasil
PAURA means dread/fear. CLEARVIEW.. comes to mind a chemical product, you mix both you get KABOOM!

Thats why they chose a fallen Maguila for the cover (or George Foreman, dunno), you get knocked out by this soundtrack!

Round 1 you get 4 strikes by Paura, all in the face, heavy as hell. Round 2 comes Clearview, coached once again by Mr. Nick Jett, in 5 hits with crossover twists that makes any combatant dazzling around.

My favourite tracks are TIME OF DISTRESS and NO TURNING BACK, be sure to listem 'em.

Paura's tracks:

Thursday, December 6, 2012

THE OTHERS - Sun and Sea

Location: Perth, Australia
Release: Supression Records, 2012

Now that im from free from college for the next 2 months, I have some time to update this crap. It's summer time in the southern hemisphere bitches!!!

Feels good to hear news from a band you thought didnt last, but The OTHERS is still around and kicking. Made a post years ago about their first EP here.

Sun and Sea marks their return, just out on Supression Records and they don't disappoint, what a comeback! They are also touring with Miles Away and Cruel Hand RIGHT NOW in the down under continent, sounds fun!

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