all things old school: THE OTHERS - Sun and Sea

Thursday, December 6, 2012

THE OTHERS - Sun and Sea

Location: Perth, Australia
Release: Supression Records, 2012

Now that im from free from college for the next 2 months, I have some time to update this crap. It's summer time in the southern hemisphere bitches!!!

Feels good to hear news from a band you thought didnt last, but The OTHERS is still around and kicking. Made a post years ago about their first EP here.

Sun and Sea marks their return, just out on Supression Records and they don't disappoint, what a comeback! They are also touring with Miles Away and Cruel Hand RIGHT NOW in the down under continent, sounds fun!


  1. Hell yeah man! Heard the title track a little while ago. This is real cool. I think you posted on my blogspot a little while back and i forgot to drop you a shout. This rips, keep it up!

  2. thanks Brenton!! didnt notice you were from Australia, nice. i really like what comes from there, except that new-school-mosh-thing.


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