all things old school: PAURA / CLEARVIEW - Rage Through Integrity

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

PAURA / CLEARVIEW - Rage Through Integrity

Location: São Paulo, Brasil
PAURA means dread/fear. CLEARVIEW.. comes to mind a chemical product, you mix both you get KABOOM!

Thats why they chose a fallen Maguila for the cover (or George Foreman, dunno), you get knocked out by this soundtrack!

Round 1 you get 4 strikes by Paura, all in the face, heavy as hell. Round 2 comes Clearview, coached once again by Mr. Nick Jett, in 5 hits with crossover twists that makes any combatant dazzling around.

My favourite tracks are TIME OF DISTRESS and NO TURNING BACK, be sure to listem 'em.

Paura's tracks:

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