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Friday, December 28, 2012

THE GHOUL GANG Collectives' X mas Tape

The TAPE everyone was looking forward was uploaded in high quality by the Ghoul Gangers themselves.

This comp. was made for a special gig that happened last December 18th.

Only exclusive tracks by:

Face Reality - Face Reality
Build And Destroy - Blood Type
Ghoul st. Ghoul Gang - Crime Wave
Heat Lightning - Gone Mind
Weed Nap - No Hands, No Feet, No Heartbeat
RZL DZL X MAS SONG! - On The Naughty List


Good new years eve and see you all in 2013, PEACE!


Just to clear things out, the drawing of the ghoulie with Jordans that I used here (and has been reproduced on the internet, like on the video above) is from a Face Reality t-shirt that I poorly edited in paintbrush, looks dope tho!

Original tape cover is this one. (limited to 100 copies)

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