all things old school: November 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010


Location: Andalusia 
Release: D.I.Y., 2010
Artwork: Txori

Get Real, Get Lost, Get Rad and now... GET WISE!

I found out that there are quite a few hardcore outfits that goes by the name Get Wise, this one comes from Spain but I can't find any further info about them. On the other hand theres a more known Get Wise from Belgium, that also plays youth crew, go figure!!

The important is that they deliver a really cool youth crew hardcore, in the vein of Stand & Fight, True Colors, etc..

DOWNLOAD (new link!)


TRUTH THROUGH FIGHT – Behind these words

LOCATION: Andalucia
RELEASE: Stomp Records, 2008

To close up this "Iberic Invasion Week" in great style: Truth Through Fight's "Behind These Words". Their 3rd release and best effort so far, this 7" delivers 6 songs of sincere and positive hardcore. A debut full-length has just been released and some touring is expected, if you're lucky, check'em out.
Fans of Pointing Finger, Gorilla Biscuits and Better Than a Thousand should appreciate this.

Now let's sing along:
I know future is not as bright as it seemed yesterday
But I won't regret as I did before
I love to life my life
It's great to live this life!
If I want to be happy
I have to think positive
Problems come and problems go
I'll be young until I die
Difficulties make me excited
I'll Never hide from what I fear
Never hide, never hide

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


LOCATION: El Masnou, Barcelona
RELEASE: Sell Our Souls Records, 2010

Formerly known as Vicious Circle, we continue our "Spanish Invasion Week" here on All Things Old School with Fresh Trash's first full-length.

They don't go very far from yesterday's post (Good Fellaz), its 80's hardcore played with irreverence but with a crossover hint.

I really liked this album, to start with the artwork, monkeys bringin' it down wild on the streets!! As for the tracklist, most of the songs can be described as a mix of RZL DZL and Bones Brigade, in very similar way Dios Mio is doing in US. Hence they also sing in catalan, HHH comes to mind.

Despite of all comparisons they developed something of their own and this should be the perfect soundtrack for all your shredding activities.

Monday, November 22, 2010

GOOD FELLAZ - Erosion Of The Limit

Location: Islas Canarias, España 
Release: Cycle Records, 2009

Em seu primeiro EP e após 2 demos, os espanhóis do Good Fellaz marcam presença na cena, participando de alguns festivais importante como o Fire & Ice. Numa levada mais irreverente, eles vão agradar ouvintes de 2-steps e RZL DZL.

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

Thursday, November 18, 2010

VICIOUS CYCLE - I'm Watching You

Location: Ontario, Canada
Release: Vinyl Addict Records, 2006

The sequel, this is their 2nd effort, keeping the same spirit but with more harsh vocals and guitars driven by a Poison Idea influence, a shame it ends too fast!!


Location: Ontario, Canada
Release: Radio 81 Records, 2005 (out of print)

A great debut release from these canadian snotty punks (ex-PROVEN), lots of Negative Approach and Zero Boys influence in this first 7-songs-EP with some nice stomp parts, sounding very Lockin Out-ish!

After this they released 4 more EPs and 1 full-length, which is less agressive and more towards of a "conceptual" unique punk rock (not post-punk) but still very good and worth checking.

Soon more EPs from them here! 

Friday, November 12, 2010

DEAL WITH IT - Eyjafjallajökull

Location: Leeds, U.K.
Release: Reflections Records, 2010

The record I was waiting for and it was worth the wait. "Another cro-magy rip off?" you may say, dont jump on conclusion so fast!
After 4 releases: 1 demo, 1 EP, 1 full-lenght and 1 split 7" they are back with their best, their finest. In my teenage years I used to listen to heavy metal, then in colleage I became a hardcore kid, ten years passed I started to listen everything all over again, so when a band like Deal With It merge both genres, keeping their best elements, the smile is set up on my face (sorriso estampado no rosto).

Eyjafjallajökull is that vulcano that erupted this year in Iceland causing some nice disturbance in Europe's air traffic and now it will blow your hats off while attaining to perform some whirlwind mosh moves on your parents living room. BUST!

"island-mountain glacier"

Monday, November 8, 2010


Location: U.K.
Release: Thirty Days Of Night, 2009

Another UK breed, very promising, check their first EP they made available for download, 5 heavy stomps!!! New EP called Judgement to be released soon on Purgatory Records.

For fans of Creatures and alikes.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

FURY OF FIVE - At War With The World

Location: New Jersey
Release: Victory Records, 1998

I've been chasing this album (camouflage version) for ages and finally found it in Osaka-Japan, sold to me by Mr. Isao-San @
Anyways, for the unaware, Fury of V is one of those bands that are either hated or loved, mostly because of their tough guy imagery.

"Gardenstatecore all the way! New Jersey's beefed-up, pissed-off and aptly-named Fury Of V have finally had justice served by signing to Victory and in turn serving up a feral, pit-inducing, aggressive clusterfuck of an album. Paying homage to their homestate with "Takin' Respect," and offering themselves up to any punk-ass takers on "Come and Get It," FOF never backs down. It's a musical experience that will leave you with two black eyes and some front teeth missing." 
- Juice Magazine

DOWNLOAD [re-up!]

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Release: 1124 Records, 2010

The year was '88... the damage was done. Its a worldwide tribute to Chain of Strength. I had high expectations for Mindset and Envision on this one, but The Geeks and Offside stole the show.
01.The Geeks (Corea) - Just How Much?
02.One Choice (U.S.A.) - True Till Death
03.Ambitions (U.S.A.) - There Is A Difference
04.Mindset (U.S.A.) - Never Understand
05.Unrestrained (U.S.A.) - Let Down
06.Envision (Canada) - Best Of Times
07.Reign Supreme (U.S.A.) - Too Deep Until Now
08.Offsides (U.S.A.) - The Space Between
09.Remission (CHILE) - Hurts To Ask
10.The Defense (ESPAÑA) - Through These Eye
                 PURCHASE (almost sold out!)

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