all things old school: FURY OF FIVE - At War With The World

Sunday, November 7, 2010

FURY OF FIVE - At War With The World

Location: New Jersey
Release: Victory Records, 1998

I've been chasing this album (camouflage version) for ages and finally found it in Osaka-Japan, sold to me by Mr. Isao-San @
Anyways, for the unaware, Fury of V is one of those bands that are either hated or loved, mostly because of their tough guy imagery.

Juice Magazine said the following about this record "Gardenstatecore all the way! New Jersey's beefed-up, pissed-off and aptly-named Fury Of V have finally had justice served by signing to Victory and in turn serving up a feral, pit-inducing, aggressive clusterfuck of an album. Paying homage to their homestate with "Takin' Respect," and offering themselves up to any punk-ass takers on "Come and Get It," FOF never backs down. It's a musical experience that will leave you with two black eyes and some front teeth missing." 

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