all things old school: FURY OF FIVE - At War With The World

Sunday, November 7, 2010

FURY OF FIVE - At War With The World

Location: New Jersey
Release: Victory Records, 1998

I've been chasing this album (camouflage version) for ages and finally found it in Osaka-Japan, sold to me by Mr. Isao-San @
Anyways, for the unaware, Fury of V is one of those bands that are either hated or loved, mostly because of their tough guy imagery.

"Gardenstatecore all the way! New Jersey's beefed-up, pissed-off and aptly-named Fury Of V have finally had justice served by signing to Victory and in turn serving up a feral, pit-inducing, aggressive clusterfuck of an album. Paying homage to their homestate with "Takin' Respect," and offering themselves up to any punk-ass takers on "Come and Get It," FOF never backs down. It's a musical experience that will leave you with two black eyes and some front teeth missing." 
- Juice Magazine

DOWNLOAD [re-up!]

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