all things old school: ELECTION DAY - Demo

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Location: Syracuse, NY
Release: Secret Jams, 2008

Its election day in Brasil, today we choose our next president and our options are: comunist so-called left wing Roussef vs. conservative right wing Serra. The country is divided, who is gonna win? Place you bets! Meanwhile listen to Syracuse's Election Day, a side project with ex-member from Earthquake, Forfeit and Gak Attack. Mid tempo melodic hardcore in the vein of late Turning Point, BOLD and Have Heart.

Maximun Rock N' Roll reviewd their 4-track Demo and this is what they said: "The standout track here is “Sector IV,” which deals with how we lose our humanity by ignoring the displaced and the poor. The rest of the songs fall into the realm of personal, but they hit just right with honesty and emotion."

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