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Friday, May 28, 2010

*Rogê's Weekend Edition* HIGHLIFE - Oceanside Blues

Location: Texas, E.U.A.
Release: Inkblot Records, 2010
Artwork: Ryan Sinz
  1. Lifes a Beach / Born 2 Lose
  2. Skate Snakes
  3. Lowlife
  4. My Boogers Smell Like Glue
  5. Resin Heavin
  6. Oceanside Blues
  7. Hidden Track (not too hidden!) Circle Jerks Cover

Influences: JFA, Negazione, Citizen Arrest




Thursday, May 27, 2010

YOU LOSE! - All In

Location: Paris, França
Release: D.I.Y., 2008 (out-of-press)


Influences: Guns Up!, Down To Nothing, Allegiance



Location: Sweden
Release: Not Enough + Monument Recs, 2009

Hårda Tider Side
1. Upprensningen
2. Packet
3. Crazy but not Insane [Warzone]
Balance Side
1. Time to react
2. Masskontroll [No Security]

Influences: Mainstrike, Straight Ahead, Brotherhood


credits to Old School Mike

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

GO FOR BROKE - Traditions

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Release: City To City Records, 2008

1. Intro
2. Traditions
3. Change Your Way
4. Nowhere To Escape
5. Search For Peace
6. The Difference
7. Step Aside
8. Intolerance
9. Open Your Mind
10. Out Of Reach
11. Facing Failure
12. Belief
13. Left Behind
14. Do Your Part
15. No Time To Waste
16. Nothing's Changed

Tracks 1-8 "Traditions EP" recorded Feb 2008.
Tracks 9-15 "Open Your Mind" Demo recorded Nov 2006.
Track 16 Previously released on "One Kind Word" Compilation by Cycle Records

Influences: Side By Side, The First Step, Insted

DOWNLOAD [new link - 320kbps]

Members went to play in BALANCE, LIONS DEN and ANGERS CURSE. Read this quick interview for more enlightenment.

REMAIN - Out Of Anger

Location: The Netherlands
Release: Not Just Words, 2008 (out of print)

In dutch's REMAIN last record, that 80's NYHC influence is more present and features a superior production, think of Breakdown and Judge.

Not Just Words did a great job in the whole concept of this album, turned out superb! Gatefold sleeve, nice imprint not to mention the artwork. LP was limited to 525 copies.

01. Never Cared
02. No Regrets
03. Kept Alive
04. My Friends
05. In Search Of
06. Never To Return
07. Always Believe
08. What's Up With You
09. Stick To It (Life's Blood)
10. What It Takes
11. Lesson Learned
12. Our Own Downfall
13. What We Had
14. Time To Learn

DOWNLOAD (new link!)

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Compiled by the enthusiastic hardcore guru Old School Mike, a punk legend from the L.A. scene circa 1979! Mike saw and heard everything from the very beginning and with no signs to quit any time soon, he's working with new bands from around the globe to bring the finest compilations on full speed ahead HARDCORE PUNK music. For 2010 a new compilation is in progress called Thrash Up Your Ass! to be released by Spastic Fantastic Records.                                                                                                                          - Dr.Fresh-Rhymes May'10
 In this 2009 issue we have 60 selections of really-fast-no-frills-songs from the following bands:

01-SUCKED DRY - give up (kansas city-U.S.A.)
02-SNAKE RUN - death trap (australia)
03-SARJAN HASSAN - play fast or die (malaysia)
04-ANTISEXY - PxDxMx (italy)
05-SCREWED UP - aboard your doubts (germany)
06-CRIPPLED FOX - old school or no school (hungary)
07-LEDGE ATTACK - game of skate (indonesia)
08-GERIATRIC UNIT - sell-out (U.K.)
09-TIEMPO CRUCIAL -  ciudadania enemiga (chile)
10-CRUCIAL CAUSE - blood money (bay area-U.S.A)
11-ELASTIC DEATH - the shaolin masters... (brazil)
12-NOMOS - the most dangerous game (ny-U.S.A)
13-TENSE REACTION - profit of doom (holland)
14-DOGENDS - i'm not racist-i.w.b.g. (ca-U.S.A.)
15-BORED STRAIGHT - deaf (wisconsin-U.S.A.)
16-DAMAGE REPAIR - you are but what you eat (latvia)
17-DADDY NO! - culpable (scotland)
18-SAY WHY - starec (czech republic)
19-FUN FREAKS - bad religion (japan)
20-ULTIMATE BLOWUP - elimination sequence (turkey)
21-URBAN UNREAT - rat race (finland)
22-SHORTLIVED - pyrotechnic (new zealand)
23-S.P.G. - absurd life (nj-U.S.A.)
24-RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA - condiciones... (austria)
25-SMARTxBOMB - just screaming (macedonia)
26-EVAZIJA - educate yourself! (croatia)
27-REMINDER - strong enough (argentina)
28-MARGARET THRASHER - stagedive king (siberia)
29-MONDO GECKO - raw anger (israel)
30-FORCED MARCH - manifest catastrophe (portland-U.S.A.)
31-GOOD FUCKING TIME (GxFxTx) - must pay (lithuania)
32-JEAN MILS SOCIETY TORCH - p.e. (maryland-U.S.A.)
33-REPROACH - the L.A.P.D. can suck it (belgium)
34-KNUCKLE SCRAPER - cross the pit (texas-U.S.A.)
35-AMOBA - kontroll (sweden)
36-ARCHAIC - 15 (va-U.S.A.)
37-COCHE BOMBE - plastico (france)
38-LOVE POTION - overdose (denmark)
39-INFESTATION OF ASS - you call me frizzo (iowa-U.S.A.)
40-PULL OUT AN EYE - p.o.v. is crime (belarus)
41-NO MAN'S SLAVE -  prescription drugs (oklahoma-U.S.A.)
42-NO MINION - alone and forsaken (dc-U.S.A.)
43-LET'S GROW - zombie scene (serbia)
44-S.B.V. - the sunday collector (ca-U.S.A.)
45-VARIVARI- kanji title (japan)
46-BUNNY SKULLS - life of rage (mi-U.S.A.)
47-SHARON STONED - no one's young twice (malaysia)
48-PAHAA VERTA - kaikki irti elamasta (finland)
49-DEATH OF PRESIDENT - revolt (indonesia)
50-INSURGENT RAT - crippled cop (sweden)
51-NEON BITCHES - dropout (rhode island-U.S.A.)
52-NOSSA VINGANCA - p.q.s.j.p.s.c. (brazil)
53-URBAN BLIGHT- breakout (canada)
54-IN I ELDEN - aldrig slutat (sweden)
55-STRAIGHT JACKET NATION - the threat (australia)
56-NERVOUS BREAKDOWN - cut off (germany)
57-S.S.F. (STRONG SOFAR) - meat free (poland)
58-NINPULATORS - nincs isten (hungary)
59-DEMOKHRATHIA - lemssid-usine a bombes (algeria)
60-RxTxEx (RUN TIME ERROR) - captain trash (austria)

DOWNLOAD grab your board and start thrashin' thru the walls of injustice

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Location: Quebec, Canadá
Release: Ghost Town + Vinyl Addict Records, 2006
Artwork: Last Chance Illustration (Mike Bukowski)

Think in something fast-angry-pissed-off-sxe-hardcore like theres no tomorrow! This is how it goes with RADICAL X ATTACK. Highly influenced by almight INFEST.

They recorded quite a few 7"s and splits here and there, Priority is their only full-length and last album. If you want to demolish a building this is your soundtrack! 

Tracklist (lenght 20 min.):
1. Necessary Evil
2. Parasites
3. Walking Tall
4. Check Your Aim
5. Method to My Madness
6. Priority
7. Dead Reality
8. Light 'Em Up
9. You Changed the Code
10. T.H.E.G.
11. End of my Rope
12. Four More Years
13. Broken Soul
14. Paid to be Poor
15. Wrong Wheels
16. Speak My Mind
17. Dumpster Diver
18. Worm
19. Muckmen
20. Snake Eyes
21. Wide Awake Nightmare
22. Seed of Doom
23. Annihilator

FFO: Shark Attack, Negative Approach, Cut The Shit

GONNA FALL HARD - Everybody Is...

Location: Venice, Itália
Release: Superhero Records, 2007
Artwork: Rise Above (Marcello Crescenzi)

01. The Next One To Be Hated
02. No Hero
03. Barking Dogs Seldom Bite
04. I Don't Care
05. Revenge Is My Right
06. Don't Put Your Tears On Me
07. Your Last Breath
08. Iron Pride
09. Sick Love After Midnight
10. Hell Can Wait
11. She Cheers Me Up

(12. Hidden Track)

Influences: Negative FX, Verbal Abuse, Scolastic Deth



*ripped from my own collection (highest bitrate)*

NEWGATE POTENTIAL - Polonaise of Death

Location: Oostkamp, Belgium
Release: High Five Records!!, 2006
Artwork: The Tok

01. Intro
02. My Choice
03. What We Do
04. See Us Got Potential
05. Cinnamon Tans
06. Asshole Mastermind
07. Thrills On You
08. More Poser Than Positive
09. Words You Shout
10. Cold World
11. Wide Awake
12. March Of The P.O.D.

Influences: Justice, Mental, Outbreak

                BUY THE CD (last copies!!)


Thursday, May 20, 2010


Location: Cologne, Germany
Release: Demons Run Amok, 2007
Artwork: Florian Bertmer
1. Powertrip
2. Spitting Venom
3. Into The Light
4. Shedding Skin
5. Stay Hungry

Influences: Cro-Mags, True Blue, Icepick

PURCHASE 7" [last copies]
DOWNLOAD [new link!]

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

*especial* DON'T TRIP / WHAT LIFE IS - Split

Location: California, E.U.A.
Release: D.I.Y., 2008

 Side What Life Is
1. Scorpion's King
2. Black Ice
3. Mercury
4. Mars (The Red Planet)

Side Don't Trip
5. Rock Bottom
6. Silent Stream
7. Treason

Influences: Lights Out, Gate Crashers, Trash Talk



DOWNLOAD (Ill Intentions EP)

DOWNLOAD (The Root of All Evil)

Agradecimentos: e

Sunday, May 16, 2010

S.T.R.E.E.T.S. - Invaders From Gnars

Location: British Columbia, Canadá
Release: Riot Style, 2007

The third album from Vancouver's kings of skate metal.
Spaced out skate punk featuring members of Pink Mountaintops, Children, Bison & Pride Tiger. For fans of Suicidal Tendencies, Thin Lizzy, DRI, Black Flag, Corrosion Of Conformity, Bones Brigade & Yes.

As seen on Thrasher's Skate Rock Vol. 12!!

1. Intro
2. No Rules
3. Blackout
4. B.S.E.
5. Beat Up in a Langly Washroom
6. So Not Gnar
7. Armageddon Wasted
8. The Dark Ages

Skateboarding Totally Rules Everything Else Totally Sucks!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Location: Paris, França
Release: High Hopes Records, 2009

Side A
01. Addiction
02. Regression
03. Don't Believe The Hype
04. The End?
Side B
05. Step Up
06. Expectations
07. Straight Edge Is Politics
08. Statement

Influences: Ten Yard Fight, Floorpunch, Cast Aside

SUPPORT: Don't Trust The Hype Webstore

Another exclusive release brought to you by all things old school. old school or bust it!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

HARD LUCK - What Went Wrong

Location: Canberra, Australia
Release: One Blood Records, 2006

1. What Do You Expect?
2. Braindead
3. Get Real
4. What Went Wrong
5. I Don't Care
6. Can't Stand It
7. Pointless
8. Go Away
9. You'll See
10. Outro/Where's My Hammer
11. Pathetic
12. Shit4Brains
13. Not Impressed
14. Clear To Me
15. Get Bent

Influences: Infest, Negative Approach, Internal Affairs




Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PUSHING ON - Discography

Location: Virginia Beach, E.U.A.

Im not into discography posts but heres an exeption for PUSHING X ON.

Beach is related to fun (for most people) and so are they. Being around for 5 years, 3 EPs were made and tons of shows were played. A full-lenght was due but havent heard news from them for a while but their webstore keeps updating, so who knows?  

For fans of: Carry On, Desperate Measures, No Justice


Sunday, May 9, 2010

HAWK I - Demo

Location: Michigan, E.U.A.
Release: D.I.Y, 2009



2.Mirror Image
4. RIP

FFO: Righteous Jams, RZL DZL

*Party Time* MC COOL ROCK & MC CHASZY CHESS - Boot The Booty

Location: Miami, E.U.A.
Release: Vision Records, 1988


Influences: BeatMaster Clay-D, 2 Live Crew

Thursday, May 6, 2010

THE OTHERS - Self Titled

Location: Perth, Australia
Release: Suppression Records, 2010

Don't be fooled by the ugly artwork, this is pure aussie gold. This is The OTHERS first EP, 9 blasts non stop! FFO: Mental, The Wrong Side
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