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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Compiled by the enthusiastic hardcore guru Old School Mike, a punk legend from the L.A. scene circa 1979! Mike saw and heard everything from the very beginning and with no signs to quit any time soon, he's working with new bands from around the globe to bring the finest compilations on full speed ahead HARDCORE PUNK music. For 2010 a new compilation is in progress called Thrash Up Your Ass! to be released by Spastic Fantastic Records.                                                                                                                          - Dr.Fresh-Rhymes May'10
 In this 2009 issue we have 60 selections of really-fast-no-frills-songs from the following bands:

01-SUCKED DRY - give up (kansas city-U.S.A.)
02-SNAKE RUN - death trap (australia)
03-SARJAN HASSAN - play fast or die (malaysia)
04-ANTISEXY - PxDxMx (italy)
05-SCREWED UP - aboard your doubts (germany)
06-CRIPPLED FOX - old school or no school (hungary)
07-LEDGE ATTACK - game of skate (indonesia)
08-GERIATRIC UNIT - sell-out (U.K.)
09-TIEMPO CRUCIAL -  ciudadania enemiga (chile)
10-CRUCIAL CAUSE - blood money (bay area-U.S.A)
11-ELASTIC DEATH - the shaolin masters... (brazil)
12-NOMOS - the most dangerous game (ny-U.S.A)
13-TENSE REACTION - profit of doom (holland)
14-DOGENDS - i'm not racist-i.w.b.g. (ca-U.S.A.)
15-BORED STRAIGHT - deaf (wisconsin-U.S.A.)
16-DAMAGE REPAIR - you are but what you eat (latvia)
17-DADDY NO! - culpable (scotland)
18-SAY WHY - starec (czech republic)
19-FUN FREAKS - bad religion (japan)
20-ULTIMATE BLOWUP - elimination sequence (turkey)
21-URBAN UNREAT - rat race (finland)
22-SHORTLIVED - pyrotechnic (new zealand)
23-S.P.G. - absurd life (nj-U.S.A.)
24-RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA - condiciones... (austria)
25-SMARTxBOMB - just screaming (macedonia)
26-EVAZIJA - educate yourself! (croatia)
27-REMINDER - strong enough (argentina)
28-MARGARET THRASHER - stagedive king (siberia)
29-MONDO GECKO - raw anger (israel)
30-FORCED MARCH - manifest catastrophe (portland-U.S.A.)
31-GOOD FUCKING TIME (GxFxTx) - must pay (lithuania)
32-JEAN MILS SOCIETY TORCH - p.e. (maryland-U.S.A.)
33-REPROACH - the L.A.P.D. can suck it (belgium)
34-KNUCKLE SCRAPER - cross the pit (texas-U.S.A.)
35-AMOBA - kontroll (sweden)
36-ARCHAIC - 15 (va-U.S.A.)
37-COCHE BOMBE - plastico (france)
38-LOVE POTION - overdose (denmark)
39-INFESTATION OF ASS - you call me frizzo (iowa-U.S.A.)
40-PULL OUT AN EYE - p.o.v. is crime (belarus)
41-NO MAN'S SLAVE -  prescription drugs (oklahoma-U.S.A.)
42-NO MINION - alone and forsaken (dc-U.S.A.)
43-LET'S GROW - zombie scene (serbia)
44-S.B.V. - the sunday collector (ca-U.S.A.)
45-VARIVARI- kanji title (japan)
46-BUNNY SKULLS - life of rage (mi-U.S.A.)
47-SHARON STONED - no one's young twice (malaysia)
48-PAHAA VERTA - kaikki irti elamasta (finland)
49-DEATH OF PRESIDENT - revolt (indonesia)
50-INSURGENT RAT - crippled cop (sweden)
51-NEON BITCHES - dropout (rhode island-U.S.A.)
52-NOSSA VINGANCA - p.q.s.j.p.s.c. (brazil)
53-URBAN BLIGHT- breakout (canada)
54-IN I ELDEN - aldrig slutat (sweden)
55-STRAIGHT JACKET NATION - the threat (australia)
56-NERVOUS BREAKDOWN - cut off (germany)
57-S.S.F. (STRONG SOFAR) - meat free (poland)
58-NINPULATORS - nincs isten (hungary)
59-DEMOKHRATHIA - lemssid-usine a bombes (algeria)
60-RxTxEx (RUN TIME ERROR) - captain trash (austria)

DOWNLOAD grab your board and start thrashin' thru the walls of injustice

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