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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

HARDCORE NEWS 14 "back ta basics"

Bunch of cool new stuff going on (and in all kinds of styles), just buckle up and sit tight here's another Hardcore News, back from dead.

John Flowerhead is up with a new youth crew project called OPEN YOU EYES, possibly named after that fanzine done by John White from Brotherhood's first line-up. Their 7-song demo tape is available here.

Up next is the newest hyped band from California, BERTHOLD CITY. How can you go wrong with a Gang Starr intro? Rumours has it that Andrew Strife is on this project, still not clear. Straight edge music made like when it meant something.

More youth crew on your way! RAPTURE is back representing the NWOBHC, featuring members from some of those cool Leeds bands (Shrapnel, True Vision, etc) led by Mia who handles the mic. New 7" I Glorify to be out soon via Quality Control HQ.

With the demise of War Nerve from Sweden, Gabi started a new Oi/hardcore band, SCREW. Her vocals are even more impressive! Their demo already caught serious attention and will be released both in US and Australia. Other members of War Nerve are in Existence, also very worth checking.

Still in Sweden, TIME TO HEAL is back with a sequel EP out on Powertrip. Since their first record they kept touring, putting their name out as far as Japan adding covers by Floorpunch and Shelter in their energetic setlist. In case you want to hear more of Sofia's beautiful singering check Mystery Language for some reverbed shoegaze.

Want more Oi-ish/Boston hardcore? Melbourne's THE ACCURSED got your fix with their debut 7" on rain on the parade records. Mid to fast tempo changes with great hooks. Fav track: Waste.

Now what? It's PRIMITIVE BLAST baby! New EP with more of that no frills smashing HARDcore. Get the 7" here.

No posi sing alongs? No skinhead stomps? Then maybe old school heavy metal is your fav new trend. Behold BLOOD EAGLE, just fuckin' brilliant.

(all of the above)

Not for download but worth mentioning here are bands with their sophomore work: first MINDFORCE's new EP, they nailed that Leeway/Crumbsuckers crossover sound. Blazing riffs and on point singing by Jason from Living Laser! Snag the 7" here.

Then we have OUT OF BODY's debut LP, the new sensation in the grunge/shoegaze revival. Recording came out pretty solid! For fans of Violent Soho and Superheaven. Run to Coin Toss to grab a copy.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

CLEARVIEW - Absolute Madness

Location: São Paulo, Brasil
Release: Caustic Recordings, 2017
Artwork: Bill Hauser

15 years and 5 albums later CLEARVIEW returns with a brand new full-length, the 13 track Absolute Madness! Heavier and more diverse they bring the adrenaline rush with a plethora of riffs and nasty breakdowns highlighted by tracks such as Dirty Streets, No Good Game and No Trust In Love.

Technical info:
Production signed by Nick Jett
Guest vocal appearances by Scott Vogel, David Wood
Gorgeous artwork by Bill Hauser
Guest guitar solo by Cabelo Bay Area
New line-up (drummer and rhythm guitar)
Gang vocals (clearview + cleyton + tranka + me)

In support of Absolute Madness some world touring is expected, starting by none then less at this year's THIS IS HARDCORE FEST!! There are also plans to release this in vinyl format and they are looking for labels to back it up. If you can, spread the word, sharing is caring!

DOWNLOAD [2-song promo]

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

SEARCH - Between The Lines

Location: New Jersey, US
Release: Revelation Records, 2017

Yo! Newest NJ hardcore band comprised of sxe veterans: Ed McKirdy / Tim McHahon (HANDS TIED), Ken Flavell (TURNING POINT) and Bill Hanily / Chris Zusi (FLOORPUNCH).

6 powerful posi driven youth crew songs, late 90's spirit! Although this could've been an Livewire release, their debut 7" came out on legendary Revelation which is heading back to the old school scene more and more on each release. Won't be a surprise to see a new Battery record there!

Friday, February 24, 2017


Location: São Paulo, Brasil
Release: DIY, 2016

The coolest surprise to come out of SP in the last quarter of 2016, maybe the whole year. Why? The cues taken for this project: Supertouch and Underdog introducing some needed variety in this once exciting scene. 


Sunday, February 19, 2017

WILD SIDE - Demo + Promos

Location: Toronto, Canada
Release: Toxic Mosh/Moshers Delight, 2016
Artwork: Spoiler

Just because...

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