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Thursday, July 27, 2017

CLEARVIEW - Absolute Madness

Location: São Paulo, Brasil
Release: Caustic Recordings, 2017
Artwork: Bill Hauser

15 years and 5 albums later CLEARVIEW returns with a brand new full-length, the 13 track Absolute Madness! Heavier and more diverse they bring the adrenaline rush with a plethora of riffs and nasty breakdowns highlighted by tracks such as Dirty Streets, No Good Game and No Trust In Love.

Technical info:
Production signed by Nick Jett
Guest vocal appearances by Scott Vogel, David Wood
Gorgeous artwork by Bill Hauser
Guest guitar solo by Cabelo Bay Area
New line-up (drummer and rhythm guitar)
Gang vocals (clearview + cleyton + tranka + me)

In support of Absolute Madness some world touring is expected, starting by none then less at this year's THIS IS HARDCORE FEST!! There are also plans to release this in vinyl format and they are looking for labels to back it up. If you can, spread the word, sharing is caring!

DOWNLOAD [2-song promo]

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