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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

SEARCH - Between The Lines

Location: New Jersey, US
Release: Revelation Records, 2017

Yo! Newest NJ hardcore band comprised of sxe veterans: Ed McKirdy / Tim McHahon (HANDS TIED), Ken Flavell (TURNING POINT) and Bill Hanily / Chris Zusi (FLOORPUNCH).

6 powerful posi driven youth crew songs, late 90's spirit! Although this could've been an Livewire release, their debut 7" came out on legendary Revelation which is heading back to the old school scene more and more on each release. Won't be a surprise to see a new Battery record there!

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  1. I Respect Your Knowledge And Your Huge List On Your Blog But Most Is New Skool To Me.... Just a Few Are From The REAL HC Era ... THE GOLDEN 80's .... Wanna School The Kids The Genuine Way... Don't Call These Revelation Bands Old Skool..... DISCORD And MYSTIC Records Are Old Skool for Example... This Is 2e Wave of Hardcore Punk and Cross Over.
    Success ! ;)


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