all things old school: December 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011


The 2011 sampler is here, it was supposed to be an all-brazillian-compilation but didn't get much support from bands so, what the heck, I did it anyway and filled with some 2011 highlights and other hard-to-find songs. Happy Holidays!

1. BEASTIE BOYS - The Bridge [from Beastie Show Breaks]
2. WINGS, BEER & SPORTS - Babysitter's Club [from More Coke!] *unreleased* 
3. DEAL WITH IT - My Body is a Cage [from Single] *rare*
4. RETALIATE - The Dance [from Thorns Without a Rose]
5. ONE TRUE REASON - Maddog [from Kings Can Fall]
6. CREEP DIVISION - Circle of Trust [from I WANT OUT split]
7. VICTIM - In the Streets [from Electrocutioner]
8. FINAL ROUND - It's Time To Do [from My Conviction Single]
9. THE DITCH - Next Song [from S/T 7"]
10. EASY WAY OUT - Headcase [from Comin' For You]
11. INTERLUDE by Frenzal Rhomb
12. NEWGATE POTENTIAL - See Us Got Potential [from Polonaise Of Death]
13. GUILTY FACES - Sick with Hate [from Domestic Bliss]
14. LO-FI - I Got a Girl [from Cream Cheese]
15. LEPTOSPIROSE - o instrumental desse som vai pro i shot cyrus e a letra que se foda.pra quem é...nem vale a pena tocar nesse assunto [from Aqua Mad Max]
16. OMEGAS - Sex Hero [from Blasts of Lunacy]
17. PROCLAMATION - Side by Side [from Let The Truth Be Told] *rare*
18. CLEARVIEW - Passionate Crime [from Pure Mayhem]
19. WARDOGS - The Wrong Way [from Demo]
20. BLEACH BOYS - Party Sharkz [from Family-Man or Astroman] *unreleased*


- Dedicado aos meu amigos(as) -

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Retrospectiva 2011, discos adquiridos durante o ano que foram sucessos na vitrola lá de casa, afinal nem só de mp3 se faz um movimento, mas ajuda, encurta distâncias e divulga mensagens.

I'd like to give big thanks to Robert Commitment and Mr. Dobek Ohashi (nippon ruler!) for making this a stronger and trustful community. Also to everyone who downloaded or shared something from this blog, my sincere thanks, obrigado, arigato, danke, gracias, spasibo, hvala, merci,..

1. WARDOGS "Outcast Behaviour" Carry The Weight Records
2. STOP & THINK "Both Demos" Lockin' Out
3. CHAMPION "Promises Kept" Bridge 9
4. ENOUGH "Something We Can Build" Iron Mind Crew
5. FREE SPIRIT "Free Yourself" Triple B
6. V/A "To Us It Was So Much More" 1124 Records
7. VIOLATION "Devoured" 1917 Records
8. CEREMONY "6 Cover Songs" Bridge 9
9. ONE LIFE CREW "It Is What It Is" Double Or Nothing
10. SEASICK "Two Years Of Hub City Hardcore" Damage Done Records
11. GOLDEN DISTRICT "Heavier Than King Kong's Nutz" High Hopes Distro
12. VIOLATOR / BANDANOS "Split" Cospe Fogo
13. THE DEGENERICS "Generic Record Collection" Soul Rebel
14. BLKOUT "No Justice No Peace" Resist Records
15. LASTING VALUES "Keep The Distance" Can I Say?
16. COMMON CAUSE "Statement of Purpose" Powered Records
17. NIGHT BIRDS "Fresh Kills Vol.1" Grave Mistake
18. NIGHT BIRDS "The Other Side Of Darkness" Grave Mistake 
19. CLEARVIEW "Pure Mayhem" Caustic Recordings
20. VICTIM "Electrocutioner" Collapse Records 
21. NAYSAYER "No Remorse / Down But Not Out" Reaper Records
22. CRITICAL POINT "Trial & Error" Commitment Records
23. BIRDS OF A FEATHER "Chapter 5" Commitment Records
24. HAVE HEART "Live At Sound & Fury 2007" Bridge 9
25. GOLDEN X "S/T" Positive and Focused
26. X-MEN "We Won't Take Part" Commitment Records
27. TURNSTILE "Pressure To Succeed" Reaper Records
28. WICCANS "Skullduggery" Katorga Works
29. TAKE OFFENSE "Tables Will Turn" Reaper Records
30. BLACKLISTED "We're Unstoppable" Deathwish Inc.
31. PRODUCT OF WASTE "You Wont Take Me Alive" Frequency Deleted Recs
32. TRAPPED UNDER ICE "Big Kiss Goodnight" Reaper Records
33. INNER REASON "Something To Prove" Youth Crew Records
34. GRAVE MAKER "Bury Me At Sea" Damage Done Records
35. SSS "Problems To The Answer" Earache
36. RZL DZL "Both" Lockin' Out
37. CARRY ON "Life Less PLagued" Bridge 9
38. BEASTIE BOYS "Hot Sauce Committee Part Two" Capitol

40. BACKTRACK "Darker Half" Reaper Records
41. AMERICAN NIGHTMARE "Year One" Bridge 9
42. DOWN TO NOTHING "All My Sons" Dead Soul Records
43. WORLD EATER "S/T" Save My Soul Records
44. ANTIDOTE "Thou Shalt Not Kill" Bridge 9
45. BURN "S/T" Revelation
46. IRON MIND "Hell Split Wide Open" Dead Soul Records

I waited 3 months for this to arrive, totally worth it - IRON MIND's full length. Art done by the singer himself, more at

Thursday, December 8, 2011

HARDCORE NEWS 4 "Fast Times"

Another year has come to an end as fast as ever and hardcore punk has shown no signs of slowing down, as my friend Jerry said hardcore is rock'n'roll only hope.

Without further ado I'll list some really cool upcoming and newly released albums. First I want to take my hats off to my friends at Final Round, after the X-Punch project, the Final Round demo, now their debut EP will be out soon in 2012. We share very similar tastes when it comes to crucial hardcore and it clearly appears in these recordings, Im talking about Warzone, Straight Ahead and Righteous Jams. Listen 'em Up!!

Also from Brazil, two very anticipated records are just out from local heavyweights: CLEARVIEW "Pure Mayhem" and QUESTIONS "Life Is a Fight" worth every minute, I'm talking about gold here, breakdowns that will tear your arms off.

Good news coming from Sweden, expect a warmer winter with almighty GUILTY new EP and the debut EP from CHAIN REACTION. Man! These swedish know how to rock, hard.

In France, representing the youth crew comes NO SOLUTION! with their sick demo, hope to hear more from them next year!

Two most anticipated french releases due 2012 from xDIGx and Dan Forth:

In Uncle Sam's homeland expect some serious shit coming from labels such as Back To Back, Triple-B, 6131, Iron Mind Crew... and YoungBlood that just put out 4 records! Gotta check 'em all out!!!

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