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Saturday, December 24, 2011


The 2011 sampler is here, it was supposed to be an all-brazillian-compilation but didn't get much support from bands so, what the heck, I did it anyway and filled with some 2011 highlights and other hard-to-find songs. Happy Holidays!

1. BEASTIE BOYS - The Bridge [from Beastie Show Breaks]
2. WINGS, BEER & SPORTS - Babysitter's Club [from More Coke!] *unreleased* 
3. DEAL WITH IT - My Body is a Cage [from Single] *rare*
4. RETALIATE - The Dance [from Thorns Without a Rose]
5. ONE TRUE REASON - Maddog [from Kings Can Fall]
6. CREEP DIVISION - Circle of Trust [from I WANT OUT split]
7. VICTIM - In the Streets [from Electrocutioner]
8. FINAL ROUND - It's Time To Do [from My Conviction Single]
9. THE DITCH - Next Song [from S/T 7"]
10. EASY WAY OUT - Headcase [from Comin' For You]
11. INTERLUDE by Frenzal Rhomb
12. NEWGATE POTENTIAL - See Us Got Potential [from Polonaise Of Death]
13. GUILTY FACES - Sick with Hate [from Domestic Bliss]
14. LO-FI - I Got a Girl [from Cream Cheese]
15. LEPTOSPIROSE - o instrumental desse som vai pro i shot cyrus e a letra que se foda.pra quem é...nem vale a pena tocar nesse assunto [from Aqua Mad Max]
16. OMEGAS - Sex Hero [from Blasts of Lunacy]
17. PROCLAMATION - Side by Side [from Let The Truth Be Told] *rare*
18. CLEARVIEW - Passionate Crime [from Pure Mayhem]
19. WARDOGS - The Wrong Way [from Demo]
20. BLEACH BOYS - Party Sharkz [from Family-Man or Astroman] *unreleased*


- Dedicado aos meu amigos(as) -


  1. thanks man!where did you have the DEAL WITH IT song from?is it the band from UK?

  2. its the Deal With It from UK. Awesome band that i was sorry to see them go..
    I found out about this farewell single 7" on their store ( and then this gentleman uploaded the mp3 here (


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