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Friday, January 23, 2015

THE ICE - Touching The Void

Location: Köln, Deutschland
Release: Street Survival / Countdown Recs, 2009

Taking it's name and main influence from fellow countrymen in True Blue, german THE ICE were together from 2007 to 2012 with 2 records out: the MMVII Demo and Touching The Void MLP. In 2011, they headed back to the recording room (for a possible new 7") resulting in 2 new songs: one entitled have hearts (feat. Eddy Sutton) made into HHF's Sampler and the other casting shadows into a Promo Tape sold on their last tour.

In Touching The Void they added slow spacey parts in intros and in between songs with synthesizers which I found pretty damn cool, it helps set them apart from other similar sounding bands, but dont be mistaken the heavy riffs are there. The production here is also outstanding, musically and visually!

In the past, they shared members with Settle The Score and Cheap Thrills, now Christian sing in Look My Way and Mr. Vega plays the synth in this jazzy band.


PRESSING INFO: 13 Test Pressings / 74 White / 124 Transparent / 305 Black
props to Tim Edge(Bound By Modern Age)

Monday, January 19, 2015

FREEDOM - LP Promo Cassette

Location: Detroit, US
Release: Moshers Delight, 2015

A little heads up on FREEDOM's upcoming debut full-length on Triple-B. Warzone cover is exclusive to this tape!

Triple-B will be also handling the 2nd press for their 'Pay the Price' EP. Is Back To Back Records done?

DOWNLOAD [128kbps - correct link]

Saturday, January 17, 2015

SEEKERS OF THE TRUTH - 2 Decades Shunning Masks

Location: Lyon, France
Release: Customcore, 2009

Ultra-classic french band collecting 27 years of existence! Already posted SEEKERS OF THE TRUTH's previous EP 'Tinman' in the past and shed a light on their background history. '2 Decades...' released in '09 still remains their latest record but not for long, it seems a new one will surface in 2015.

These fairly sparse time between releases may have accumulated a lot of writing and resulted in one of the lengthiest (if not THE lengthiest) hardcore album ever done, '2 Decades...' gathers 20 songs in 55 minutes! Despite its unappeliang length you will find here some very fine tracks in the vein of early Sick Of All mixed with Vision and a bit of Shelter, singing about positiveness, krishnaism and a drug free lifestyle. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

BREAKER BREAKER - San Francisco Straight Edge

Location: California, US
Release: Bridge 9 / Martyr Records, 2001-2002 (out of print)

I used to listen to BREAKER BREAKER a lot back in early 00's, even had a DIY shirt with their logo on it. They were contemporary of similar acts such as American Nightmare and Horror Show, fast charged hardcore with negative lyrics.

After a solid Demo on B9 they recorded a new EP that was supposed to come out in the same label but shortly after they broke up and B9 lost interest. This new material was noticeably better and more tight than the demo songs, Martyr Records couldn't let this go into oblivion and released it as a 6-song MCD in 2002.

Mark Kelley's skilled vocals can also be heard on another short-lived project named Treason. Drummer Ben Kinzie and bass player Jonah Nishihara went to play in Allegiance.

2001 - Demo Y2X1 7" (Bridge 9 Records)
2002 - Out Of Service MCD (Martyr Records)

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

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