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Monday, January 12, 2015

BREAKER BREAKER - San Francisco Straight Edge

Location: California, US
Release: Bridge 9 / Martyr Records, 2001-2002 (out of print)

I used to listen to BREAKER BREAKER a lot back in early 00's, even had a DIY shirt with their logo on it. They were contemporary of similar acts such as American Nightmare and Horror Show, fast charged hardcore with negative lyrics.

After a solid Demo on B9 they recorded a new EP that was supposed to come out in the same label but shortly after they broke up and B9 lost interest. This new material was noticeably better and more tight than the demo songs, Martyr Records couldn't let this go into oblivion and released it as a 6-song MCD in 2002.

Mark Kelley's skilled vocals can also be heard on another short-lived project named Treason. Drummer Ben Kinzie and bass player Jonah Nishihara went to play in Allegiance.

2001 - Demo Y2X1 7" (Bridge 9 Records)
2002 - Out Of Service MCD (Martyr Records)

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

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