all things old school: October 2010

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Location: Syracuse, NY
Release: Secret Jams, 2008

Its election day in Brasil, today we choose our next president and our options are: comunist so-called left wing Roussef vs. conservative right wing Serra. The country is divided, who is gonna win? Place you bets! Meanwhile listen to Syracuse's Election Day, a side project with ex-member from Earthquake, Forfeit and Gak Attack. Mid tempo melodic hardcore in the vein of late Turning Point, BOLD and Have Heart.

Maximun Rock N' Roll reviewd their 4-track Demo and this is what they said: "The standout track here is “Sector IV,” which deals with how we lose our humanity by ignoring the displaced and the poor. The rest of the songs fall into the realm of personal, but they hit just right with honesty and emotion."

Sunday, October 24, 2010

THE YOUTHS - Generationless (+ S/T)

Location: Lisboa, Portugal
Release: Still Holding On + Regulator!, 2006 

Já fazia tempo que queria fazer esse post com o The Youths, mostrando que Portugal tem muita coisa boa ainda a ser descoberta, particularmente gosto muito do hardcore punk que sai de lá, como: New Winds, Pressure, Pointing Finger, Mr. Miyagi,...

Neste download incluí os 2 albums que eles lançaram até o momento: Generationless e o auto entitulado EP que saiu antes. Indicado para fãs de Adolescents, Regulations e curtição dos jovens desenfreada.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

EDWOOD - A Better Tomorrow

Location: Morlaix, France
Release: Reason For A Change, 2009

Another great french hardcore done the right way, the old school way! 6 songs in their second EP, heavy influenced by Mainstrike.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

SEASICK - Two Years Of Hub City Hardcore

Location: New Jersey
Release: Damage Done Records, 2009

Projeto paralelo de membros do A.N.S. com diversos albums gravados, dos quais (com excessão do material novo) aparecem nesta coletânea lançada pelo selo Tcheco Damage Done. Aqui vc pode esperar um hardcore veloz a la 625 Thrashcore e letras com muita sagacidade, não recomendado para menores de 8 anos.
Infelizmente após lançamento do último disco entitulado Eschaton, o grupo irá se dissolver por tempo indeterminado.

LO-FI - Surf Is Over, God Is Dead

Location: Sanja Streets
Release: No School Records (D.I.Y.), 2010

 Os menino tão devolta com um rock que há tempos não ouviamos em terras brasilis: oitentão, sujo e skate (des)oriented! A faixa que leva o título desse EP é estopenda!!
Como a maioria das bandas que não se preocupam em fazer um som com apelo comercial, eles gastam dinheiro, tempo e o retorno não é garantido, mas como caixão não tem gaveta o que vale são as memórias que ficam. E é exatamente isso que esse blog tenta propagar.
Entrem em contato com eles para agitar festas, bagunças e quem sabe até preparar uns crepes!


Eu tinha feito uma capa alternativa, mas infelizmente não passou no crivo da diretoria:

THE HARD WAY - Demo + 7"

Location: Brighton, U.K.
Release: Carry The Weight Records, 2009-2010

Carry The Weight Records #10! Members of Cold Snap, Breaking Point and Abandon Ship playing classic NYC HARDcore. Riffs to melt your face and hench stomp parts, Outburst style.

2009 - 3 song Demo
2010 - The Hard Way 7" (Carry The Weight Records)

DOWNLOAD Discography

Monday, October 11, 2010


This weekend we had Rage Against The Machine for the first time in S.America, in december Youth of Today is scheduled to play here, also for the 1st time and thats pretty much it for the second semester, in a weak year for shows in this side of the planet, welcome to the jungle (my ass)!

And now some highlights of records purchased on september:
1.BONDED BY BLOOD - Exiled to the Earth (Lazer Beam Explosion 1/100) @ EARACHE
2.ANTIDOTE - Thou Shalt Not Kill (Clear Green 1/300) @ Bridge 9
3.CRUEL HAND - Lock & Key (Sea-Foam Green 1/?) @ Bridge 9 *the best 2010 album so far*
4.BITTER END - Guilty as Charged (Clear Ice Blue Black Mix 1/700) @ DeathWish Inc.
5.HORRORSHOW - Notes From The Night.. (Black Gategold 1/900) @ DeathWish Inc.
6.GOOD RIDDANCE - Capricorn One (Burgundy 1/336) @ Fat Wreck
 7. V/A - To Us It Was So Much More - a Chain of Strenght Tribute (Clear 1/100) @ 1124 Records
8.VIOLATOR & BANDANOS - Thrashing the Tyrants (Black 1/?) @ Cospe Fogo

Support the underground! As what they say "IF NOT YOU, WHO? IF NOT NOW, WHEN?" Take a stand! Very soon, some real posts!!

"The Vault"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Location: Moscow, Россия
Release: Anger Battery Records, 2010

Once you play this you'll be drawn back to '88. This already acclaimed album is here to stay and definetely not to be missed by you, old schooler!
Influence goes mostly on Uniform Choice, but also goes through other similar ones like Youth of Today, Insted, Gorilla Biscuits and so on. From Russia with love, ME AND YOU YOUTH CREW.
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