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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

ERAZE - LS6 Demo

Location: Leeds, UK
Release: Neutral Words Records, 2016

LS4, LS6 you name it, the city is taken! ERAZE is the newest add to the LSHC cartel and they bring to the table some infectious and raw NYHC filled with dope breakdowns. Demo was recorded by Tom Violent Reaction.

Neutral Words, after a break on new releases, is back with a bunch of hot new tapes from bands worldwide such as Riot Conduct (Scotland), Lawgiver (Sweden) and Day By Day (USA). If you already know the label then you know they are committed to quality, don't sleep! 


Friday, April 22, 2016

NO TIME - You'll Get Yours LP

Location: Pittsburgh, US
Release: Six Feet UnderPhobiact Records, 2016

Highly addictive Oi! inspired hardcore by Pittsburgh's NO TIME!

Brand new 11-track LP You'll Get Yours to be out next month right before their European tour. I didn't pay much attention to their previous records but this LP is really one of the very best I've heard of this whole Oi/Hardcore revival, fast to mid tempo rabid punk rock and roll that will leave you skankin' for a long time. 

Monday June 13th - Hanover, Germany @ Stumpf
Tuesday June 14th - Kiel, Germany @ Schaubude
Wednesday June 15th - Gothenburg, Sweden @ Smedjan
Thursday June 16th - Stockholm, Sweden @ Gula Villian Handen
Friday June 17th - Oslo, Norway @ TBA
Saturday June 18th - K-Town Fest Copenhagen, Denmark @ Ungdomshuset w/ RIXE
Sunday June 19th - Hamburg, Germany @ Hafenklang w/ RIXE
Monday June 20th - Munster, Germany @ Baracke w/ RIXE
Tuesday June 21st - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ OCCII w/ RIXE
Wednesday June 22nd - Paris, France @ La Mecanique Ondulatoire w/ RIXE
Thursday June 23rd - Mannheim, Germany - JUZ
Friday June 24th - Leipzig, Germany @ Ex-Black Hammer
Saturday June 25th - Prague, Czech @ Cafe Na Pul Cesty
Sunday June 26th - Wroclaw, Poland @ CRK
Monday June 27th - Warsaw, Poland @ Chmury
Tuesday June 28th - Berlin, Germany @ Wild At Heart


Thursday, April 21, 2016


Location: San Francisco, US
Release: Lost & Found Records, 1988-1993

Another discography CD brought to us by everyone's favorite label! There are tons of cool stuff on their back catalog for sure, 80's and 90's hardcore bands hailing from USA and Europe. For me, Lost & Found marks the transition between the tape trading and the mp3s era, they granted access to rare and essential music for cheap to kids worldwide through obscure ways.

Nowadays anyone can become an expert in a genre of music in matter of days, less than 2 decades ago it was way different, posers were easily detected from miles away. That's why I always feel nostalgic when such labels as Lost & Found, We Bite or Conversion Records are mentioned.

BREAKAWAY was a NorCal positive punk band that started as Rabid Lassie in 1985, with the name change they also shifted their sound slightly, fitting in the second wave of straight edge bands, THE '88 SOUND! They recorded two self-titled EPs: first one came out in 1988 on Soul Force (not the spanish label), the second 7" in 1993 by Teamwork (T-1), a label I was obsessed with back in the late 90's. The demo stated on discogs is kinda tricky, it happened right when they switched names, some of these songs were re-recorded for the first EP, that's why the demo tracks don't show up on this CD.

DOWNLOAD [Breakaway Discography + scans]
DOWNLOAD [Rabid Lassie Discography]
INTERVIEW [w/ Joey Vela]

Please also check the file interviewing Joey Vela (vocals) conducted by Double Cross with lotsa pictures and stories about that era.

Friday, April 15, 2016

PUT IT ASIDE - How Soon You Forget...

Location: Florida, US
Release: Plead Your Case/Eighty-Sixed, 2016
Artwork: Augie Ruiz

Mosh-inducing youth crew from Florida. PUT IT ASIDE mix elements from the old and the new to bring the heaviness upon your ears with breakdowns galore. Favorite track: P.I.A.

This debut 7-song EP was mixed and mastered by Corey Williams (Carry On, Internal Affairs, Snake Eyes...) and is up for pre-order at Plead Your Case fanzine, a co-release with Eighty-Sixed Records.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

DIVISION - Self Titled 7"

Location: Seattle, US
Release: DIY, 2016

HARDCORE PUNK 101. Debut EP from Seattle's DIVISION bring 5 tunes classically inspired in the first wave of HC. FFO: Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, Dischord Records.


Sunday, April 3, 2016

V/A - Tribute To The Old School

6 years, 400 posts and countless stage dives and high-fives since 2010, promoting new music and reviving old ones, always under that old school filter this blog is known for. As a thank you to everyone who ever got in contact, answered my calls or spent time reading or downloading, here is a compilation paying tribute to the ones who paved the way for those who tread the hardway, against the grain.

Special thanks goes to: the dudes in BIRDS OF A FEATHER (Jean-Paul Frijns, Marc Hanou), Roman Clearsight (Sike), Jeff Bad Times Crew, Foxy Walk The Plank (SSS), Jeremy Busted Outlook, J.B. Brother Hawk and Robert Commitment. Note: on my quest for unreleased material I contacted Eric Sheppard from Crunch Time trying to uncover an UNIT PRIDE song they recorded back in 2003, unfortunaly he couldn't locate the audio file.

01. Right Idea - Knockdown (STRAIGHT AHEAD)

02. Clearsight - Clobberin' Time (SICK OF IT ALL)
03. Birds Of A Feather - Wise Up (BOLD)
04. Committed - Get It Away (SSD)
05. Bleak Reality - Love Sick (CROWN OF THORNZ)
06. Poder Absoluto - Final Word (MEANSTREAK)
07. Tech 9 - Pretty Vacant (SEX PISTOLS)
08. Busted Outlook - We Just Might (YOUTH OF TODAY)
09. Big Boss - Controlled (OUTBURST)
10. Down To Nothing - Price Of Silence (4 WALLS FALLING)
11. Night Birds - Wise Up (BIG BOYS)
12. Demolition - In My Way ft. Nate Ancient Heads (JUDGE)
13. Kingpin - Drawn The Line (COLDFRONT) 
14. Proclamation - Out Of Reach (WRECKING CREW)
15. Walk The Plank - Nightstalker (IMPACT UNIT)
16. A.N.S. - Locals Only (AGRESSION)
17. B'urst - Gyroscope (SFA)
18. Internal Affairs - Real Deal (ANTIDOTE)
19. Shadow of Doubt - Telltale (KILLING TIME)
20. Corrective Measure - Smell The Bacon (MADBALL)
21. Clearview - Dog Eat Dog (DOG EAT DOG)
22. Bad Times Crew - Floyd The Barber (NIRVANA)
23. Hoods Up - Nothing Can Compare (HANDS TIED)
24. The Flex - Just Can't Hate Enough (SHEER TERROR) 
25. Outbreak - Sailin' On (BAD BRAINS)
26. Brother Hawk - Cortez The Killer (NEIL YOUNG)
27. Afflictive Nature - Thunder (KISS)
28. Broken Needle - Use Your Head (UNIFORM CHOICE)
29. PB2K - Back To School Again (WARZONE)
re-tribute: 30. Richie Ramone - I Know Better Now (RAMONES)


01. Discipline - Stand
02. Rhythm To The Madness - Fire, Fire
03. Holier Than Thou? - Sex And Death
04. The A Team - Iron Fist
05. Blood For Blood - Ace Of Spades

(problems with mediafire? try here)

Life's too short, we oughta try to live it out, less hatred more knowledge. In memory of Alex Korth and all of those who left us too early.
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