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Thursday, April 21, 2016


Location: San Francisco, US
Release: Lost & Found Records, 1988-1993

Another discography CD brought to us by everyone's favorite label! There are tons of cool stuff on their back catalog for sure, 80's and 90's hardcore bands hailing from USA and Europe. For me, Lost & Found marks the transition between the tape trading and the mp3s era, they granted access to rare and essential music for cheap to kids worldwide through obscure ways.

Nowadays anyone can become an expert in a genre of music in matter of days, less than 2 decades ago it was way different, posers were easily detected from miles away. That's why I always feel nostalgic when such labels as Lost & Found, We Bite or Conversion Records are mentioned.

BREAKAWAY was a NorCal positive punk band that started as Rabid Lassie in 1985, with the name change they also shifted their sound slightly, fitting in the second wave of straight edge bands, THE '88 SOUND! They recorded two self-titled EPs: first one came out in 1988 on Soul Force (not the spanish label), the second 7" in 1993 by Teamwork (T-1), a label I was obsessed with back in the late 90's. The demo stated on discogs is kinda tricky, it happened right when they switched names, some of these songs were re-recorded for the first EP, that's why the demo tracks don't show up on this CD.

DOWNLOAD [Breakaway Discography + scans]
DOWNLOAD [Rabid Lassie Discography]
INTERVIEW [w/ Joey Vela]

Please also check the file interviewing Joey Vela (vocals) conducted by Double Cross with lotsa pictures and stories about that era.


  1. reupload the file...not appear the mp3 files..plz

    1. You tried this link? Seems to ok to me here


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