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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

STAY HUNGRY - Against The Wall

Location: Göteborg, Sverige
Release: Green Menace, 2010

Último post 2010. Pra quem achou que o ano já tinha acabado e fez suas listas de melhores antes da hora, te digo uma coisa: STAY HUNGRY!

"Use your... USE YOUR HEAD
You fucking pricks, your memory's short,
you forgot what Ian said

I've seen you drain this scene of substance,
of what it was made of
Replacing it with status quo, the very evil
we were to rise above
A tough façade, a radical front,
I call your bluff

Use your... USE YOUR HEAD
You shallow bastards, your memory's short,
you forgot what Henry said"


 ... e 2011 só está começando!


Location: U.S. / Indonesia
Release: Yakuzzi Tapes, 2010

First edition of Yakuzzi worldwide thrash split series with Mother Speed from US and Take It Back from Indonesia, but this is not necessarily thrash metal, is more towards A.N.S. and Seasick type of rock 'n' roll music.

There are 3 things indonesians are obsessed with: thrash, insane artwork and the other thing would probably be noodles, but the fact is they are good at it!! Speaking of such, note that mother speed dude is rockin' out with his cock out (Yikes!) Despite their naughtiness the track entitled Altered Beast is a BLAST!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Location: California
Release: D.I.Y., 2010

A few posts before we close this year and I head for some vacation time. Absolute Mandess is a project compromised of ex-members from Piece By Piece, Holier Than Thou?, Donnybrook!, Broken Needle and so on.. and this time Corey who used to sing on Internal Affairs take the guitar duties.

A demo has been released and now they made available a 3 songs promo on their myspace of whats going to be their debut EP, hope they go through with it coz' this thang is TIGHT!
Check it out, thrash the shit up and have some fun. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010


This digital sampler is your chance to check whats going on in this particular part of the planet, a short compilation with some of our past, present and upcoming brazilian bands.

Brazilian underground music is most known for the thrash metal scene, but don't underestimate the national hardcore punk productions, thats why I divided this in 2 parts: hardcore and thrash, all with that old school approach you're familiar with from my previous posts.

Feliz navidad a todos!

1. CLEARVIEW - Dog Eat Dog
2. ODYSSEY - Unbreakable
3. RALPH MACCHIO - Dead Eyes
4. GOOD INTENTIONS - Faça por você
5. LO-FI - The Start
6. FINAL ROUND - Choices
7. INSPIRE - Time for compassion
9. FAMILY - Outcast (+bonus)

10. NUCLEADOR - Space Badtrip
11. ALARME - Por essas ruas
12. RATOS DE PORÃO - Crise Geral (Live)
13. SLAVER - Infected By Thrash
14. PRESTO? - Pano Furado
15. ORGASMO DE PORCO - Molecada 666 (D.F.C.)



Friday, December 17, 2010


Listen: Victim or Tarpit
Location: Virginia Beach, US
Release: Last Anthem Records, 2004 (out of press)

Straight from the Shore Style scene, another classic for you hearing needs.

Two hard hitting old school hardcore devotees. From the moment you press play, you recognize right away their influences. It's probably the easiest way to time travel. It's '84 again babe!

Members went to form everyone's favourites: Fire & Ice

Thursday, December 16, 2010

STRAIGHT A’S – Trash Hard or Die 7"

Location: Friesland, Nederland
Release: Crash Landing Records, 2007
Artwork: Roel Smit

One and only EP by dutch Straight A's, well done 7 songs of fast and thrashy hardcore. I also included their 2005 Demo tape here.

Members went to form CORNERED!

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MOB MENTALITY - Demo Cassette

Location: U.S
Release: Trash King Productions, 2009 (out of print)

I came across this demo and the cover got my attention. Comprised of Briam Lam (State Violence), James Ritter (Lion of Judah) and vocals by Minny Stigma (Desperate Measures, Lion of Judah and Mindset) - aka Jon Scovitch.

Described as an american thoroughbred sxe hardcore, here is your chance to check what the fuss is all about!

ps.: There was a punk band from Charlottesville around 07-08 with the same name.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Location: Nederlands
Release: Not Just Words, 2010

Not Just Words final release (#27)!

Strip The Threads is comprised of ex members from Reaching Forward, Abusive Action, Product X, Know Your Enemy, etc.. so you know they have the skills!

Check it out and support while it last, its only 300 copies pressed on seven inch format. For the likes of Hands Tied, Chain Of Strength and Mouthpiece.


 Some euro finest just came in, 2 of them are one of the 2010's best records! Im talking about Cornered and Deal With It.

Contact the good people at Crucial Attack (Franke) and Reflections (Johan), they are offering some nice holiday discounts!!

This post also marks the end of another LABEL: NOT JUST WORDS. Ronald Boorsma decided to call it quits, its was 10 years releasing nothing but awesome bands/records, such as:  A Step Apart, Icepick, Nothing Done, True Colors, Balance, Turn The Screw, etc. A reference in Europe Hardcore. R.I.P. 2000-2010

As for the goodies:
1. STRIP THE THREADS "Won't Hold Back" (blue - 1/100) @ Not Just Words
2. KEEP IT CLEAR "S/T" (green - 1/165) @ Not Just Words
3. STRIKE FIRST "Gospels For The Deceived (black -1/?) @ Crucial Attack
4. CORNERED "Living The Lie" (light green 1/100) @ Limit Records
5. SKULL CRUSHER "Blinded By Illusion" (blue on black 1/250) @ Reflections
6. BLACKLISTED "Heavier Than Heaven,.. " (blue splatter 1/250) @ Reflections
7. DEAL WITH IT "Eyjafjallajökull" (icelandic blue 1/100) @ Reflections
8. GOOD CLEAN FUN "Between Christian Rock and..." (green splatter 1/250) @ Reflections
9. PANIC "Circles" (yellow splatter 1/500) @ Reflections
10. ANNIHILATION TIME "Tales Of An Ancient Age" (black 1/500) @ Reflections
11. AYS "The Path Of Ages" (clear purple splatter 1/?) @ Cobra X Records
12. V/A "Forever In Our Hearts" (black 1/1000) @ Commitment Records


Sunday, December 5, 2010


First south american tour, in a few minutes..
there are rumours sayin' they're going to play PROJECT X themes (!)

Please visit the opening band's website:

Friday, December 3, 2010


Location: België / Netherlands
Release: TrueTillDeaf/PowerTrip Records, 2009
Artwork: Marco Albularach

A stupendous debut release by these flemish fellows. 6 tracks of hard-hit-NY-metallic-the-way-papa-like-it hardcore music. I played this record over and over..

It was tremendously difficult to find it in mp3. I purchased the LP but it didn't come with a download card, so I ripped their myspace (:/) and here's World Gone Mad!
Members played in several other hardcore acts, such as BLADE, Break and Enter, Cheap Thrills, etc.. check 'em up!!

Unfortunately, they already quit, a 2nd album would be very appreciated.

DOWNLOAD (NEW LINK!!!!!!!!!!!)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Location: Massachusetts 
Release: D.I.Y., 2009

Another finding on myspace, great demo here by these north-american youngsters. 6 tracks of vibrant fast paced hardcore. Their website has no updates since january '09, so I assume they are already done, shame.

FFO: Outbreak, Horror Show, Trash Talk.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Location: Andalusia 
Release: D.I.Y., 2010
Artwork: Txori

Get Real, Get Lost, Get Rad and now... GET WISE!

I found out that there are quite a few hardcore outfits that goes by the name Get Wise, this one comes from Spain but I can't find any further info about them. On the other hand theres a more known Get Wise from Belgium, that also plays youth crew, go figure!!

The important is that they deliver a really cool youth crew hardcore, in the vein of Stand & Fight, True Colors, etc..

DOWNLOAD (new link!)


TRUTH THROUGH FIGHT – Behind these words

LOCATION: Andalucia
RELEASE: Stomp Records, 2008

To close up this "Iberic Invasion Week" in great style: Truth Through Fight's "Behind These Words". Their 3rd release and best effort so far, this 7" delivers 6 songs of sincere and positive hardcore. A debut full-length has just been released and some touring is expected, if you're lucky, check'em out.
Fans of Pointing Finger, Gorilla Biscuits and Better Than a Thousand should appreciate this.

Now let's sing along:
I know future is not as bright as it seemed yesterday
But I won't regret as I did before
I love to life my life
It's great to live this life!
If I want to be happy
I have to think positive
Problems come and problems go
I'll be young until I die
Difficulties make me excited
I'll Never hide from what I fear
Never hide, never hide

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


LOCATION: El Masnou, Barcelona
RELEASE: Sell Our Souls Records, 2010

Formerly known as Vicious Circle, we continue our "Spanish Invasion Week" here on All Things Old School with Fresh Trash's first full-length.

They don't go very far from yesterday's post (Good Fellaz), its 80's hardcore played with irreverence but with a crossover hint.

I really liked this album, to start with the artwork, monkeys bringin' it down wild on the streets!! As for the tracklist, most of the songs can be described as a mix of RZL DZL and Bones Brigade, in very similar way Dios Mio is doing in US. Hence they also sing in catalan, HHH comes to mind.

Despite of all comparisons they developed something of their own and this should be the perfect soundtrack for all your shredding activities.

Monday, November 22, 2010

GOOD FELLAZ - Erosion Of The Limit

Location: Islas Canarias, España 
Release: Cycle Records, 2009

Em seu primeiro EP e após 2 demos, os espanhóis do Good Fellaz marcam presença na cena, participando de alguns festivais importante como o Fire & Ice. Numa levada mais irreverente, eles vão agradar ouvintes de 2-steps e RZL DZL.

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

Thursday, November 18, 2010

VICIOUS CYCLE - I'm Watching You

Location: Ontario, Canada
Release: Vinyl Addict Records, 2006

The sequel, this is their 2nd effort, keeping the same spirit but with more harsh vocals and guitars driven by a Poison Idea influence, a shame it ends too fast!!


Location: Ontario, Canada
Release: Radio 81 Records, 2005 (out of print)

A great debut release from these canadian snotty punks (ex-PROVEN), lots of Negative Approach and Zero Boys influence in this first 7-songs-EP with some nice stomp parts, sounding very Lockin Out-ish!

After this they released 4 more EPs and 1 full-length, which is less agressive and more towards of a "conceptual" unique punk rock (not post-punk) but still very good and worth checking.

Soon more EPs from them here! 

Friday, November 12, 2010

DEAL WITH IT - Eyjafjallajökull

Location: Leeds, U.K.
Release: Reflections Records, 2010

The record I was waiting for and it was worth the wait. "Another cro-magy rip off?" you may say, dont jump on conclusion so fast!
After 4 releases: 1 demo, 1 EP, 1 full-lenght and 1 split 7" they are back with their best, their finest. In my teenage years I used to listen to heavy metal, then in colleage I became a hardcore kid, ten years passed I started to listen everything all over again, so when a band like Deal With It merge both genres, keeping their best elements, the smile is set up on my face (sorriso estampado no rosto).

Eyjafjallajökull is that vulcano that erupted this year in Iceland causing some nice disturbance in Europe's air traffic and now it will blow your hats off while attaining to perform some whirlwind mosh moves on your parents living room. BUST!

"island-mountain glacier"

Monday, November 8, 2010


Location: U.K.
Release: Thirty Days Of Night, 2009

Another UK breed, very promising, check their first EP they made available for download, 5 heavy stomps!!! New EP called Judgement to be released soon on Purgatory Records.

For fans of Creatures and alikes.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

FURY OF FIVE - At War With The World

Location: New Jersey
Release: Victory Records, 1998

I've been chasing this album (camouflage version) for ages and finally found it in Osaka-Japan, sold to me by Mr. Isao-San @
Anyways, for the unaware, Fury of V is one of those bands that are either hated or loved, mostly because of their tough guy imagery.

"Gardenstatecore all the way! New Jersey's beefed-up, pissed-off and aptly-named Fury Of V have finally had justice served by signing to Victory and in turn serving up a feral, pit-inducing, aggressive clusterfuck of an album. Paying homage to their homestate with "Takin' Respect," and offering themselves up to any punk-ass takers on "Come and Get It," FOF never backs down. It's a musical experience that will leave you with two black eyes and some front teeth missing." 
- Juice Magazine

DOWNLOAD [re-up!]

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Release: 1124 Records, 2010

The year was '88... the damage was done. Its a worldwide tribute to Chain of Strength. I had high expectations for Mindset and Envision on this one, but The Geeks and Offside stole the show.
01.The Geeks (Corea) - Just How Much?
02.One Choice (U.S.A.) - True Till Death
03.Ambitions (U.S.A.) - There Is A Difference
04.Mindset (U.S.A.) - Never Understand
05.Unrestrained (U.S.A.) - Let Down
06.Envision (Canada) - Best Of Times
07.Reign Supreme (U.S.A.) - Too Deep Until Now
08.Offsides (U.S.A.) - The Space Between
09.Remission (CHILE) - Hurts To Ask
10.The Defense (ESPAÑA) - Through These Eye
                 PURCHASE (almost sold out!)

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Location: Syracuse, NY
Release: Secret Jams, 2008

Its election day in Brasil, today we choose our next president and our options are: comunist so-called left wing Roussef vs. conservative right wing Serra. The country is divided, who is gonna win? Place you bets! Meanwhile listen to Syracuse's Election Day, a side project with ex-member from Earthquake, Forfeit and Gak Attack. Mid tempo melodic hardcore in the vein of late Turning Point, BOLD and Have Heart.

Maximun Rock N' Roll reviewd their 4-track Demo and this is what they said: "The standout track here is “Sector IV,” which deals with how we lose our humanity by ignoring the displaced and the poor. The rest of the songs fall into the realm of personal, but they hit just right with honesty and emotion."

Sunday, October 24, 2010

THE YOUTHS - Generationless (+ S/T)

Location: Lisboa, Portugal
Release: Still Holding On + Regulator!, 2006 

Já fazia tempo que queria fazer esse post com o The Youths, mostrando que Portugal tem muita coisa boa ainda a ser descoberta, particularmente gosto muito do hardcore punk que sai de lá, como: New Winds, Pressure, Pointing Finger, Mr. Miyagi,...

Neste download incluí os 2 albums que eles lançaram até o momento: Generationless e o auto entitulado EP que saiu antes. Indicado para fãs de Adolescents, Regulations e curtição dos jovens desenfreada.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

EDWOOD - A Better Tomorrow

Location: Morlaix, France
Release: Reason For A Change, 2009

Another great french hardcore done the right way, the old school way! 6 songs in their second EP, heavy influenced by Mainstrike.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

SEASICK - Two Years Of Hub City Hardcore

Location: New Jersey
Release: Damage Done Records, 2009

Projeto paralelo de membros do A.N.S. com diversos albums gravados, dos quais (com excessão do material novo) aparecem nesta coletânea lançada pelo selo Tcheco Damage Done. Aqui vc pode esperar um hardcore veloz a la 625 Thrashcore e letras com muita sagacidade, não recomendado para menores de 8 anos.
Infelizmente após lançamento do último disco entitulado Eschaton, o grupo irá se dissolver por tempo indeterminado.

LO-FI - Surf Is Over, God Is Dead

Location: Sanja Streets
Release: No School Records (D.I.Y.), 2010

 Os menino tão devolta com um rock que há tempos não ouviamos em terras brasilis: oitentão, sujo e skate (des)oriented! A faixa que leva o título desse EP é estopenda!!
Como a maioria das bandas que não se preocupam em fazer um som com apelo comercial, eles gastam dinheiro, tempo e o retorno não é garantido, mas como caixão não tem gaveta o que vale são as memórias que ficam. E é exatamente isso que esse blog tenta propagar.
Entrem em contato com eles para agitar festas, bagunças e quem sabe até preparar uns crepes!


Eu tinha feito uma capa alternativa, mas infelizmente não passou no crivo da diretoria:

THE HARD WAY - Demo + 7"

Location: Brighton, U.K.
Release: Carry The Weight Records, 2009-2010

Carry The Weight Records #10! Members of Cold Snap, Breaking Point and Abandon Ship playing classic NYC HARDcore. Riffs to melt your face and hench stomp parts, Outburst style.

2009 - 3 song Demo
2010 - The Hard Way 7" (Carry The Weight Records)

DOWNLOAD Discography

Monday, October 11, 2010


This weekend we had Rage Against The Machine for the first time in S.America, in december Youth of Today is scheduled to play here, also for the 1st time and thats pretty much it for the second semester, in a weak year for shows in this side of the planet, welcome to the jungle (my ass)!

And now some highlights of records purchased on september:
1.BONDED BY BLOOD - Exiled to the Earth (Lazer Beam Explosion 1/100) @ EARACHE
2.ANTIDOTE - Thou Shalt Not Kill (Clear Green 1/300) @ Bridge 9
3.CRUEL HAND - Lock & Key (Sea-Foam Green 1/?) @ Bridge 9 *the best 2010 album so far*
4.BITTER END - Guilty as Charged (Clear Ice Blue Black Mix 1/700) @ DeathWish Inc.
5.HORRORSHOW - Notes From The Night.. (Black Gategold 1/900) @ DeathWish Inc.
6.GOOD RIDDANCE - Capricorn One (Burgundy 1/336) @ Fat Wreck
 7. V/A - To Us It Was So Much More - a Chain of Strenght Tribute (Clear 1/100) @ 1124 Records
8.VIOLATOR & BANDANOS - Thrashing the Tyrants (Black 1/?) @ Cospe Fogo

Support the underground! As what they say "IF NOT YOU, WHO? IF NOT NOW, WHEN?" Take a stand! Very soon, some real posts!!

"The Vault"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Location: Moscow, Россия
Release: Anger Battery Records, 2010

Once you play this you'll be drawn back to '88. This already acclaimed album is here to stay and definetely not to be missed by you, old schooler!
Influence goes mostly on Uniform Choice, but also goes through other similar ones like Youth of Today, Insted, Gorilla Biscuits and so on. From Russia with love, ME AND YOU YOUTH CREW.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


ITS A GOOD NIGHT FOR A VIDEO NIGHT. First we have the always funny yet righteous In Defence brand new video clip!!

Right now I ask you to adjust your speakers and level it up to the MAX, coz All For Nothing is here to mosh your lousy ass off with a live performance!

Portuguese Bones Brigade - Mr.Miyagi did it again! Its Party Time!

Now come and thrash with Bonded By Blood in a cheesy metal video clip featuring a track from their brand new album "Exiled to Earth".

Last but not least I present ya the dangerous dance of all time, DO THE DOUGIE (street version)

Monday, September 27, 2010


Location: België
Release: Not Just Words, 2008

Another relic from Belgium, they played as fast as they were gone, from 2007-2008 releasing a demo and the 7" Cracked. Highly indicated for those who dig Outbreak and Shark Attack!
Check the energy they delivered on stage at the Light The Fuse Fest '08.

(7" + Demo)

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