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Saturday, December 11, 2010


 Some euro finest just came in, 2 of them are one of the 2010's best records! Im talking about Cornered and Deal With It.

Contact the good people at Crucial Attack (Franke) and Reflections (Johan), they are offering some nice holiday discounts!!

This post also marks the end of another LABEL: NOT JUST WORDS. Ronald Boorsma decided to call it quits, its was 10 years releasing nothing but awesome bands/records, such as:  A Step Apart, Icepick, Nothing Done, True Colors, Balance, Turn The Screw, etc. A reference in Europe Hardcore. R.I.P. 2000-2010

As for the goodies:
1. STRIP THE THREADS "Won't Hold Back" (blue - 1/100) @ Not Just Words
2. KEEP IT CLEAR "S/T" (green - 1/165) @ Not Just Words
3. STRIKE FIRST "Gospels For The Deceived (black -1/?) @ Crucial Attack
4. CORNERED "Living The Lie" (light green 1/100) @ Limit Records
5. SKULL CRUSHER "Blinded By Illusion" (blue on black 1/250) @ Reflections
6. BLACKLISTED "Heavier Than Heaven,.. " (blue splatter 1/250) @ Reflections
7. DEAL WITH IT "Eyjafjallajökull" (icelandic blue 1/100) @ Reflections
8. GOOD CLEAN FUN "Between Christian Rock and..." (green splatter 1/250) @ Reflections
9. PANIC "Circles" (yellow splatter 1/500) @ Reflections
10. ANNIHILATION TIME "Tales Of An Ancient Age" (black 1/500) @ Reflections
11. AYS "The Path Of Ages" (clear purple splatter 1/?) @ Cobra X Records
12. V/A "Forever In Our Hearts" (black 1/1000) @ Commitment Records


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