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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Location: Faro, Portugal
Release: Positive and Focused + Monument, 2009 (out of print)
Artwork: Javi

Atendendo a pedidos, a demo que fez resurgir o youth crew em Portugal após o fim do Pointing Finger, mesmo porque alguns membros dessa nova banda vieram do Pointing e do Broken Distance.

Tamanho o sucesso da demo em fita cassete, saiu uma prensagem limitada de 360 cópias em 7 polegadas com essa arte bem caprichada, acho que é do Spoiler (Justice) esqueci de ver.

DOWNLOAD (new link!)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A STEP APART - The Bonds We Share

Location: Nederland
Release: Not Just Words Records, 2011 (unreleased)
Artwork: Kalle Garmark

"After having recorded a promo and a demo, Not Just Words Records (from the Netherlands) picked A Step Apart up to release their debut EP, followed by two other EP’s. When the band quit, plans were made to release a discography CD with everything the band had ever recorded. Two Asian labels and also React Records showed interest to handle the overseas releases. In the end, it never came out." - Ronald B.
A Step Apart started out in 2003, playing classic youth crew hardcore who got everyones attention during The First Step Europe Tour in 2004. After 2 demos and 3 sould out EPs they made their final appearance at the Light The Fuse Fest in May 2006.

This compiles the following recordings:

Rehearsal Promo Tape (Recorded in December, 2003)
1. Through The Emotion/ 2. The Damage Done
3. What Is Left
4. Foundation
5. Live @ Light The Fuse '04

Demo Tape (Recorded in July, 2004)
1. Conviction
2. Through the Emotion / 3. Both Sides
4. Worth the Fight / 5. The Damage Done
6. A Step Apart

There Is A Choice EP (2005)
1. Turn the Tide
2. There is a Choice
3. These Words
4. Taking Hold
5. What's Still Around
6. Reflect

Structure EP (2005)
1. Intro / The Essence
2. As Close as it Gets
3. Rite of Passage
4. Stripped Down

Self Titled EP (Recorded in April/May 2006)
1. Downhill
2. Step Ahead
3. When You Fall

Comp. Songs
1. Against the Odds
2. The Bonds We Share

+ Live Set @ Light The Fuse Fest '05

THANKS TO Ronald Boorsma & Franke Visser at Not Just Words Records / Crucial Attack Records

CONTACT A Step Apart / Stationssingel 87B - 3033 HE Rotterdam - The Netherlands

Jasper Joosse - Vocals / Arjan Kruithof - Bass / Cesco Willemse - Guitar / Gijs Willbrink - Drums


A STEP APART supports a drug free lifestyle and vegetarianism

PITFALL - Another Day At The Zoo

Location: Massachusetts, US
Release: Neutral Territory Records, 2008

This one got my attention and thanks to the label (for uploading this) everyone can check Marlborough's Pitfall first EP, being a small press of 300 7"s.

The EP was well received, musically compared to Palehorse and Sheer Terror. This was a promising project but they called it quits right after their full-lenght "Product Of Our Lives" in 2010.

Bands come and go, some get hyped up and some get passed by unnoticed and I believe this one was legit. Spread the word and check the label's website for current and future projects. 

DOWNLOAD (New Link!)

Hardcore MMVIII

Saturday, April 23, 2011

CRUCIAL TIMES - We Want Freedom

Location: Vermont, US
Release: Get Stoked!, 2011

Hardcore pesadão com alguns elementos de youth crew e power-violence (!) que após 2 demos voltaram com força total com esse EP de 5 faixas, com letras bem intensas, sendo minha predileta a última "Arizona Can Suck It" contra preconceito racial. 

Para ajudar na divulgação e na turnê da banda o selo disponibilizou esse disco pra baixar.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

WALK THE PLANK - Pieces of Hate

Location: Liverpool, U.K.
Release: Thrash Gig, 2006 (way-out-of-print)

Hardcore is unique. It mingles different forms of art and expressions. It makes you reflect on things you normally wouldnt while apart from consuming mainstream music. Its part of the anti-culture, against the flow. The antidote of a stardardized and numb society.

Walk The Plank and Thrashgig Records got together to release this gem in a pack of 4x 7"s, each of one with kickass artwork done by different artists (French, Kev Grey, Mike Bukowski, Harley) and 2 tracks: one from their full-length "Dead Man in Hostile Waters" and the other one being a exclusive cover song.

1. Dead Man Tell No Tales
2. Night Stalker (Impact Unit)
3. Dead Man's Chest
4. Nausea (X)
5. Man Overboard
6. So Ends Our Night (Last Rights)
7. Mutiny
8. Depression (Black Flag)


Check this fellows blog for the entire pack artwork and unfold a pirate saga as a bonus! If it wasnt for him ripping this, it would gone to oblivion, since this was a very limited release.

RISK IT! - Leave a Mark

Location: Dresden, Deutschland
Release: Demon Runs Amok, 2011

After a well received demo in 2009, they are back with a no frills hardcore 4 tracks EP.

A word from the band:
"Doing music and keep it all running give us always the feeling to be alive and give something back to what gives us so much. Get through these life in remembrance that there is always something worth fighting for in world which seems to fall apart. No bullshit, no fake images just hardcore!"

DOWNLOAD "Leave a Mark" [new link - 320kbps]

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

PRESSURE - Your Rage




Location: Faro, Portugal
Release: Salad Days Records, 2009 (out of print)

4 músicas de puro youth crew executado por membros do Pointing Finger e Pressure, ou seja, já é um clássico.

Disco novo em breve, pela Commitment Records. Chocante!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

HARD LUCK - Apocalypse

Location: Canberra, Australia
Release: Ritual Failure Records, 2009

Final tracks by these aussie dudes, 3 originals and 1 cover by DYS from the Dead End sessions back in 2007. This EP total lenght is 4:30, a kick in the nuts.

Also check their 2006 record "What Went Wrong" here on this same blog.


greetings to

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Location: Ottawa, Canada
Release: Think Fast!, 2002

Loved by few unknown by many, great record by this underrated canadian group, early bridge 9 style, melodic yet fast straight edge hardcore. This is their only full length and sadly broke up right after releasing it, together since 1999.

Despite the comparison to B9, Think Fast Records themselves used to release killer old school hardcore back in the days, they still do, but now in a "wider range" of punk music.

PURCHASE (last copies!)


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