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Sunday, April 24, 2011

A STEP APART - The Bonds We Share

Location: Nederland
Release: Not Just Words Records, 2011 (unreleased)
Artwork: Kalle Garmark

"After having recorded a promo and a demo, Not Just Words Records (from the Netherlands) picked A Step Apart up to release their debut EP, followed by two other EP’s. When the band quit, plans were made to release a discography CD with everything the band had ever recorded. Two Asian labels and also React Records showed interest to handle the overseas releases. In the end, it never came out." - Ronald B.
A Step Apart started out in 2003, playing classic youth crew hardcore who got everyones attention during The First Step Europe Tour in 2004. After 2 demos and 3 sould out EPs they made their final appearance at the Light The Fuse Fest in May 2006.

This compiles the following recordings:

Rehearsal Promo Tape (Recorded in December, 2003)
1. Through The Emotion/ 2. The Damage Done
3. What Is Left
4. Foundation
5. Live @ Light The Fuse '04

Demo Tape (Recorded in July, 2004)
1. Conviction
2. Through the Emotion / 3. Both Sides
4. Worth the Fight / 5. The Damage Done
6. A Step Apart

There Is A Choice EP (2005)
1. Turn the Tide
2. There is a Choice
3. These Words
4. Taking Hold
5. What's Still Around
6. Reflect

Structure EP (2005)
1. Intro / The Essence
2. As Close as it Gets
3. Rite of Passage
4. Stripped Down

Self Titled EP (Recorded in April/May 2006)
1. Downhill
2. Step Ahead
3. When You Fall

Comp. Songs
1. Against the Odds
2. The Bonds We Share

+ Live Set @ Light The Fuse Fest '05

THANKS TO Ronald Boorsma & Franke Visser at Not Just Words Records / Crucial Attack Records

CONTACT A Step Apart / Stationssingel 87B - 3033 HE Rotterdam - The Netherlands

Jasper Joosse - Vocals / Arjan Kruithof - Bass / Cesco Willemse - Guitar / Gijs Willbrink - Drums


A STEP APART supports a drug free lifestyle and vegetarianism

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  1. If anyone's interested, I'm selling some A Step Apart stuff:

    There Is A Choice 7" (releaseshow 54/88)
    Structure 7" (releaseshow 147/150)
    A Step Apart 7" (final show 29/80)
    Demo tape (white cover with blue and red print)

    Email: tom[a]


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