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Saturday, April 16, 2011

WALK THE PLANK - Pieces of Hate

Location: Liverpool, U.K.
Release: Thrash Gig, 2006 (way-out-of-print)

Hardcore is unique. It mingles different forms of art and expressions. It makes you reflect on things you normally wouldnt while apart from consuming mainstream music. Its part of the anti-culture, against the flow. The antidote of a stardardized and numb society.

Walk The Plank and Thrashgig Records got together to release this gem in a pack of 4x 7"s, each of one with kickass artwork done by different artists (French, Kev Grey, Mike Bukowski, Harley) and 2 tracks: one from their full-length "Dead Man in Hostile Waters" and the other one being a exclusive cover song.

1. Dead Man Tell No Tales
2. Night Stalker (Impact Unit)
3. Dead Man's Chest
4. Nausea (X)
5. Man Overboard
6. So Ends Our Night (Last Rights)
7. Mutiny
8. Depression (Black Flag)


Check this fellows blog for the entire pack artwork and unfold a pirate saga as a bonus! If it wasnt for him ripping this, it would gone to oblivion, since this was a very limited release.

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