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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

WISE UP - Up 2 No Good (+ Demo)

Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Release: Self-Released, 2022

I just finished recording a podcast/radio mixing hip-hop and hardcore that will be up soon and while it doesn't happen I'm putting some UK youngbloods here that also translates that wish to connect both scenes very well, it's WISE UP!

Up 2 No Good came out last week and when I pressed play I forgot what I was hearing, nice instrumenal hip-hop intro track followed by some tight hardcore, dedicated to the 2-steps headz.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

LAST OPTION - Burning (+ Over Time EP)

Location: Arizona, USA
Release: In Your Face Records, 1988

Time to dig out another hidden old school jam/gem, Phoenix's LAST OPTION!

During their first run, they lasted from '86 to '91 with 3 recordings out, right after the demo they've put out in 1987 the Over Time EP which was the first release by SOUL FORCE RECORDS (same label that put out Insight and Breakaway) and in 1988 the Burning LP came out on IN YOUR FACE RECORDS ran by Kalvin Piper from Heresy.

Expect fast paced hardcore inspired by Southern California sound, many bands come to mind but you will find similarities in groups such as Final Conflict (Ashes To Ashes era), late Insted, Nemesis Records' Point Blank.

In 2019 they got back together and LAST OPTION entered the digital era, streaming services, downloads, you name it, they're on it... and guess what else? A new album emerged GET ACTION BE SANE, that's a 30+ years reunion gap, damn!

Tuesday, April 5, 2022


Location: Stockholm, Sverige
Release: DBNO Records, 2021
Artwork: Jacob Bondesson

Best demo I heard so far this year (although it came out in december lol), BETTER THAN YOU is the perfect Swedish answer to USA's Iron Boots, UK's Wardogs and Canada's Wild-Side, hell yes, I would edit this pic I took a while back to add them there.

In Ha Ha Ha attitude meets bouncy NYHC in 7 short tracks that begs for repeats like starving kids on happy meals! The ones behind this are no strangers in the scene with bandmembers being in a plethora of killer bands of the recent past from UK's Cold Snap and Inherit to other Swedes acts like Neighborhood, Lifeblood and today's everyone new favorites Speedway. To spice things up they invited 2 different guest vocals: Patricia from Lawgiver (among other bands) and Anton from Time To Heal / Existence.

Also don't forget to check their contribution track to that Flubber compilation, WE ROCK THE HOUSE!


Monday, March 28, 2022

V/A - FLUBBER WORLD - The Ultimate Swedish Hardcore Compilation

Location: Sverige
Release: Flubber Zine, 2022

Y'all been expecting new SPEEDWAY material since that Revelation promo cassette came out last year, wait no more cuz FLUBBER is here for the rescue with a bunch more Swedish goodies!

This cool online Zine put together in january 15 exclusive tracks showcasing the country's up-and-coming hardcore groups and that's always a great idea, it makes a lot easier for those eager to hear new stuff and follow those which appealed the most (and there's plenty here).

Despite the usual suspects in Speedway and Existence that were on my radar for a while, newcomers like Bulls Shitt and Better Than You really made it for me, expect some primitive hardcore moshin', neanderthal style.

From what I could check on FLUBBER's page they are primarily focused on doing interviews and I already can tell that whoever's follow All Things Old School will certainly dig their stuff, starting by the WILD-SIDE interview or one of the hilarious A Voice of Reason (a normal person reviewing classic and newly released hardcore songs).

Hungry for more newer Sweden Hardcore breeds? Then visit QUARANTINED HC Fanzine/Records.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

SKOURGE - Hardcore Up Your Ass

Location: Houston, USA
Release: Lockin' Out, 2021

SKOURGE is doing the hardest thing in Hardcore: getting better by each release! As you probably know by now they're back with 3 new songs in Up Your Ass EP, more thrilling death/thrash metal-inspired hardcore. New album out sooner than you think.


Thursday, March 10, 2022

59 TIMES THE PAIN - Way Even More Out Of Today (B-Sides & Rarities)

Here's a band I really dig since my teenage years, roughly over a decade the swedish in 59 TIMES THE PAIN (named after the Hüsker Dü song) put out a very solid discography, their rhythm section always appealed to me, in particular the thick bass lines and Magnus frontman skills.

Soundwise they began as a straight forward hardcore group but instead of being related to other more political swedish groups they became associated to melodic punk bands, largely due to their relation with Burning Heart Records, famous for indie melodic swedish stuff. By their 3rd album Twenty Percent Of My Hand, in 1997, they were already well known abroad including in the US with a distribution under exclusivity by Revelation Records. They probably peaked in 1999 with a feature on Punk-O-Rama (compilation series by Epitaph) followed by spots on both Fat Wreck's Short Music For Short People and Dave Mirra's videogame soundtrack.

By 2001 with the release of their final offer Calling The Public their The Clash worship surpassed all their other major influences, now more street punk than ever some old-school fans didn't receive the album very well despite the comercial success.

The deal is that 59 TIMES never put together all their B-Sides and Rarities material on a single release like many melodic punk (aka skate punk) bands from that era did and these dudes have a lot of material, 30 tracks to be more precise! This is what I was able to gather, with the exception of ONE demo song I believe it's all here in proper good quality:

I. Feeling Down "Demo" (1993, Self-Released)
1 - Feeling down
2- Give us a break
3 - As You Move Along
4 - Thanks a lot

II. Blind Justice / 59 Times The Pain "Split" (1995, HG Fact)
5 - My everything
6 - Regress no way (7 Seconds)
7 - When it all comes down

III. Even More Out Of Today EP (1995, Burning Heart)
8 - More out of today
9 - Feeling down
10 - Join the army (Suicidal Tendencies)

IV. Break The Silence Vol.1 7" Comp (1997, Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
11 - Didn't care
12 - Gonna make it

V. Music For HardcorePunx EP (1998, Burning Heart)
13 - Can't change me
14 - Burned
15 - Against it
16 - Flares n' slippers (Cockney Rejects)
17 - Small man, big mouth (Minor Threat)
18 - Police on my back (Eddy Grant)

VI. 59 Times The Pain / Subterranean Kids "Split" (1999, Tralla)
19 - Make it go away
20 - Old news
21 - Walk together, rock together (7 Seconds)

VII. Turn At 25th 7" (1999, Burning Heart)
22 - Turn At 25th
23 - They don't care
24 - The great scape

VIII. Other Compilation Tracks (1994-1999)
25 - Time to wake up (from Teaching You No Fear)
26 - Join the army (from Cheap Shots Vol.1)
27 - Nervous breakdown (from Cheap Shots Vol.2)
28 - Sweet and tender hooligan (from A Tribute To The Smiths)
29 - Law and order (from A Tribute To Stiff Little Fingers)
30 - We want the kids (from Short Music For Short People)

Note#1: I deciced to put 2 of these compilations (Break The Silence and Teaching You No Fear) in full for download as they are pretty rare and features exclusive songs from other Sweden greats, like Rodrigo's (Satanic Surfers) other hardcore band INTENSITY.

Note#2: I didn't include the Raised Fist split here as those tracks were all featured somewhere else, including the song "Liar" that was renamed "Old News" for the Subterranean Kids split.

Note#3 : The ultra rare demo songs were also partially found on 2 other compilations (Signed For Life and Really Fast Vol.9) and that's where they were ripped from, the full demo tape rip remains missing.

Sunday, February 13, 2022


Location: Oxnard, USA
Release: 1998, Jitsu Records

STAND YOUR GROUND was the starting point for 2 of my all time fav "modern" hardcore bands: CARRY ON and IN CONTROL. Comprised of Todd Jones and Corey Williams (with both of them joining Carry On later in 1999 for The Line Is Drawn 7", read more details here) plus Toni Melino (later on In Control, Annihilation Time), Aaron and a guy named Max on bass completed the initial line-up for STAND YOUR GROUND, with this formation they recorded the '98 demo which is NOT up for grabs here, I looked relentlessly for it but in the end couldn't find a digital rip of it.

Then, still in 1998, Corey left and Zack Nelson (later on In Control, Retaliate) came along to record the debut EP (aka Break Through 7") on Jitsu Records around the same time as Carry On's debut Stabbed In The Face 7". But that was not the end of STAND YOUR GROUND, surprisingly my pal Old School Mike (OSMX) had another demo from them called Last Demo supposably out in 1999. After a few listenings I came to realize that half of these tracks are actually pre-In Control songs found on their Hometown Pride demo tape.

So, given the timeline, I assume Todd left to play in Carry On and Zack switched to guitar and called Ryan Fredette for this '99 demo presented here which is basically IN CONTROL before they changed their name from STAND YOUR GROUND, anyway the recordings are totally different from the Hometown Pride sessions and you should definitely check it out if you appreciate Nardcore music.


JR#01 CARRY ON - Stabbed In The Face 7"
JR#02 STAND YOUR GROUND - Break Through 7"
JR#03 - OPEN UP / IN REACH - Split 7"

+ STAND YOUR GROUND - Last Demo '99

Sunday, January 30, 2022

DIZTORT - Break Me Out

Location: Huntington Park, USA
Release: Advanced Perspective, 2022

It's clear many bands are holding back new material due to covid, no shows no fun no promoting, it's a good strategy no doubt, avoiding the risk of the album getting passed by unnoticed.

DIZTORT last offering came out in 2018! To compensate the lack of news they put out 2 weeks ago one song recorded in 2019 by Corey Williams (whose old band Internal Affairs just got a discography release) plus a remix version by Wojavelli. It's hard to predicted when the pandemic will end, some got a taste between the variant waves, but we can surely expect some serious moshing not too far ahead.

Friday, December 31, 2021


Ugly music for an ugly year... yet a very prolific one for many bands despite all the shitstorm pouring non-stop onto our heads through 2021 and that transpires very well in the music you will hear here, a selection of 47 rabid tracks that will drill your ears and melt any old wax that has been stuck for who knows how long!

This edition won't be featured on Spotify, there are too many bozos doing it already there, besides who needs another damn playlist? Back to what's important, this selection features bands hailing from all over (Indonesia, Morocco, Brazil, Russia, Germany, Norway, Spain, Greece, Australia...) with a decent variety concerning the Hardcore Punk and Metal spheres. The highlight goes to The Chisel, Arm's Reach, GAME, Tower 7, Jalang and, once again, DEAD HEAT.

To make your quarantine experience moshier, you can stream on YOUTUBE or download to meet all your offline needs... and now, without further ado, the "winners" are:

SIDE PUNK (Total time 1h05m)
01. HEADCOUNT - Stolen Time
02. ARM'S REACH - Time
03. FIREWALKER - Forever
04. INTERNAL - Terminate
06. GAME - Shard
07. STIFF MEDS - Under The Boot
08. SCOWL - Trophy Hunter
09. THE CHISEL - So Do I
10. OCCUPATION - Beware Of The Light
12. HEADCHEESE - Kick The Bucket
13. DESCENDENTS - Nightage
14. STINGRAY - Feeding Time
15. GOODBYE WORLD - At The Graveyard
16. C4 - Health Freak HeadStomp
17. FANTASY WORLD - Rules Of The Game
18. XCELERATE - Life's a Risk
19. WRECKAGE - Face In The Crowd
20. STEDFAST - Wrong & Right
21. TIDES DENIED - When Worlds Collide
22. METHOD OF DOUBT - One Million Copies Sold
23. AGE OF APOCALYPSE - Ghost (Hart Island)
24. LIFE'S QUESTION - A Prayer For My Old Man
25. BIG BOY - A/X
26. DARE - Hard To Cope
27. THE OTHERS - Living In Fear
28. COMBUST - Pull The Hammer
29. EXHIBITION - Adapt Or Die
30. JALANG - Cops N Klan
31. SPY - Negative Mind Power
32. ACADEMY ORDER - The Glow
33. CHAIN CULT - Always A Mess
34. TAQBIR - Aisha Qandisha

SIDE METAL (Total time 47min)
35. TOWER 7 - Green Piece
36. SKOURGE - Metal Up Your Ass
37. EKULU - World Of Uncertainty
38. PEST CONTROL - Rat Race
39. FACE FIRST - Visions In Hell
40. CERBERUS ATTACK - Combatir Al Fascismo
41. KILLING FROST - Midsummers Eve
42. HEAVY SENTENCE - Capitoline Hill
43 . HITTER - Hitter
44. WRAITH - Gatemaster
45. NEKROMANTHEON - Seven Rules Of Fate
46. ANGELUS APATRIDA - Indoctrinate

Saturday, December 18, 2021

HALFMAST - Together (LP Version)

Location: Buffalo, New York
Release: Conquer The World Records, 1995

Nowadays, when revisiting and old obscure band you never know what you will find on the internet, a new record? High quality rips on main streaming services? Unreleased material? Usually nothing much. Well, in this case here, for HALFMAST basically all of the previous!

Bandcamp has become a great outlet for independent music and it often surprise us with long forgotten bands/records, mostly due to the effort of the ones envolved in those groups, likely here the works of Nick Baran, singer of Halfmast, Poison Planet and the guy behind Third Party Records.

HALFMAST was already featured here in the Ambassador Records write-up, now they ressurected the Together EP in its original intended length with 16 songs, most of it unreleased!! If it wasn't enough all the bands rare Demos and EPs were also uploaded, including an unreleased split 7".

Musically these newly uncovered songs are a bit rough on the edges, but given the time/period they were conceived they represent the resistance of the old school hardcore into the 90's where most were going post-hardcore or metalcore. I chose to upload here only the LP and the unreleased stuff, visit their site to fill your needs and donate at will.