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Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Location: Florida, US
Release: DIY, 2019
Artwork: Kane Gordon

Hot release of February, fyaa! Members of Malice At The Palace going thrash.

As HEATSEEKER they said they're aiming for a Metallica/Slayer worship sound but for my ears is total Biohazard, the good era. The fact is that this new EP rocks! Lotsa improvements from the 2018 Demo, super fun to listen and moshable AF.

On a side note, there is a Polish hardcore group under the same name since 2012, give them a go as they rock hard too. Probably I will post something about them here soon.

Saturday, February 16, 2019


Location: Philadelphia, US
Release: DRP Records, 2010
Artwork: Bruce "Juice" Boyd

With releases on Positive Force and Hawker Records back in the 80's, PAGAN BABIES rocked the Philly scene until their first break up in 1989.

They were and still are a strong reference for graffiti and hip hop culture within the hardcore punk community, (in most part) thanks to the vision and dexterity of their drummer Bruce, Tippy The B-Boy Beat Master Blaster. But don't be mistaken, musically they play straight up hardcore with a good measure of melodies thrown in here and there (and occasionally fusing rap), not unlike their peers in Token Entry, In Your Face and Mucky Pup.

Last (An Anthology) is their full discography with a lot of extras -- unreleased, rehearsal and live material -- all re-mixed and re-mastered on a 29-track CD and bonus DVD featuring a documentary and live concert footage, including the reunion of 2007. Speaking of which, this post came out due to their 3rd or 4th reunion, happening this weekend with notorious Alone In A Crowd! [support Howie here]

Maybe due to this special occasion, PAGAN BABIES just put out 2 brand new songs which I already included on this download, super rad!!


from Philly yo!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

UPPERCUT - Four Walls

Location: NYC
Release: Blackout! Records, 1989

I had a hard time tracking this one down, so I imagine many others may be after as well. Bronx' UPPERCUT 7-song 12" out by one of the most classic labels for NYHC out there.

While hunting this crucial release on a proper audio quality I ended up finding that the extra songs on the CD version of Four Walls are actually from a band called MIND'S EYE, a side project with Carl Porcaro and some dudes in Uppercut, as it is better explained here.

UPPERCUT also put a Demo in 1988 and were featured in two monster compilations, NEW BREED tape compilation and NYHC: Where The Wild Things Are, which can be found on the best blog out there, Blogged and Quartered.

At the same year this mini-LP came out guitarist Lars and drummer Rob where doing ALONE IN A CROWD with Jules and Porcaro, coincidentally they are playing their second show EVER this saturday (Feb 16th) in benefit for their guitarist Howie.

Also Blackout! is preparing some reissues for this year, the insane OUTBURST EP on 12" format with unreleased material and KILLING TIME'S third LP "The Method". One could hope for a reissue of Four Walls with the demo tracks (instead of Mindseye) in the near future. 


There was also a dutch hardcore group with the same name around mid 2000's, which can be found here.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

IN STRIDE - Place Of Decay

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Release: Bottle Up Records, 2006

One of the dudes in KEEP IT CLEAR has ressurected his old straight edge project for your listening pleasure, available for the first time in high quality, Rain City's IN STRIDE.

Both bands were part of the collective known as Legitmate Bros, which now I believe only the guys in Cutting Through are still representing it to this day.

As you can see from the test press rip-off art above IN STRIDE played youthcrew with melodic elements, from their first Demo in 2004 to their last recording in Place Of Decay 7" their music progressed substantially, so much that this final EP is nothing but amazing, less melodic more straight forward! Best release on the long vanished Bottle Up Records.

Thankfully to Suds Denim, the first 2 demos -- not listed on the newly created bandcamp -- are included on this download. 

DOWNLOAD [+ scans, lyrics]

!! Please let me know if anyone is having a hard time to download from mediafire or is unable to decompress the files, cheers !!

can't close my eyes! :)

Thursday, February 7, 2019

INSIGHT - Standing Strong

Location: Salt Lake City, US
Release: Soul Force Records, 1989

Throwback thursday! It occured to me the other day that I had many versions of the same songs from Utah's INSIGHT one and only EP.

The case here is, they first appeared in 1989 through Soul Force Records then re-released in 1990 by Victory Records with a different tracklist order, but then I came across the 1995's version in Victory Early Singles CD compilation. This latest version has the best audio quality by far, I'm guessing it got remastered and it sounds much clearer and louder!!

Back to INSIGHT, they started in 1988 as the first Salt Lake straight edge vegetarian group, recorded this 6-song EP and a couple of comp tracks in 1990 (I managed to track down 2 songs), toured with the likes of Chain of Strength and Up Front, then broke up that same year. Half the members went to form Revelation Records' alumni ICEBURN. In 2013 they reunited for a couple of shows.

The comp songs I mentioned are SILENT SHORE from Only The Strong 7" (Victory Records) and GET IT from Voice Of Thousands 12" (Conversion Records) and remained exclusive to those releases.

I decided to leave the Victory Early Singles in full for download, as well the Only The Strong comp. It features a few cool (and sometimes awkward) moments of the early 1990's north american hardcore music. For instance, it has the great first EP by BILLINGSGATE "Reach Out", which also has superior audio quality then the 7" version.

DOWNLOAD includes the following:
1989 - Standing Strong 7"
1990 - Only The Strong 7" Compilation
1990 - Insight "Get It" (from Voice of Thousands Compilation)
1995 - Victory Early Singles CD (Inner Strenght, Billingsgate, Insight, Iceburn, Worlds Collide)
+ vinyl scans, flyers and photos

I wish every post here was as comprehensive as this one, especially on the old releases, altough it's quite time consuming to do this type of thing, bands like INSIGHT deserves more attention.

end the cruelty!

Friday, February 1, 2019

PROTEIN - Alive + Demo

Location: Kraków, Polska
Release: Refuse Records, 2018

Again on my quest to shed light on the bands featured on last year's edition of the YOUTH CREW comp by legendary Positive & Focused, this time our focus are into the Polish group PROTEIN.

Not to mention Refuse Records, that is and has always being a household for worldwide SXE and engaged punk music, with a special attention for the scene in Poland, one of the first places outside USA to start such a movement. And is in that environment that Protein was born in 2017, heartfelt youthcrew with slow paced moments not unlike Turning Point and Mainstrike.

It turns out that dudes in Protein are also in the band ViciousxReality and running the label YOUTH2YOUTH, another great source for european hardcore. 


Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Location: Scotland, UK
The two latest efforts from thrash skatepunks in Daniel Wax Off!, located around East Lothian and North Berwick in Scotland.

Two splits, 9 tracks in 17 minutes of fast 'n' fun thrashcore. By each record they get tighter and faster, I hold high expectations for their next release that may surface by the end of this year (2019). Lyrically they extend their love for pizza, booze and 80's movies like The Goonies, Gremlins and the classic THRASHIN'. Whats not to love here? Musically I feel they're somewhere between SSS, Bones Brigade and Intense Degree!!

As a bonus I included the tracks from their counterparts in the Tape split (Deathbus from Belfast) and Daniel's extra tracks from their split with Stabbing Device.

possessed to skate!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Location: NYC
Release: Just A Audial, 2018

Well, if you haven't yet, check this out! Ex and current players in Xibalba, Hotheads, NYC Headhunters, Outskirts got together to form a crossover project, NY style of course, BORN SINNER. Adding more weight to this new wave of NYHC alongside Illusion, KrimewatchCombust and The Fight. 


Some due posts from stuff that I got in my inbox recently are up next!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

KIND! - Haven

Location: Boston, US
Release: Wide Eyed Noise, 2019

KIND! has become one of the main up-and-coming north american youthcrew bands. After a demo, one split (with Discourage) and a promo, KIND'S debut EP is finally out! All recorded by Trevor Vaughan.

No wonder they were featured on Positive and Focused's Youth Crew 2018 compilation, they play passionate and vibrant posi-hardcore with lyrics they really stand for, no gimmicks here, the're the real deal! On Haven EP they sustain this energy on all 7 tracks, featuring Johnnie Limit on track four, which I believe is the owner of Arrest Records.

The label behind this cassette release also put out many other great underrated HC acts, such as DRAIN and Infernal Diatribe, please visit their bandcamp for a full and worthy catalog. 

PURCHASE TAPE [soon to be available!]
DOWNLOAD [+ demo]

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

VEXATION - Feel No Pain

Location: Nederland
Release: DIY, 2018

2019 is already taking its pace, last year's releases are piling up big time, so as the old school scene in Europe. At this time, our eyes are focused in The Netherlands, in which bands like ICEPICK are killing us with suspense for a new release, other dutch veterans stepped up, VEXATION!

Comprised of ex/current members from Coldblooded, Incinerator and CORNERED, the latter being more in my alley of underground heavy music, featured here many times. These dudes made quite an impression with this demo and will most certainly do more damage this year as the word spreads out! You already can stream them on spotify and physical tapes are on the go.

Being Cro-Mags one of their main inspirations, their sound is more metallic induced than groove-laden hardcore, the kind that I can never get enough from! Bursting riffs and breakdowns plus great vocals, loved every minute of this demo.

DOWNLOAD [2-song Promo]

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