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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

DENIM & LEATHER - Sacred Autism

Location: Manchester, UK
Release: Drunken Sailor, 2018

The album of the year to many europeans, definitely one of the most fun! In their third release DENIM & LEATHER offers an inventive, catchy, abrasive and a more broadening record than its previous effort back in 2016, released by Milk Run Records. Mostly beacuse now its a LP insted of an EP, more room for creativity.

Their sound has guitar distortions and fuzzed riffs similar to Black Flag/Pissed Jeans plus the speed and aggressiveness of Poison Idea, all sprayed with a UKHC scent.

First pressing comes in a small batch of 300 LPs, don't sleep!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

MIL-SPEC - Changes

Location: Toronto, Canada
Release: Lockin' Out, 2018

With releases from Moshers Delight, Advanced Perspective (both sold out) and now Lockin Out, canadians in MIL-SPEC has brought the spotlight to their heads.

Changes EP shows their best material and reveals the direction they are heading to, together with FURY they try to present something different inside the hardcore punk realm without losing its core.

[EP + Demos]

Thursday, July 5, 2018

RAW BRIGADE - Kicking Your Face

Location: Bogota, Colombia
Release: DIY, 2018

First Colombian act to be featured here!! RAW BRIGADE just released their debut EP: 6 tracks in 7 minutes of raging youth crew, bringing to the table a mix of the past and contemporary old school hardcore.

Since last year's record, a split with another colombian act REVIVAL, they've tightened their sound quite substantially which got the attention of the folks at THIS IS HARDCORE fest. Yeah! Another south american representative since Clearview.

For download, we have here a 2-song promo taken from the EP, a kick in ya face!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

PEACE TEST - 3 Song Promo

Location: New Bedford, US
Release: DIY, 2018

Hot from the oven! PEACE TEST is back and they mean business, nearly 2 months after the demo they already present a promo with 4 minutes of pure straight forward and rabid music.

Either a label got interested or not, I feel more music is on its way. 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

GAZM / CELL / WAX - Montreal Scene Report

Location: Montreal, Canada

The year is 2018 and hardcore punk is pounding strong in the Great white north, more specifically in Montreal (home of Omegas) 3 bands are doing some local ruckus and they are about to TOUR in support of their new material!

GAZM being around the longest of all the 3 bands is on their third release, a 4-way split with other foreign punk bands. They bring an interesting mix to their sound from crust elements to stomp parts that makes their 2016 EP Menace To Tha Earth something to be reckoned with.

CELL presents their 2nd EP Rules Of The Game (plus a 3-song tour tape), they picked up right where they left off: guitar distortions, reverbed vocals and slamming tempo changes. Features members from Vile Intent, canadian powerviolence excellence!

Then enters WAX, filling the void of the old school canadian hardcore (alongside Offside) left by bands such as those hosted by Climbin'Aboard  and Blank Stare records. Demo tape is on constant rotation here (art by Spoiler), all very promising!

The label behind Wax is LSC Records, based in Montreal, visit their page as they are releasing tons of awesome canadian hardcore.


ps: WAX didnt go on tour to Europe this time!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

DISCOURAGE - Self Titled 7"

Location: Berkeley, US
Release: CoinTossRecords, 2018
Artwork: Bill Hauser

Powerful youth crew by californian newcomers in DISCOURAGE, 6 fast paced and heartfelt tracks co-released by a bunch of cool labels, housed in a brilliant packaging.

They began their journey in 2016 and since the demo their music has grown a lot but always maintaining the high energy!

[EP + Demo]

Saturday, June 23, 2018

BLACK TRAIN JACK - Demos & Rarities

Location: New York City
Release: Roadrunner, 1992-1996
Artwork: Ernie Parada

What a band, the've built quite an audience that ranges from regular rockers to hardcore moshers and sends everyone back to the days of yore!

They were active, recording music around mid 90's (but they still play live from time to time), this post is about BTJ rare tracks taken from compilations and singles plus both their demos:

1992 - Five Songs Demo
01. No Reward
02. Guy Like Me
03. Who's That Man
04. It Doesn't Matter
05. Back Up

1992 - 5 Big Hits
01. Time
02. Someday
03. The newest one
04. My Discipline
05. One Love

1993 - Someday Single
01. If I Can

1994 - Handouts Single
01. Handouts (BTJ Sing Along Choir Version)
02. No Use
03. Guy Like Me (featuring Jackie B & The A-Trains)

1995/1996 - Compilations
01. Gratitude (from Flipside R.A.F.R., 1995)
02. Catalina (from Homage - Lots Of Bands Doing Descendents' Songs, 1995)
03. 700 Club (from Punk Uprisings, 1996)


After Black Train Jack they went on and formed many other projects following that same catchy melodic formula such as Gray Area, Nine Lives and HIGHER GIANT but what not everybody knows is that Rob Vitali (vox) teamed recently with dudes in Buried Alive and Maximum Penalty to record under the name American Monster, take a listen:

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

ULTIMATE - Demo 2018

Location: Washington D.C. + Maine
Release: DIY, 2018

Braden from Corrective Measure just hit me with a new joint, together with dudes in STAND OFF (rip) and HOT SHOT, here is ULTIMATE!

3 tracks of raw hardcore inspired by Life's Blood, SSD and alikes. Tapes can be ordered through  



Tuesday, May 29, 2018

BAD SEED - European Discography

Location: Wilkes-Barre, PA
Release: DIY, 2010

Like the kids in Basement that had a metallic hardcore project (Strange Places), dudes in Tittle Fight used to play in BAD SEED, heavily influenced by early Merauder.

From 2008 to 2010 they recorded 10 songs and only played a handful of shows. This release compiles everything they put out (except the live tape), there is nothing new here but a slight difference on the demo songs. Ultimately couldn't find anything about this CD and it is unlikely they are getting back together.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Location: Venezia, Italia
Release: Assurd Records, 2018

Venice own's HITTIN' RANDOM is back with a compilation of tracks recorded after their first EP. The first 3 tracks are from the split w/ Keep Talking (Switzerland), the following tracks are from a more recent split w/ Siege Stompers (Italy) plus a track from the Assurd Comp.

They are still one of the best bands to come out from that area, right on my alley of slammin' hardcore punk. For more quality italian music visit the Assurd bandcamp.

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