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Wednesday, November 27, 2019


Location: Poughkeepsie, US
Release: DIY, 2019

Dudes in MINDFORCE, COMBUST and RULE THEM ALL are now jamming under the name DON'T TRUST A SOUL, dope side project with a strong 90's groove Hardcore flavor! Read more about it on the article hosted by NOECHO.

Mindforce has become one of the main forces in todays hardcore and some of the guys behind it were involved in a much lesser known band a couple years back, LIVING LASER!

They started in 2010 with a final EP in 2015, in which they show clearly the direction they were heading as they already sounded quite Mindforce-ish! But on reality this band swam on a bigger pool of influences which were narrowing down to a more crossover sound until Mindforce was formed in 2016. Jay's vocal and performance on stage only got better through the years!

Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Yo back on my quest to upload small label's discography for the one and only purpose of documenting the early 2000's hardcore punk history. First one was about Ambassador Records. These labels were all active during the same period, right when I was eager to know more new hardcore bands and was acquiring everything I could put my hands on (lol).

Western Front was a Los Angeles based hardcore label with a total of 9 releases, from 2001 to 2005. What a better way to find about new cool bands then to track down a labels catalog? AS you know, back then there was no bandcamp, discogs, spotify nor decent content on youtube.

WFR-01 THE DAMAGE DONE - Damage Done
First release (aka Demo aka "California") by this melodic hardcore from SoCal with that late 90's SXE sound similar to In My Eyes and Champion. Read more about them in this article, written by one of the band members which was also the guy behind Rivalry Records.

Virgina Beach hardcore 2002 represent! Features dudes from IRON BOOTS and TARPIT. Artwork by Linas Garsys. For download we have the CD version with 2 bonus tracks!

WFR-03 OUTBREAK - Eaten Alive
First record by this well known fastcore band, later signed to Bridge9 and Think Fast! Records (vocal's label). Artwork by Mike Bukowski! Contains bonus tracks!!

WFR-04 SAY GOODBYE - Anti-Social EP
Another great fastcore release by SAYGOODBYE. Previously featured on this blog, more info here.

WFR-05 THE DAMAGE DONE - Never Wash Away
Their sick debut EP, much more personality put into their music when compared to the demo. File under criminally underrated album! A co-release with Rivalry Records of sorts.

WFR-06 THE MIRACLE MILE - Where The Heart Is
Another good add to the label's hoster, great melodic hardcore in the vein of American Nightmare. As a bonus I'm adding their 2004 EP The Future History out on Sell Our Soul to show how hard they rocked!

WFR-07 SAYGOODBYE - Say Goodbye LP
Label's finest release, check the special post about them here.

WFR-08 DROP IT - What The Hell?
The only Western Front release I don't own a single copy, pretty solid record tho.

WFR-09 DIE! - I Hope You Die
Awesome skatecore band from Italy, youth's gone thrashin'! Label's final release.

DOWNLOAD [Discography]*

*except the records by SayGoodbye which were featured on the blog before!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

SCHIZOID - You're To Blame

Location: Nantes, France
Release: Straight & Alert Records, 2019

This blog is slowly dying, but not just yet, the same goes for Alexis and Straight & Alert, he's back with his one man project SCHIZOID.

He did all by himself, including recording/mixing, DIY til the last drop! Sonically he aimed for that Boston/Cleveland straight edge sound most of us can't get enough from.

Tapes and shirts are now available on the label's resurrected bigcartel! There you can also find material for another band he is in, INSECURITY.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

STEP FOR CHANGE - Summer Teaser

Location: California
Is it thursday already? It doesn't matter coz STEP 4 CHANGE and their throwback sound are back!

They've been cookin' this next release for a while, last one was a Promo Tape on Mosher's Delight 3 years ago. It will definitily be their best material, as you can hear from this cassingle teaser for the new album CA STORM, out pretty soon by Statement Records and also Advanced Perspective (?) 


On this link you will find everything they've put out so far, except the 2015 EP which was posted here.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

SUDDEN IMPACT & 80's Canadian Skatepunk

It's hard to believe SUDDEN IMPACT is getting some (deserved) praise nowadays, among many other 80's underground gems from Canada they score high in my book! Through their not so extensive carrer their musical style ranged from this cool skatepunk in the early 80's to an insane crossover act as the decade unfolded, two of my favorite styles. All very catchy to the ears and easy to get fueled by and start moshing around to it!

They hail from Newmarket (near Toronto) and just the other day they performed live at this year's 77' MONTREAL FEST alongside Pennywise and many others. Both their LPs got reissued on CD a few years back by Marquee Records from Brazil and it seems their demo will be pressed on 12'' for the first time by Supreme Echo! Not to mention they were featured on this amazing book about the 80's Toronto Hardcore scene called TOMORROW IS TOO LATE with many other cool bands. A limited 7" compilation was also issued on vinyl, check it here.

That's a good source to dig for some great unheard bands right there, with that in mind here's other killer groups/albums from that era.

MICRO EDGE features one or two Sudden Impact members and they put out a handful of songs dating back to 1983, Ugly Pop Records came along and released these songs on 12" format this very year, just gnarly!

HYPE, another great act from that era, put out 2 albums in the mid 80's, the second one "Burned" being my favorite. Also, just recently, both records got remastered and reissued on CD. Even though it can be very debatable of what or where Skatepunk really stand as a music sub-genre I feel this band and the next one falls right into (sonically) what was being produced in SoCal/Nardcore scenes at that same time, like B'LAST, J.F.A. and AGRESSION to name a few, all dubbed as skatepunk bands.

S.C.U.M., the last one on my list, released one hell of a LP back in '85 "Born Too Soon..."! The cover art can be very unappealing but the skatepunk music is dead on! Their acronym means Society Controlled Under Murderers and represents an stance against the Montreal Police Force, as it's better explained here. This album got a needed reissue on CD with bonus tracks in 2006, including a version of a song with their previous singer featured on the comp It Came From The Pit!

DOWNLOAD I includes:
Sudden Impact - No Rest From The Wicked + Freaked Out Demo (Fringe Product/Diabolic Force, 1986)
Sudden Impact - Split Personality (Fringe Product/Diabolic Force, 1988)

DOWNLOAD II includes:
SC.U.M. - Born Too Soon... (Psyche Industry Records, 1985)
MICRO EDGE - '83 Demo
HYPE - Burned (Fringe Product/We Bite, 1987) 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

INHUMAN NATURE - Promo + Other Realms

Location: London, UK
Release: Injustice Records, 2019
Artwork: Andrei Bouzikov

Yo, Injustice Records has brought one of the hottest releases from UK this past summer: INHUMAN NATURE debut LP!

They came a long way from their first EP/Demo "Other Realms" and now, 2 years later, they bring 8 tracks of full-throttle crossover madness, matching up to the highest calibers of US recent thrash acts.

The artwork may look cheesy but after a quick listen everything comes together (after all it's a Bouzikov), a great looking LP that is.


Wednesday, October 2, 2019

SEED OF PAIN - Promo 2019 A.D.

Location: South Florida, US
Release: Plead Your Case, 2019

Catching up on fresh releases, Plead Your Case presents SEED OF PAIN new offering, a promo for what is going to be their debut LP, eyes peeled for this next one!!

This band got many people's attention (including mine) with their debut EP Champions Of Chaos also on Plead Records, very powerful SFHC with a heavy dose of Clevo style in their formula. The covers on the promo are dead on!

Monday, September 30, 2019


Location: Salt Lake City, US
Release: DIY, 2015

Just came across this one by chance and I got stoked! CHAINED DOWN plays sxe hardcore in the vein of early Carry On and other bands of the Positive Numbers Fest era type of hardcore. Also No Sweat came to mind.

Who We Are is their second and final record, all done DIY. They used to share members with another hardcore act SPEAK OUT.


Friday, September 20, 2019

STRUCK NERVE - Two Song Promo

Location: Philadelphia, US
Release: Youngblood Records, 2019

While Triple-B keeps dominating the scene, my personal favorite labels like Youngblood and Lockin' Out has been keeping it low profile with one release a year!

Next in line is STRUCK NERVE debut LP, a nice surprise from both the label and band. From what we can hear from this promo it sounds right in the alley of early days of Youngblood Records, like Desperate Measure and Knockdown!

The band started in 2018 and their demo was pressed into vinyl by none other than War Records. They also share members with Pain Strikes and Jesus Piece.


Sunday, September 15, 2019


Location: Sydney, AUS
Release: Common Bond Records, 2007

There is this cool movement of labels in Australia trying to digitalize the history of hardcore/punk of its country, many of those releases you only heard about (if even that) can now be listened and downloaded in proper quality.

For instance, ILL BRIGADE's demo!! One of the main powerhouses of aussie old school from the past decade. Featuring members from mighty Vigilante, Bad Blood and Cop Gestapo.


The label behind this one is Black Wire Records and thanks to them, you can also check the band prior to the existace of Ill Brigade, called ILL!

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