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Monday, December 10, 2018

FLASHPOINT - Swing At The King EP

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Release: DIY, 2018
Artwork: Ciarán Nolan

Keeping the vibe of the Metal Militia here with the Irish kings of thrash FLASHPOINT. It may sound hasty to give such a title with only a short time of existence but these blokes have been making heavy-quality music for a while now, you can find them on current and former projects as in HOLLOW TRUTH, Solar Messiah and Last Wishes.

With Flashpoint they head towards the NWOTHM sound rather than the usual crossover and with the debut 5-song EP Swing At the King they give us a taste of whats to come, epic metal! Hard to pick a favorite track here but those mad riffs on Holy Ground are a total ripper!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Tales of Speed, Power and Metal - A NWOTHM COMPILATION

Jebediah, arcane warrior, tires of life on this shell of a world and ascends to a higher plane of existence. Granted with godly powers, he can now fast travel through time and space, into the depths of the universe.

Wielding his metal blade, Destructo, he finds himself between worlds, accumulating wisdom and acquiring new crafts. Witnessed civilizations, erstwhile, flourishing in grandeur, become decimated. What are we if not mere dust in the vast space? Yet something was keeping him restive, a cosmic disturbance, unbalanced energy. 

Spawned in Planet Earth, year 2018 AD ― the era of selfishness, he was no longer threatened by dauntless creatures and mystic endeavors but by a wicked narrow-mindening scheme that permeates their so called "modern society" orchestrated by one nefarious beast, The Shadow Gov'nor.

Not all is lost, small counter groups of self-conscious lifeforms are being gathered by Jebediah to battle against it, aiding them to a new era of splendor!

"[...] Now in these times of frustration and anger, we've come out of the darkness that kept us blind, with the torch of wisdom and the sword of knowledge, we'll leave the corruption behind. Gotta kill, gotta fight, gotta crush Demoniac [...]"
- H.Flanagan

Tales of Speed, Power and Metal soundtrack is composed by 27 acts hailing from Kingdoms, villages and wastelands scattered amongst the four corners of the planet:

01. HIGH COMMAND - The Infernal March
02. BLOOD EAGLE - Syrinx
03. VOLTURE - Heathen's Revenge
04. ETERNAL CHAMPION - Awakened By The Dawn (Originally by Mystic Force)
05. VANIK - Heresy Undertow
06. TEUTON - Firestorm
07. NIGHTMARE CITY - Do You Wanna Die? [Demo Version]
08. MAGIC CIRCLE - Lightning Cage

09. NATUR - Cursis
10. WITCHTRIAL - R'n'R Hellfire
11. INITIATED - The Touch
12. VENDEL - Defender
13. Interlude: CROM - Hot Sumerian Night
14. STONE DAGGER - The Siege Of Jerusalem
15. COSMIC RIFF - Space Graves
16. AMULET - The Sacrifice

17. IRON GRIFFIN - Metal Conquest
18. LIFELESS DARK - Feeding The Light
19. BATTLE RUINS - Cold Iron Death
20. HEAVY SENTENCE - Darkest Hour
21. FREEWAYS - New Drag City
22. ACES - Living On The Run
23. URUTU - Beijo Veneno
24. SUMERLANDS - Blind [Demo Version] 

25. VISIGOTH - Iron Brotherhood [Demo Version]
26. DEXTER WARD - Return Of The Longships
Bonus: PASTORE - March of War


In celebration of the 8th year of All Things Old School. A Compilation of Punk-related musicians playing Metal cuts, early 80's style - NWOTHM. Characters illustrations "Jebediah" and "Shadow Gov'nor" by J. Callahan (Barf Comics). These tracks were recorded between 2007 and 2018. Available DIGITAL only and strictly non-profit.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

LOWEST CREATURE - Misery Unfolds

Location: Örebro, Sverige
Release: Isolation Records, 2018

Hell yeah, LOWEST CREATURE! If they weren't in your radar already it's time to catch up with these swedish thrashin' punks.

From the band's killer debut demo in 2014 to this year's remastered EP they've amassed 13 tracks of neck-breaking crossover awesomeness. A full-length is being prepared to hit the boomboxes next year. PLAY IT LOOOOUD!!

2014 - Certain Death Demo (Dollar Grin)
2015 - Seize Death (Promo single)
2016 - Ride Through The Battlefield 7" (Powertrip)
2018 - Misery Unfolds 7" (Isolation)

The 3-track Promo 2017 Tape was remastered and got a vinyl version a couple of months ago and re-titled as Misery Unfooooolds. The SLAYER ripoff is an ultra-limited version of this release by Dollar Grin Records.


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

DRAIN - Promo 2018

Location: Santa Cruz, US
Release: DIY, 2018
Artwork: Raul Cruz

My homie Gonz passed me this one, the up and coming band DRAIN.

The artwork speaks for itself here, matched high as Candy's EP in the cool-O-meter for cover arts! M.O.D. immediately came to mind but musically there are more things going on, especially on this new Promo.

They moved from a metallic DTN sound (noticed in their first 2 records) to a full crossover mid-tempo heaviness. Recordings signed by Taylor Young (Nails, Disgrace, Mizery, etc). Expect more havoc in 2019! 

[Promo + 2 EP's]

Thursday, November 15, 2018

WILD LIFE - Turning The Tide

Location: Ghent, Belgie
Release: Kick Out The Jams, 2016

Another pass due upload, WILD LIFE'S second and last release, the 10-track Turning The Tide which got a limited cassette treatment by Kick Out The Jams Records. It brings me back to Belgium's heyday of old school hardcore revival. Influences goes from 80's Krakdown and DYS to more recent years as in Think I Care and Not Afraid.

For their first killer EP on Powered Records, you may find it here.

Friday, November 9, 2018


Location: Manchester, UK
Release: DIY, 2018

Manchester straight edge back on the map!! Dudes in SURVIVAL on a new project, now in a 80's NY metallic hardcore style.

Props to Alexis Straight & Alert for spreading the word about this band.

Bottle in hand, needle in vein
Anything to transfer the pain away
I can’t believe what I just saw
In a war on chaos we sit back
Same mistakes we’ve made before
When the warheads drop and the skies turn black

Sunday, November 4, 2018


Location: NYC + Montreal
Release: Beach Impediment / Static Shock, 2018

Beach Impediment never ceases to amaze me, releases by Blood Pressure, Long Knife, Omegas, Concealed Blade, Battering Ram and now STIGMATISM!

This new north american joint is fronted by none other than SPOILER paying homage to early AF and Madball. Just wild!



Tuesday, October 30, 2018

INTENT TO INJURE - Discography

Location: New Bedford, US
Release: DIY, 1989-1999
Artwork: Roger Andrews

Not an official release. I could only find the audio files compiled as a discography, so I decided to leave as it is and added some extras to make it more complete.

INTENT TO INJURE, from New Bedford and Dartmouth, MA. People often mistake them from being from Boston, the proximity definitely influenced on their music though. From '89 to '92 they produced a total of 18 tracks, straight forward hardcore punk clocking around 1 minute and a half each. The rap tracks "Takin Out Racists" and "Just Burling" were an interesting add to their repertoire.

Before going on a hiatus ITI was featured, with one exclusive track, on the Boston Hardcore compilation in 1995 (re-released this year for the Record Store Day), then in 1999 they got back together to record a song for the Slapshot Tribute(Fun note: Intent To Injure is also a name taken from Ice Hockey)

Band-members can now be found on both SLOW DEATH and AMERICAN WAR MACHINE, 2 new hardcore super groups very worth checking! Also, if you didn't notice or checked, PEACE TEST recorded a sick cover by Intent To Injure (and used the band's first EP artwork).

ITI has put 3x 7", the second one on the legendary Nemesis and their final one was the first release by the cool german label Striving For Togetherness, such a rad name for a label.

Tracks 1-8 Keep Us Strong EP (Overkill Records, 1989)
Tracks 9-12 Reinforcement 7" (Nemesis Records, 1991)
Tracks 13-18 Habit Of Thought 7" (Striving For Togetherness Records, 1992)
Track 19 You're A Fool (Boston Hardcore - Taang! Records, 1995)
Track 20 Step On It (Boston Drops The Glove: A Tribute To Slapshot - TKO Records, 1999)  

DOWNLOAD [+ scans]

As a special bonus I am leaving a link to download the IT'S ALL GOOD compilation by Striving For Togetherness. It's a 27 track CD featuring the label's first 4 out-of-print releases plus extras:

SFT01 ITI - Habit Of Thought (better sound quality), SFT02 Headfirst - Black EP, SFT03 X MARKS THE SPOT (Up Front, Wide Awake, Pressure Release) and SFT04 Without A Cause - Nation Of Neglect 7" (Pre-Fahrenheit 451).

Credit for the 7" scans: Pay No More Than blog 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

COUNTER-BLAST - Karma Crusher LP

Location: USA
Release: DIY, 2018

COUNTER-BLAST gave us an incredible surprise by finally putting out their first full record, 8 tracks total! The Promo Tape was released 3 years ago and they only played a handful shows here and there, due the fact that the band members live too far away from each other, headquarters used to be in Austin, TX.

Their sound can be described as late 90's Krishnacore a la Equal Vision Records' glory days mixed with NYHC and funky elements, 108 and BURN comes to mind. No physical release  has been announced thus far, only digital.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Urban Styles Mix Tape - Compilation

Location: New York
Release: Wardance Records, 2017
Artwork: STAK TFP

Exactly 1 year ago the sold-out DiWulf's book "Urban Styles: Graffiti in New York Hardcore" was released along with this limited 25-track compilation on tape format. Now it's getting a revamped 2nd edition already on pre-order.

This compilation features bands whose members are/were part of the NY graffiti scene, a few of the tracks are unreleased like the ones by Crazy Eddie (one of the comp's highlights).


Frontline: Formed in 1981 and featured HYPE, ME 62, RATE 5, RAGE, and NOAH. Members would later go on to the Cro-Mags, Bad Brains, The Icemen, and others. RATE 5 and ME 62 formed Stimulated Dummies and went on to produce golden era hip-hop classics in the '90s.

Adam 12: Early '80s NYHC band that featured REVS, FRIPP, and ENO. REVS went on to release a solo LP in the '90s, as well as playing in God Squad, all the while becoming one of the more notorious graffiti writers NYC has ever seen.

Terminal Confusion: Formed out of the ashes of STD (Skinheads Til Death). Terminal Confusion released their first demo in 1986 and featured VOYER, NIM, MAR, BUNK; all writers affiliated with northern Queens crew TMR (The Mob Rules). Members would go on to Unholy Alliance, Second 2 None, and Seizure Crypt.

Loud and Boisterous: Brooklyn band formed in 1985 featuring MANOR and SATYR. MANOR would go on to play in Warzone, Project X, and Gorilla Biscuits.


DIE 116: Named after an alternate tagging name by legendary writers SANE SMITH, featuring NATZ and CREEP. NATZ had played in NY Hoods, Side By Side, Absolution, and went on to Burn, Pry, and Big Collapse in the '90s.

Second 2 None: Another TMR crew related band featuring BUNK, ZZ, ACID, and TRETAL. BUNK published two of the earliest NYHC fanzines that included graffiti: The Village Noize and Yes Zista zines.

Crazy Eddie: A new band featuring Chucky Brown (CB) with members of past NYHC outfits Fahrenheit 451, Abject!, Downlow, Dominican Day Parade, and others.

Scoundrel: Featuring Brooklyn writer HESA from all-city crew STAFF (Satanic Teens Attacking for Fame). HESA has played in various underground outfits throughout the past three decades and continues to churn out uncompromising sounds.

Last Cause: Featuring NOW, WOES, and YOURS 174. NOW played in Fit of Anger in the late '80s and went on to Everybody Gets Hurt. WOES played in Taste of Fear and continues to perform under the Woe Is Me name. YOURS 174 is a toy from Jackson Heights, Queens.

Also the 89's infamous NEW BREED Tape Compilation, which was published originally by Urban Styles Records, has a documentary being screened on selected theaters since 2016, still not available in any other way. Wardance records is taking care of its memorabilia sales.

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