quarta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2014

SURVIVAL - Forged In Iron

Location: Machester, UK
Release: Powered / New Instinct Records, 2014

It's on!! Everyones UK favorite SURVIVAL with a follow-up EP to Spirit Unchained. 2-steps like its '88. 

Release show is happening this sunday (24th August) w/ their new youth crew project INSIST

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

quarta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2014

DOWN AND OUTS - Lifeline

Location: Liverpool, UK
Release: Boss Tuneage / All In Vinyl, 2013

The boys are back in town, as promised!

Just after their split 7" with Dan Padilla, DOWN AND OUTS return in their 4th full-length!! Very similar to what they presented on 2012's Forgotten Streets LP, high quality street punk full of rich melodies.

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

sexta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2014

WRONG ANSWER - Circle of Blood + God's Will

Location: Pennsylvania, US
Release: Six Feet Under Records, 2014

True representatives of the naughty youth crew are calling it quits, as a gift they leave us a 13-song LP. Circle of Blood is actually a compilation of their previous EPs: 2010's The Wrong Way, 2011's The World is Empty and 2012's Cross a Black Cat's Path.

The songs were remastered and offered in 3 different vinyl colors (+ a very limited TIHC cover variant and a pre-release DJ sleeve). As you go through the record it only gets better, up-tempo hardcore punk with a thrashy edge and killer breakdowns. Its also filled with creepy excerpts from Hellraiser to give you the extra chills.

For a limited time I will leave the link here, once its gone its done. Support them buying goodies and if you're lucky, say goodbye at their last show (October 11th).


They left out of this compilation their 2013's 2-song tape God's Will but i added here it anyway ;) 

quinta-feira, 31 de julho de 2014

PODER ABSOLUTO - Self Titled 7"

Location: Valencia, España
Release: Fight 'Em All Records, 2014

Spanish stompers are back! After their '13 Demo evaporated they give us a debut 6-song EP, hard and mean.

PRE-ORDERS are up now, 2 colors to choose from.

They also have a side project named Altercado Espiritual. Check this interview for more insights of the band and their local scene (spanish version in pdf).  


quarta-feira, 23 de julho de 2014


Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Release: Organized Crime, 2014

In Dawn of The Dude, Cross Exam pays homage to Romero's movies and continuous their old school thrash saga, keeping it fast and often hilarious. Since 2008's full length Meance 2 Sobriety these fuckers didnt put out new music, laziest band ever indeed!

Better late than never, in this new 7" (released last week) you can check now 3 out of 7 new songs. Mailorder should start soon through Crime Scene Merch.

quarta-feira, 16 de julho de 2014

TOXIC SHOCK - Daily Demons

Location: Antwerp, België
Release: Reflections Records, 2013

Insanely cool thrashcore/crossover from belgian TOXIC SHOCK. There are a dozen of bands with the same name out there, but none with the right doses of Suicidal Tendencies, Exodus and Excel such as these guys brought into their music.

Toxic Schock's debut full-length "Daily Demons" was first released as a LP through Reflections Records, 500 copies were pressed (400 black, 100 clear green). Got my copy directly with Johan Prenger (Reflections owner) at 2013's Ieper Fest, I was also going to pick up their S/T EP 12" but I turned back my for a second and it was gone!

Few months later the label Sideburn Records released it as a double cassette, which also contains all their previous material: 2012's S/T EP and 2011's Demo, 18 tracks total!

For 2014 they announced a split record with Iron Reagan and tons of gigs, this will for sure help spread the shock brigade even further.


ATTENTION!! Do not listen to this music while driving a vehicle, may cause dementia.


sexta-feira, 11 de julho de 2014

NEW MORALITY - No Morality

Location: Arnhem, Nederland
5th record and second full-length by these dutch touring machine, their best material to date. 11 songs influenced by Breakdown and Crown of Thornz plus a smooth production makes this a pleasent album to hear from start to finish. 

No Morality is out for almost 2 years now and definitely deserves more listeners. Both colors of the LP are still available (200 red, 300 purple), got mine on pre-order with an exclusive tee.

If you're into interviews, check this one with vocalist Jonne Balster here (SWNK) to learn about the band's background, future projects and some Parris/Harley worship! 

PURCHASE: LP (on sale), CD and MERCH 


sexta-feira, 4 de julho de 2014

THE BEAUTIFUL ONES - Flowers Are Forever

Location: Arizona, US
Release: 6131 Records, 2014

Bad ass cassingle by these arizona dudes with a emo band name that sounds nothing like it, heavy mid-tempo "grungecore" damn well done.

These 2 songs are their best work to date, on a loop for days. As of january their started this new "flower are forever" campaing. Not your usual hardcore aesthetic, which is good for a change.

They are writing a full-length supposedly to come out this year, so this single came out as a teaser, cant wait! Most likely to be this year's top 5.

As I checked out, the tape came out in 4 different crazed colors (that goes along with 4 different artworks) through Defiance Youth, a total of 325 were made. The company responsible for these mesmerizing custom tapes is EYETOOTH COLLECTIVE, hat's off!!

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

Salute to my buddies: phil, gonz and pinguim.

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