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Monday, October 15, 2018


Location: Chicago / Seattle / Boston, US
Release: Safe Inside / Goodwill Records, 2018

Not unlike Berthold City, another brilliant 90's hardcore frontman takes on a Youth Crew revival project.

Greg Bennick from TRIAL, together with dudes in Expired Youth, Decline and Test Of Time, return to the stages with a clear message "BYSTANDER: participatory hardcore for those who don't like standing idly by. Four friends from across the country coming together to play music and share ideas with more friends who come together all across the world".

The italian label Goodwill resurged to press the European version of this 5-track EP, already on sale. North american version is on pre-order by Safe Inside Records with lots of extra goods, including a X-watch. Also, in two days from now, the YOUTH CREW 2018 compilation, with an exclusive track from them, will be officially on the streets worldwide.


Saturday, October 13, 2018

STILLBORN - Answers Left Unquestioned

Location: New York, NY
Release: PunkRecords, 2009

Someone told me this blog was lacking some real old school bands, so here is an OG outfit, Brooklyn own's STILLBORN in a full discography, a release by an also obscure and sensational label.

If you're an old school aficionado like me you probably saw their logo on flyers or thank-you lists before. For them it all began in '84, playing gigs with Life's Blood, Ludichrist, Raw Deal, Rest In Pieces... damn! Only to break up in '89. That's enough street credit to instigate anyone's interest to check'em, the problem is (was) the lack of source to do so. 

They've put 4 demos out, often found in rough shape poor sounding quality. All the effort from the label to restore this whole material is incredible (similar to Radio Raheem works), housed in a limited 30-track LP, the CD version comes with 5 extra tracks.

I'm almost certain that it was Blogged & Quartered who upped this at first, but I couldn't find it anymore. Here's NYHC Stillborn full output:

Tracks 1-7 There For The Taking 1987 Demo 
Tracks 8-27 Answer's Left Unquestioned 1986 Demo (10 of these tracks are re-recordings from '85 Demo Dying For Progress)
Tracks 28-34 Scorn Of Absence 1988 Demo
Track 35 Live Studio Set, May 7th 1987


This youtube user is one of the band members, take a look at his account for more Stillborn material!

Monday, October 8, 2018

AWARE - Stop And Think! Complete Discography

Location: Connecticut, US
Release: Smorgasbord Records, 2010

Connecticut hardcore, home of many classic hardcore bands since the 80's but many of them remained only in the mind of a few kids from that time, which is a normal process. Thanks to guys like Jeff Terranova and his associates at Smorgasbord they brought back AWARE!

This album compiles all their recordings from '87 to '89 plus some rehersal and live extras, 39 tracks in total! Due to budget constraints this discography never got a physical release, in CD as it was meant to be, nevertheless all tracks were re-mastered from the original reels and includes a nice full 10-page insert/layout in pdf.

My favorite album from them is their last one, the New Lease On Life LP, despite the ugly artwork (don't judge the cover type of situation) their sound is very reminiscent to other second-wave-straight-edge bands like Up Front, Token Entry and Beyond.

Tracks 1-12 “New Lease On Life” LP 1989 - Iron Face Records
Tracks 13-18 s/t 7” 1987 - Double Trouble Records
Tracks 19-26 Cassette Demo 5/24/87 - Think Records
Tracks 27-31 recorded 6/29/88 mixed 7/12/88 "River Street Studio Sessions"
Tracks 32-37 recorded 12/27/88 mixed 12/28/88 "River Street Studio Sessions"
Tracks 38 and 39 Recorded Live @ The Anthrax, Norwalk, CT 1/9/88
Born To Be Wild originally by Steppenwolf, For Your Love originally by The Yardbirds


"It’s a remarkable experience to see and hear a compilation of the fun we had twenty years since our last show. That last show was on August 17th, 1990 at the Anthrax in Norwalk, CT. We look back and feel honored to have been a part of a movement that brought energy and friendships to us and so many others."
- Sean Marcus and Mike Feinson

Sean Marcus - Vocals, Nicholas Lamberto - Guitar, Mike Feinson - Bass, Mike Eddy - Drums

Sunday, October 7, 2018

GUARD DOG - Demo 2016

Location: Seattle, US
Release: Fazer Records, 2016

Still in the Pacific Northwest and keepin' up with the overdue posts, GUARD DOG's demo is raw and packs a heavy dose of NYHC, New Breed Comp style, a favorite in the All Things Old School office, never gets out of trend.

Features members from other Washington area bands like The Scare (rip). Limited tapes were made by Fazer Recs who put out like 3 releases and folded. First one by The Surge from cali.

Friday, October 5, 2018


Location: Seattle, US
Release: Criminalized Collective, 2016

NWHC in full powa!! Who remembers when No Masters EP came out in 2012? My reaction was "man, those guys are pissed af". Sheer brutality groove-laden hardcore, this is ILL INTENT.

 Their releases are quite dispersed in time, 4 records in 9 years, the latest being the 6-track Us VS You Tape which came out 2 years ago unnoticed for most I think, anyway it manages to sustain the radness of its predecessor.

2007 - Crucial Times Demo
2010 - All Lions (Downtown Academy)
2012 - No Masters 7" (6131 Records)
2016 - Us Vs. You (Criminalized Collective)  

Monday, October 1, 2018

ASSAULT U.S.A. - Demo 2013

Location: Chicago, US
Release: DIY, 2013

Probably passed under many radars this one, the only release by this side-project from dudes in Warhound and Thought Crusade that were writting material for a full-length on Triple B at that time in '13-'14, but it never came out. 

In ASSAULT USA they do it short, loud and pissed, 4 songs, 4 minutes of revigorating hardcore! A follow-up would get them some attention.

You've completely lost your mind
Looking for something you'll never find
Wonder why I keep my head straight?
Life is something you can't afford to waste

Sunday, September 30, 2018


Location: Chicago, US
Release: Triple B Records, 2009

Continuing the upload of some old neat stuff. THOUGHT CRUSADE never captured many kids's attention despite having a certain LOC Sound in some parts like Free Spirit or Step Forward, the case may be due to their blend of influences shifted on each record.

The singer comes from EXPIRED YOUTH, so the youth crew influence is guaranteed here. Then you can trace some NYHC and melodic punk on the newer stuff. Even though they've taken the name from No For An Answer it wasn't their primary target to draw their sound from.

It's Our War is by far Thought Crusade's best material and represent very well that new batch of bands from that period in hardcore marked by bands in Back To Back Records, Painkiller, Powered and etc. A full-length was being written in 2014 for Triple-B but only 2 songs surfaced.

2008 - Common Man (Organized Crime Records)
2009 - It's Our War (Triple B Records)
2010 - No Remorse (America's Hardcore Compilation - Triple B)
2014 - Two Songs Demo (Mosh World)


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

HUMAN GARBAGE - Die Slow Motherfuckers

Location: San Fernando Valley, US
Release: Criminalized Collective, 2017

Tons of delayed releases to post during my year off, the next postings will be my effort to upload those. A scattered look in recent and distant past of hard music!

This def could not be left out of this blog, HUMAN GARBAGE'S latest EP, out last year. Die Slow Motherfuckers is a smackdown in form of music, 5 tracks under 4 minutes!!

Their first record was featured here in 2015 and although the recording production improvement is evident the filthiness remained. In 2016 they've put out a 6-song Promo with covers from LOS CRUDOS and SHEER TERROR.

Listen loud, listen twice!! Features ex-members of Sleepwalkers.


Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Location: Madrid, España
Release: Radikal 1977 / Nation On Fire, 2018

Got this recently in my inbox, a Madrilenian combo actually!

Firstly, the striking punk act TENSIÓN! They just put out a new debuting LP, which starts beautifully with a dark punk surf-esque riff a la Christian Death, as the record develops it reveals their true essence, mid-to-fast street punk/Oi!, iberic style.

It's 10 tracks that really invites you to dance, from Uri's gritty singering and the constant gang vocals to the cool mixed riffs, a very solid record!

FFO: Dark Thoughts, late The Lillingtons, Traitre and, of couse, Blitz.   


Then we have a newer act, HARD & CHEAP, sharing members with Tensión, but here their sound is strongly reminiscent of almight Slapshot, very direct and straight forward hardcore, zero bulshit! Fav tracks: Relent & regret, Silly Sunday.


Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Location: Oxnard, US
Release: Reconsider Records, 2018

From the same school that gave us Retaliate, Absolute Madness and Take Offense to name a few, enters DEAD HEAT. True Nardcore ready to assault the scene with their guns blazin' crossover sound.

Both their demos were pressed into one limited vinyl, a total of 6 tracks recorded by Nick Jett! Before they signed to Edgewood, earlier this year, they did a split with the also exciting MINDFORCE (new album Excalibur to drop soon on Triple B).

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