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Saturday, March 28, 2020

SKOURGE - Condemned

Location: Houston, USA
Release: Lockin' Out, 2019

Age of Quaratine, day #9 - hope that everyone reading this is safe as well as your dearest ones!

At the very end of 2019, Lockin' Out released the new EPs by SKOURGE and Big Contest. I was siked by the later one but they didn't deliver as much as in their previous efforts.

On the other hand SKOURGE put out their best stuff so far! Pulverizing death/thrash crossover, ugly as hell but with way better production when compared to earlier releases.

This 4-song EP also came out on cassette by Teeny Tiny Records. The band shared members with Dress Code, Narrow Head and other Lockin' Out alumni BACK TO BACK.


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

ENVY - Buffalo Straight Edge

Location: Buffalo, USA
Release: New Direction Records, 1995-1997
Artwork: Lance Mountain

Age of Quarantine, day #6 - In times like these we must reach for positiveness. For today's post I chose ENVY, a posi-core band from Buffalo (NY), heavily influenced by Gorilla Biscuits.

I found barely everything by ENVY (thanks to xSTUCKINTHEPASTx) except the demo tape but since the band only improved through the years with their last album "What Went Wrong?" being my favorite, the demo might fall short. If only the drumming were better it could have been a more memorable band overall. The CD version of What Went Wrong?  has 88 tracks!! Most of each are short audio tracks of a prank call, I ended up leaving the hidden bonus instrumental track only.

The band featured guitar player Joe Garlipp who played in bands like Fadeaway, Despair and World Be Free, all of them alongside Scott Vogel (who played drums in Fadeaway) and was of great relevance to the Buffalo hardcore scene in the 90's, doing the layout and artwork for many other sxe bands.

The label behind both ENVY's official releases, New Direction Records (another homage to GB), owned by ENVY's singer Larry Ransom, just put out 5 or 6 albums, including one weird AF rap group Skatemaster Tate.

DOWNLOAD I includes:
Envy - Self Titled 7" (New Direction, 1995)
Envy - Never Forget... (Promo, 1996)
Envy - What Went Wrong? LP (New Direction, 1997)

DOWNLOAD II includes:
Against All Hope - Breaking Through (Round Flat Records, 1990)
Against All Hope - Demo Cassette (Promo, 1993)
Against All Hope - Dry Wall (New Direction, 1994)
Fadeaway - Blindsight Demo (Watchmen, 1993)
Fadeaway - Self Titled CD (Conquer The World, 1994)
Fadeaway - Split w/ Two Line Filler (Last But Not Least, 1995)
VA - A Reason For Living Comp (New Direction, 1997)

Sunday, March 15, 2020

BIG SNIFF - Long Island Punk

Location: Long Island, USA
Release: Do It! Records, 1993
Artwork: Bob Fingerman

Imagine dudes in LUDICHRIST and SHEER TERROR playing melodic punk (aka 90's emo)? Imagine no further, BIG SNIFF was a short-lived project from West Babylon (NY) with one EP and one full-length out.

Both released in 1993, the songs on the EP "We're Only In It For The $"  are all featured on the LP "Experiment", used as promo I guess. Bob Fingerman did an excellent job for the band as he did all the art, especially on the EP where the cover really pops-out with the skinhead-girl, the martian hobos and all.

Sonically they deliver something between Black Train Jack and early-Gameface, fans of other 90's punk/emo bands like Big Drill Car and Lifetime might find something very interesting in BIG SNIFF.

The band is comprised by Alan and Mike from Ludichrist (who also played in Sheer Terror), the singer of NY's IN YOUR FACE Marc Adams, and the riffs where handled by Gary Bennett from Kill Your Idols/Black Anvil, he also played in a short-lived punk-emo band called CLOCKWISE together with Eddie Reyes (Taking Back Sunday).

This was actually a request by a fellow follower of this blog, thanks for presenting the band to me, if any of you have a request hit me up and will try my best! 

DOWNLOAD these records:
Big Sniff - Experiment CD (Dot It! Records, 1993)
Clockwise - Dead End EP (Motherbox, 1993)
Clockwise - She Was (Pie Records, 1996)

in times of virus breakout, hear big sniff and chill out!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

REVULSION - Discography

Location: Norwich, UK
Release: Boss Tuneage, 2013

While doing the article about DECADENCE WITHIN I came across REVULSION in the Boss Tuneage Retro Releases webpage and upon checking their video clip I got hooked, excellent melodic Punk done in 1990!

I found a few blogs talking about this band but I decided to do it anyway, maybe more people could be surprised by them. REVULSION started in 1983 and recorded their debut EP in '85, influenced by the blooming UK82 and the likes of Varukers and Conflict but my favorite material is the melodic stuff which came about at the end of the 80's. (They've put the anarchopunk aside a bit and started to listen to Hard-Ons and Dinosaur Jr.)

In 2013 Boss Tuneage released a compilation CD with all their studio recordings (with the exception of their '85 EP). The CD gather tracks from various compilations, unreleased stuff and the killer final EP "The Only Revolution" from 1991. The bonus track is from the comp Words Worth Shouting and talks about animal abuse and exploitation.

I was going to add the rehearsal '86 tape to this but I didn't like what I heard at all, the focus here is really the Boss Tuneage release. 

DOWNLOAD these records:
1985 - Ever Get The Feeling Of Utter... Revulsion EP (Radical Change Records)
2013 - Self Titled CD (Boss Tuneage)

Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Location: London, UK
Release: DIY, 2020

This new generation of London rockers already showed what they are here for, dozens of UKHC groups are keeping it lit to worldwide audiences consistently! Yet another band joins the rank - LAWFUL KILLING - comprised by Ben (Frame Of Mind, Guidance), Joe (State Funeral, Imposter, Chubby & The Gang), Thad (Mastermind) plus Oscar and Olly complete the line-up.

They debuted in 2018 with a 8-track cassette on P.M.T. Records, their sound was very reminiscent to JERRY'S KIDS and GERMS which progressed to a more aggro crossover style while still maintaning some of the punk rawness, as you can check on this 2-song Promo "Coin Toss" that eventually will be part of a much bigger release on Advanced Perspective.

DOWNLOAD [+ extras!!]

Sunday, February 16, 2020


Location: New York, USA
Release: Mangler Records, 1990-1995

TERMINAL CONFUSION, another group taken from the URBAN STYLES Tape Compilation to be featured here. A band based in Queens from 1986 with deep connections in Graffiti and N.Y.H.C. Besides paiting walls and doing mad flyers -- led by VOYER -- they were consistently recording music until 1995 (most of which were recorded by legendary producer Don Fury), the year they released their best effort in my opinion, the 8-song "Earth. Evolution. Extiction" CD.

During the late 80's and early 90's TERMINAL CONFUSION put out half a dozen demo tapes which I couldn't find all the audio files for, just for the albums released on CD or 7" during the 90's that are complete for download here and on average quality, for quite some time now I've been looking for better material but even with the creation of a bandcamp I remain hopeless of ever achieving that, as they are ultra rare.

Also this may or may not have been featured on Blogged and Quartered before, if new stuff appears I will update the download link here. Along the way this band shared members with other dope acts like SECOND 2 NONE, UNHOLY ALLIANCE and SEIZURE CRYPT until they got back together in 2003 and disbanded for the second time not long after the release of their final CD "Scenes From Acts Of Violence".

UNHOLY ALLIANCE was a short lived NYHC band with only a self titled 6-song EP out in 1989, supposably they recorded a demo which sounds way cooler but I only found the EP.

SECOND 2 NONE (thanks to Fred who cleared things out) was another short lived Hardcore group from Queens, active in the late 80's with at least one demo out. I tracked down 4 songs from their 1990 Demo.

Then there was SECOND TO NONE (with no relation to Terminal Confusion whatsover) based in New Jersey, they were playing that 90's metallic beatdown sound not unlike FURY OF FIVE and later formed Shattered Realm. In 2009 they reunited for the Black N Blue Bowl and put out a compilation CD entitled Demo-ography 1995-1998 with all their early stuff.

SEIZURE CRYPT was just plain crazy, in a good way, a mix of No Reedeming Social Value and Sloppy Seconds, hardcore punk wild style. Pay a visit to their bandcamp as all their records are for free download.

Bonus: UNCLE AL is actually Alex Morris, one of the fouding members of NY legends in MURPHY'S LAW! Back in 1998 he recorded the album "Gangway, Stupid" and released it on CD the next year by the same label who released the Unholy Alliance EP, where Alex also played guitar, in 2014 it was re-released with a different artwork and made available as digital and on streaming platforms.

DOWNLOAD I contains:
Terminal Confusion - Pursuit Of Solutions EP (1990, Self-Released)
Terminal Confusion - Terminal Confusion 7" (1994, Mangler Records)
Terminal Confusion - Earth. Evolution. Extinction CD (1995, Mangler Records)
+ scattered demo songs

DOWNLOAD II contains:
Unholy Alliance - Unholy Alliance 7" (1989, Something Else Records)
Uncle Al - Gangwan, Stupid CD (1999, Something Else Records)
Second To None - Defeat CD (2002, Cartel Records)
Second To None - Demo-ography CD (2009, Self-Released)

DOWNLOAD III contains:

Credits: Freddy Alva, and this blog.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

CRUSADE - First Cassette

Location: Missouri, USA
Release: I HATE I SKATE, 2017

Hard to top the previous post, in an effort to keep the level high I dug a hidden treasure from Springfield (MO), the demo tape by CRUSADE.

The record blasts off with shredding metallic riffs, preparing the terrain for their full scale crossover assault over the course of the cassette, 4 songs is just too damn short! They still play gigs so a sequel to this is probably not out of question.

I believe this is the second time a group from I HATE I SKATE is featured here, first one was The Real Cost, which later signed to Pop Wig for a record that never came out. This label has some hard af bands under their host, be sure to check them.

Another band worth checking is Overload Of Natural Energy (O.N.E.) which is comprised by dudes in CRUSADE as well. They've put out a demo with Advanced Perspective in 2017 and a few months back they self-released a new 4-song EP "Psychoactivation". They progressed a lot from the demo, still raw but way improved NYHC sound. 

DOWNLOAD [Crusade + O.N.E]

Tuesday, February 4, 2020


Location: Boston, USA
Release: DIY, 2019

April.13.2019, the lastest offering from the Ruins. 3 new songs glorious Oi anthem style. A few hundred copies of cassette were produced, long vanished.

In a couple of weeks the blog completes 10 years, after that the future is blurry, if you have any request please do it now!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Location: Tokyo, 日本
Release: Bowl Head Inc, 2019
Artwork: YOYO Tome

Every other year comes a band from Japan that totally rocks my socks off, straight outta Tokyo surges BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT (not to be confused with the australian one).

Fresh demo with 5 hard tracks to be reckoned with, influences goes from NYHC in Madball and Outburst to more modern sounds that I relate to BACK TO BACK RECORDS, like Blind Justice and Violent Situation.

Speaking of that label, another japanese band comes to mind: SOUL VICE, a project from Tome (Bowl Head owner) that was suppose to release a record through Back To Back around 2015, unfortunately that never happened. As I suspected they share members with BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT and with other Nippon band I dig a lot Stand United.

On a side note, TRIPLE B RECORDS just signed another Bowl Head band, SAIGAN TERROR, which is more Ratos de Porão oriented hardcore.

DOWNLOAD [+ surprise extras!!]

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

LIKE IT OR NOT - The Street Passion Mixtape

Location: Los Angeles, USA
Release: Lockin' Out, 2019

Not too long after the Demo Revisited came out, the infamous LIKE IT OR NOT full-length finally got released, more than 10 years delayed.

At first, recorded by Nick Jett back in the late 00's, he showed me some of these tracks years ago and some of these were circulating on the web. After a couple of live appearances and lots of merch out the project got folded. Fast foward to 2019 et voilà! Re-recorded or remastered, this 9-track album is finally out on CD by Lockin' Out.


Another exclusive from yours truly!

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