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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

INHUMAN NATURE - Promo + Other Realms

Location: London, UK
Release: Injustice Records, 2019
Artwork: Andrei Bouzikov

Yo, Injustice Records has brought one of the hottest releases from UK this past summer: INHUMAN NATURE debut LP!

They came a long way from their first EP/Demo "Other Realms" and now, 2 years later, they bring 8 tracks of full-throttle crossover madness, matching up to the highest calibers of US recent thrash acts.

The artwork may look cheesy but after a quick listen everything comes together (after all it's a Bouzikov), a great looking LP that is.


Wednesday, October 2, 2019

SEED OF PAIN - Promo 2019 A.D.

Location: South Florida, US
Release: Plead Your Case, 2019

Catching up on fresh releases, Plead Your Case presents SEED OF PAIN new offering, a promo for what is going to be their debut LP, eyes peeled for this next one!!

This band got many people's attention (including mine) with their debut EP Champions Of Chaos also on Plead Records, very powerful SFHC with a heavy dose of Clevo style in their formula. The covers on the promo are dead on!

Monday, September 30, 2019


Location: Salt Lake City, US
Release: DIY, 2015

Just came across this one by chance and I got stoked! CHAINED DOWN plays sxe hardcore in the vein of early Carry On and other bands of the Positive Numbers Fest era type of hardcore. Also No Sweat came to mind.

Who We Are is their second and final record, all done DIY. They used to share members with another hardcore act SPEAK OUT.


Friday, September 20, 2019

STRUCK NERVE - Two Song Promo

Location: Philadelphia, US
Release: Youngblood Records, 2019

While Triple-B keeps dominating the scene, my personal favorite labels like Youngblood and Lockin' Out has been keeping it low profile with one release a year!

Next in line is STRUCK NERVE debut LP, a nice surprise from both the label and band. From what we can hear from this promo it sounds right in the alley of early days of Youngblood Records, like Desperate Measure and Knockdown!

The band started in 2018 and their demo was pressed into vinyl by none other than War Records. They also share members with Pain Strikes and Jesus Piece.


Sunday, September 15, 2019


Location: Sydney, AUS
Release: Common Bond Records, 2007

There is this cool movement of labels in Australia trying to digitalize the history of hardcore/punk of its country, many of those releases you only heard about (if even that) can now be listened and downloaded in proper quality.

For instance, ILL BRIGADE's demo!! One of the main powerhouses of aussie old school from the past decade. Featuring members from mighty Vigilante, Bad Blood and Cop Gestapo.


The label behind this one is Black Wire Records and thanks to them, you can also check the band prior to the existace of Ill Brigade, called ILL!

Monday, August 19, 2019


Sorry for the lack of updates, to compensate here's some cool PROMO tapes of upcoming and recent released records.

DOMINANT FORCE - Promo 2018 (Triple B)

The long awaited sequel to their demo, 2 of the 3 tracks on this Promo are now available in the LP Cosmic Denial!

SPIRIT CRUSHER - LP Promo Tape (The Essence)

Another very antecipated album, crossover still ruling in 2019! The 2 tracks featured here are available in the smashing new LP Whispers Against The Roar Of The World.

EXPOSURE - Atonement Promo (Power & Equality)

Another great act from Germany, new LP holds promising. Metallic hardcore Clevo style!

CHOICE TO MAKE - Promo 2019 (Streets Of Hate)

New joint from Wilkes Barre, powerful hardcore properly delivered in this 2-track promo!

WEIGHT - Crushed By The Weight (The Essence)

Not a real release yet but, representing OSLO, Weight is here to do some damage. Check these 2 amazing tracks they've just put out, to be featured on their debut EP!


Credit: Spirit Crusher tape photo by Ricky Lions

Saturday, August 3, 2019

GAZM - Heavy Vibe Music

Location: Montreal, CAN
Release: 11 PM Records, 2019
Artwork: Sebbe

Dark metallic stenchcore at its finest, GAZM return with their best stuff yet, the 14-track LP Heavy Vibe Music!

The elements they bring to the table are unsual and brilliant, filthy riffage à la Celtic Frost, frenzied singering Accüsed-style, sprinkled with NYHC pissed breakdowns. All working very well together as they dose the speed out on each track of the album, most are sheer fast tunes, but there a few mid-paced ones like "Pair 'O Dice" that does the trick for a whole nice listening experience (while burning a church).  


Last year I wrote a little piece on the up-and-coming bands in the MTLHC scene, it turns out, from that selection, CELL is also with a new album out, the 7-tack Cassette EP "Play To Win". Highly recommended as they're meaner than never!

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

PRISON RIOT - Rehearsal Tape

Location: Örebro, Sverige
Release: Dollar Grin, 2016

It's the PRISON RIOT Rehearsal Tape Suckers!

Caught myself jammin' these songs the other day, a pretty solid first release by these swedish rockers. The whole concept, visuals + music is Old School to the smallest degree! Including the band members who appears that they came out from The Warriors movie, which is dope.

Last year they offered a new 7-song EP "Unity Now", same great vibe, check that! Hope they put out more stuff in the near future, Sweden (and the world) needs more bands like this. 

Thursday, July 25, 2019


Location: NYC/Montreal
Release: DIY, 2019

Yo! Back with another exclusive, STIGMATISM new 3-song tape, made specially for their Euro Tour. 2 devastating minutes of streetwise hardcore.

Remaining copies of these are still available in Spolier's Laundry Room webstore, too bad he only ships to north-america.


Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Location: London, UK
Release: Cold Comfort Records, 2019

New South London joint MASTERMIND, playin that brand of NYHC you're used to on this blog, no gimmicks, only the true stuff! Fav track: TIME HAS RUN OOOOOUT!

This Demo was initially released last year but Cold Comfort came forward and put it on limited Cassette, long goners.

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